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Safe spaces

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Posted: Friday, January 4, 2019 12:00 pm

Emerald Isle, N.C.

Dec. 31, 2018


It seems as though today one of the main priorities of many of our university administrators is to provide “safe spaces” for their student population. A place that is warm, comfortable and everybody feels great about themselves. A place where opposing viewpoints and ideas are not tolerated.

Students at Brown University were concerned when it was announced that a student group had organized a forum on sexual assault. A group of students placed posters around the campus notifying the campus population that a “safe space” would be available for students that found the event to be too upsetting.

“American University has stress-free zones that allow students to escape the stress from studying for exams. The safe spaces include food, drinks, games, and de-stress kits. The sign leading to the zone reads: Absolutely no studying for finals, looking at flashcards, etc.” (E. Piper, Not a Day Care).

On the other hand, over two years ago, hundreds of protesters disrupted a planned speech by a conservative speaker, at UC Berkley. These protestors fire bombed a generator powered spotlight, broke windows on a university building, shot rockets at responding police, and sprayed mace in the face of a conservative girl being interviewed by a reporter. Several of these protestors were seen carrying signs that read: “Hate Free Zone.” And conservative speakers today on college campuses continue to be harassed and in some instances are restricted from coming on campus.

In 2015, after the death of Freddie Gray, a protest erupted in Baltimore. The protestors in Baltimore were responsible for 150 vehicle fires, 60 structure fires, and the looting of 27 drug stores. Toward the end of the protest, the protestors were seen throwing rocks and bricks at the police.

Recently, a group of protestors went to conservative political commentator Tucker Carlson’s house while his wife was at home and chanted “Racist scumbag, leave town,” and “We know where you sleep at night.”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders (White House press secretary), Kirstjen Nielsen (secretary of Homeland Security), Pam Bondi (attorney general of the state of Florida) and Ted Cruz (senator from Texas) have all been harassed while out in public with their spouses. All of these activities seemed to have the total endorsement of California Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

The problem according to Dr. E. Piper, president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, is that “the focus in today’s academia is not knowledge or character building or truth, it is diversity or tolerance, but of a very select kind, as most universities are resolutely opposed to true diversity of thought, given their speech codes and bans, and are interested in tolerance only in so far as it benefits certain favored groups.”

I simply believe that if we decide to create safe spaces, these places should shelter us from physical and verbal assault and harassment, and not from the good honest debate of opposing viewpoints. There should be a safe space for everybody when they are out in public eating dinner with their family.


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  • David Collins posted at 6:20 am on Wed, Jan 16, 2019.

    David Collins Posts: 4632

    UNC-CH, what a joke. Yet one more chancellor is being run off. Wanna make a quick couple of million? Just get that job. Only lasts a year or so and comes with great perks as well. Of course you will have to please that huge board of directors with various views into how and what should be done as well as pander to the growing numbers of snowflakes that demand to be kept safe from all things deemed to be uncomfortable. Can think of a couple of local candidates right here on this forum. Now that would be fun to watch, fly on the wall and all that as they say.

  • DeadBolt posted at 4:36 pm on Wed, Jan 9, 2019.

    DeadBolt Posts: 2664

    "Why Men Are Falling"

  • DeadBolt posted at 12:56 pm on Tue, Jan 8, 2019.

    DeadBolt Posts: 2664

    Well, here is the best example on the above high school level..........

    What Does Diversity Have to Do with Science?

    There are thousands of examples just on youtube , not google, which is probably higher, however, this is starting in your basic grade schools.

    There is nothing more disgusting then interfering with a child's development by way of mass indoctrination, and i honestly hope these psyco's choke in their own vomit when parents wake up and put a stop to this sort of ignorance.

    If you are a parent, and believe in Liberty, you had better involve yourself in their school no matter the age, just to see what your paying for.

    If not, you are going to get exactly what you deserve.

  • David Collins posted at 7:21 am on Tue, Jan 8, 2019.

    David Collins Posts: 4632

    So the snowflakes from the 60s and 70s are teaching the young snowflakes how to be better, more responsible snowflakes ?

  • DeadBolt posted at 6:47 pm on Sat, Jan 5, 2019.

    DeadBolt Posts: 2664

    Feb 2017

    Just google the term adulting classes it shows you all just where these snowflakes with degree's in fem lit make it in the world.

    Your grade schools are starting this process with the equality of outcome.

    Its a pathetic failure, ask the nordic cultures.

  • dc posted at 3:45 pm on Sat, Jan 5, 2019.

    dc Posts: 5530

    The Ds let the monster out of its cage long ago. She and her ilk have nurtured it well. Hopefully, it will destroy its masters and meet an untimely demise before taking those with common sense with it.

  • David Collins posted at 11:59 am on Sat, Jan 5, 2019.

    David Collins Posts: 4632

    This sounds crazy but after reading a few articles this morning, there is a possibility that Pelosi could turn out to be a bit of a friend for the right. These new representatives and their ultra leftist ideas do not particularly sit well for her. Not to say she is going to give in to Trump, at least not willingly, but she is smart enough to see that their claims and goals are dangerous to her side as well. A bit of potential damage control is in order,at least until they come to some level of sanity. What ever that is. The Democrats have way too many years invested in slowly turning the country blue to let a bunch of hot headed wet behind the ears freshmen completely turn things around in their zeal for instant change. Yeah, sounds crazy but, as J Buffet said, life is stranger than fiction.

  • dc posted at 5:29 am on Sat, Jan 5, 2019.

    dc Posts: 5530

    Catering to snowflakes? Not only the lost cause campuses. Couldn't be any more evident than with the sweetheart treatment of HC.

  • David Collins posted at 4:16 am on Sat, Jan 5, 2019.

    David Collins Posts: 4632

    Indeed I have, indeed I have. A true testament to diversity, inclusiveness and the state of our schools. A maggot farm for sure that will truly inspire others to sink to. Kinda, sorta makes one proud. Doesn’t it ??

  • saltydog posted at 3:46 pm on Fri, Jan 4, 2019.

    saltydog Posts: 132

    David Collins, we don't have to wait a few years. Seems to be on us now. Surely, you've seen the roll call of some of the newly elected in the House of Representatives.

  • David Collins posted at 12:58 pm on Fri, Jan 4, 2019.

    David Collins Posts: 4632

    In a few years some of these snowflakes will become our future leaders. Comforting ??

  • DeadBolt posted at 12:18 pm on Fri, Jan 4, 2019.

    DeadBolt Posts: 2664

    Snowflakes, learn how to defend yourself. [beam]


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