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Dec. 22, 2019


Looking back throughout U.S. history, I can, off the top of my head, note several cases of what could be considered an “abuse of power” by our political leaders. President Andrew Jackson used federal troops to remove Native Americans from their land and deposit them on reservations where resources to sustain their families were scarce. Franklin D. Roosevelt had thousands of Japanese American citizens imprisoned during World War II simply because they were Japanese immigrants. President John F. Kennedy had his CIA secretly finance and plan an invasion of the sovereign country of Cuba, while attempting several assassinations of their leader Fidel Castro (yes, I understand the planning was already in place under the Eisenhower administration).

Both Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson used the CIA, FBI and Internal Revenue Service to surveil their political opponents including the Rev. Martin Luther King. If you would read the Book Path to Power outlining the political career of Lyndon Baines Johnson, you will come to understand that President Johnson’s entire career was carved out by an abuse of power.

Yes, both Presidents Nixon and Clinton were impeached. President Nixon thought nothing about coaching others to lie to America regarding the Watergate break in. President Bill Clinton evidently became convinced that abusing the women around him was just a benefit of his position as governor of Arkansas and president of the United States, and thought nothing about lying to Congress and the American people about these activities. Some may also include the invasions of Iraq and NATO bombing of Libya that drove their leaders from power as an abuse of power.

President Barack Obama didn’t think twice about using executive action to go around laws passed by Congress and “set records on refusing requests under the Freedom of Information Act.” But remember, these are only but a few of the known activities of past U.S. administrations that surely could be considered as an abuse of power.

Please understand that I am not attempting to cast judgment on these historical events, but rather contrast these actions to the current impeachment of President Donald Trump for a phone call made to the president of Ukraine. Yes, a phone call where several career diplomats “presume” they know the president’s intentions, though basically all but maybe one of them never even had a conversation with the president regarding the issue.

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., claimed for two years in public announcements to have conclusive proof of crimes committed by President Trump, though never turned any of his evidence over to Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. He also told Americans that the FBI and DOJ did not abuse the FISA process. If not an abuse of power, his statements surely are at a minimum blatant lies from what we know now. Rep. Schiff is now back pedaling and stating that the statement on the FISA process was simply based on his evidence or known facts at the time. In other words, Rep. Schiff believes that if he makes false statements to the American people just because he is ignorant of the facts at the time it is OK.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has accused President Trump of withholding vital military support from the Ukraine, though the aid in question was approved prior to the scheduled Sept. 30th due date. Where was her concern when the Obama administration refused to give Ukraine vital military support for approximately two and a half years after Russia’s annexation of Crimea?

Let’s just be honest and admit that this group of liberals has been pursuing the impeachment of President Donald Trump since Nov. 8, 2016 (Election Day) and is the same group that claimed no foul when Hillary Clinton “bit-bleached” her computer server, destroyed laptops, phones and 30,000 e-mails after receiving a subpoena for her records.

I guess we are just supposed to understand that when your husband is collecting $500,000 speaking fees from multiple foreign sources including a Russian finance corporation while you are the U.S. Secretary of State working on diplomatic issues with Russia, etc., and when you are the U.S. vice president working on Ukraine’s energy issues and your son is collecting $50,000 a month from a Ukrainian gas company, that is just the way things work in Washington. No collusion, abuse of power or impropriety here.


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When Durham finishes maybe there will be some justice other than the two-tier kind.


Never forget the debacle the democrats made over the supreme court hearings/confirmations.


#1) the call was heard by a handful of lifetime civil servants who each gave collaborating accounts

#2) the call was buried in a super secure server

#3) the aid was released when the White House realized they were caught

#4) the White House refuses constitutionally given House oversight requests for documents and testimony...itself an impeachable offense

#6) the only defense so far is the President’s ranting and raving and obvious lying

#7)only one logical conclusion to the here and now available evidence. Guilty.

No one man of any party is above the Constitution. If the Senate acquits based on the available evidence then we no longer have a President, we have a King, or worse, a dictator, who is above the law.


Sounds like Shifty.


...the debacle over the Supreme Court nomination of “I love beer” Kavanaugh...who very possibly committed perjury.

Contrast that with McConnell’s withholding a hearing on Garland...who Obama had a Constitutional right to nominate. Was that a debacle or a disgrace?

And one more for now. President Clinton’s sexual interludes which he lied about regarding oral sex with an intern. It was wrong, no question. Consensual aside. Many of those legislators are still in a Congress and said he lacked the moral character to be President. The Republicans impeached him for that.

The Evangelical Right looks at Trump’s many sexual dalliances and says it’s a matter between a Trump and his wife.

What’s that smell in the air? Wait. I know! It’s hypocrisy!

David Collins

And, you sir should know that smell quite well. Shouldn’t you.


Grab the gas mask! That blue dress stinks! Is the word "is" still a word after Bubba finished with it? Guess he doesn't need a license to make tens of millions doing nothing.


Yes, unfortunately I do know that smell. It has been all to pervasive the past 3 years don’t you agree...


Yeah, the religious right overlooking of Trump's adultery transgressions kind of baffles me too. Not sure where the outrage is that was shown for Clinton. Kind of scary how polarized we can become and how easy it is for the population to blindly follow any one candidate no matter how unethical that candidate is.

With that said, I think the impeachment of Trump is a regretful thing. The democrats have made a horrible mistake in this foolish endeavor with no more evidence than they had going in. As painful as it'll be, I've decided to vote for Trump next election as a protest to using impeachment as a way undermine the elections. Both parties are insane and it's time for a major change.


Johnny, don't you think there is a slight difference in adultery outside of the White House & inside of it and when you are not the president & are the president and with a very young intern? Also, how about JFK & LBJ? Anybody who can be shamed you'd think BC would have just resigned but no he & HRC have no shame & neither do the Ds allowing them to still participate & continue voting for them. Believe at least JFK & LBJ in their time period would have resigned. Glad to hear you're going to vote for this president in 2020. It's past time to send a message like those who took a chance on Trump & haven't regretted it. Whatever his faults he still beats any thing we've seen in a long, long time. If the black vote prediction is even close he has 2020 in the bag. People are slowly waking up about the garbage we've been served from entrenched Ds, establishment Rs, & their backers. Many eyes have been opened this past 3 years but the D party & establishment Rs advocate for or have gone in the opposite direction of a correction course.


Does it really matter where the adultery happened dc? Immoral is immoral in my book, and I personally think a spouse cheating on their partner is a fundamental flaw in providing sound family values required to raise moral and ethical children.

But just my opinion, I know I would never cheat on my wife and I don't believe she would cheat on me.

I'd prefer a leader that has sound ethical values since I think that would lead to sound ethical decisions when those decisions are difficult. But I do believe in the fundamental principles our founding fathers instilled in the constitution and I believe Trump should remain president until the next election when the people decide whom the next president should be. I dislike him immensely since I think his view of right and wrong are far inferior to my own views, but I will only vote for him as an act of protest to the democrats attempt at reversing the American Peoples' decision in 2016. I truly believe in democracy and accept the election results even if I think it was an incredibly stupid decision on our part to elect this narcissistic spoiled-brat man-child


You are trying to shift focus away from impeachable actions by Trump. And really, the venue where adultery occurs makes a difference? Really dc? In any case what past presidents did or didn’t do is irrelevant to Trump’s actions. Let’s stay in the here and now.

More details have come out the past few days. Mulvaney, Bolton, Pompeo and Esper all tried to tell Trump that it was not his right to withhold Congressionally appropriated monies and that it was in the US best interests that the money be released, but Trump, being the “very stable genius” that he is listens to nobody.

You and I both know that if a Democratic President we’re doing this you would be screaming for blood. I would demand a fair, honest Senate trial. No man is more important than the Constitution. Your and others blind fealty as Trumplicans is putting our democracy at risk. Shame on you.

I’m reminded of something Carl Sandberg said years ago

If the facts are against you, argue the law

If the law is against you, argue the facts

If the facts and the law are against you

Pound the table and yell like...


Johnny, this is not about overturning the 2016 election. That would be a fools quest. It’s about what this president has done with the responsibilities of the office. He has abused them for his personal gain and continues to obstruct Congress to this day. You would vote for Trump as a protest? What are you protesting? Facts? Truth?

If the mayor of your town abused his power would you vote to recall him or wait until the next election?


In a perfect world it wouldn't matter where the sin of "adultery" occurs. However, since our world & country are not perfect especially with modern-day morals in this country leaving little to the imagination then "yes" it matters that an individual elected to the highest office and occupying not "their house" but the "people's house" not commit such acts in the "people's house" but rather somewhere besides the "people's house" and preferably before or after they leave office if they just can't help themselves.


So you think HRC would have been the better choice right? What is your description of her? Glad our system allowed us to elect the "deplorable". At least maybe the WH wouldn't be trashed. The most narcissistic one was the last one so if this one is just a "spoiled brat man-child" then we need more of them.


Well dc, HRC was/is an intelligent, competent adult.


Bottom line BO/Biden team refused weapons Ukraine requested in fear of upsetting Vlad. (Remember: He would have more flexibility after he & the D media machine steamrolled Mitt with Mitt's help). Trump provided them the requested weapons even if a temporary hold was placed on funding that was never missed. So, nervous Nancy handed off the judiciary committee ball to the Intel ball carrier since he'd done such a great job in taking Trump down with the Russia hoax. Nancy said impeachment would work only if it were bipartisan but obviously changed her mind because there were zero R votes & 2 D votes against their scheming charges with articles that poll better with focus groups. What are their latest & what are the crimes? She, Shifty & all the others will keep up their BS so let's see if they and their ilk can pull off the coup that's eluded them to date.


Well, if that's your honest opinion you must care nothing about national security, or about politicians making 10s to 100s of millions on pay-to-play, or about women being destroyed to protect spouse to provide the to carry on the crookiness they both have pulled over on the not so intelligent people who have & continue to support them.


Competence? Even when Mr. Compotent himself said she was grossly incompetent. Intelligent? Lost 2 elections that only she could lose. What a joke!


No wonder Bubba went astray. LOL!


Bottom line, the money was released after he was caught. The executive does not have the right to withhold congressionally mandated funds. Trump attempted to extort Ukraine to pursue an investigation into a political rival. A failed extortion attempt does not mean no wrongdoing occurred. There is ZERO evidence of wrongdoing by the Bidens. Even if there were it’s illegal to pressure a foreign government. Then there’s the ongoing cover up.

Turn over the records. Allow testimony. If he’s innocent we can all be home for lunch.


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Guess we'll all be home for lunch.

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