Emerald Isle, N.C.

Nov. 5, 2019


Democrat liberals for years have sold the idea to their constituents that if they are poor, uneducated, uninsured, unemployed, feel unsafe or are just plain unhappy, that they most likely suffer from some type of victimization. Their theory rests on the premise that you should be able to trace the cause of all your problems or unhappiness to someone else other than yourself. You are a good person, so surely enough you could not be the cause of your own personal situation. Yes, please don’t take any personal responsibility for your situation, just vote for us and we will right all the wrongs.

Last week former U.S. Rep. Katie Hill, D-Calif., resigned from Congress after it was disclosed that she was having affairs with two staffers and photos of her in the nude with a questionable iron cross tattoo and smoking a bong were placed on the internet. In her departing comments on the congressional floor last week she called out President Trump as a “sexual predator” and “blamed hateful political operatives” for her having to resign her position in Congress. Yes, she too believes her resignation was caused by someone else other than herself or her Democrat colleagues.

For some reason, Mrs. Hill fails to understand that she can’t be vice-chair of the Congressional Oversight Committee while having affairs with her employees. If she likes posing in the nude, smoking a bong and having sex with persons including her employees, that’s fine with me.

Yes, I agree with her that there are “hateful” people out there, but she should have known that before posing for the camera. I assure Mrs. Hill that if a Republican congressman or senator had found him or herself in the identical circumstance the result would have been the same. Also, surely she understands that if her Democrat colleagues had supported her in the same way that they supported going forward with their impeachment inquiry, she might still be in office. Where was Nancy?

Mrs. Hill, do us a favor: take your medicine, learn something, and move on.


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Spot on.


Nothing more accurate has been written. Well done.


"Democrats Must Really Hate Women" by Tom Trinko.

David Collins

Here we have yet another group of victims. Transgenders ! Reported in the News and Observer , where else . This guy wants to be a woman. Shows up to vote at the curbside voting place and the poll worker is confused because this woman has a male name on the ID. Supervisor was called and ultimately the situation was resolved. It voted. Soooo, now the alarm has rung throughout the trans community. Fear of illegitimacy and disenfranchisement. Here is a tip . When you change to whatever you wish to be , change all your picture IDs to correspond to whatever that is. This is something You did . Not someone else . Of course , in true News and Observer fashion the article rated a Bold Type lede in because they are now fearful , again . Oh poor , poor , pitiful me .

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