Peletier, N.C.

Oct. 7, 2019


Aug. 18th, 2020, marks the 100th year anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment. What is the 19th Amendment and why is it important? The 19th Amendment gave most women the right to vote. I say most because it wasn’t until 1965 that African-American women were given the same loop hole free rights. The 19th Amendment is important because it was the victorious conclusion to the decades long struggle by women to earn the right to vote.

To recognize and celebrate this anniversary, the Carteret County League of Women Voters are sponsoring a full year of activities and events.

The celebration was kicked off with the annual Carteret County Woman of the Year luncheon this past August and will conclude at next year’s luncheon. In September the League worked with Carteret Community College to show the movie “Legalize Equality.”

The League of Women Voters is working with the local schools and our community libraries to showcase the impact of the 19th Amendment and why it’s important to reflect on our history.

In February, the Beaufort Picture Show will feature the film Hidden Figures, which is a true story about a group of African- American women mathematicians who worked at NASA and helped the U.S. win the Space Race. In March, during Women’s History Month, Rodney Kemp and the History Place will educate us about influential Carteret County women.

Want to get involved? On Nov. 9th, 2019, we invite all girls and women to march with us in the Morehead City Veterans Day Parade to celebrate and recognize our local veterans. We’re partnering with Women Veterans of Coastal North Carolina. The parade is Saturday Sept. 9th, at 11 a.m.

Stay tuned for more information on future events! Our great country has a government that is of the people, by the people and for the people. Active involvement helps to make that happen. Please join us and celebrate the progress that is achieved when all Americans have the right to vote!


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David Collins

Guess it’s a good thing. Most women seem to vote with their harts, not their heads. Always exceptions but darn few. Sadly, this world is not run from the hart, which leads to broken harts and knee jerk decisions. Judge Judy has made a highly successful career dealing with just that. Can’t get the visions of pink p***y hats worn by absolutely crazy females protesting anything and everything as well as nothing at all. Most of them were voters or voters in training. No, not sure I’m jubilant about this issue.


With all my heart, David, I hope you are not serious. Not sure the Judge Judy reference was the best to make your point. And the Pink Pu$$y movement has come and gone like most liberal moments. Please don't allow a minuscule event influence your judgement of women and their voting abilities. I can only speak for myself, but I remember how proud I was to register to vote at 18 and I cherish my constitutional right.

David Collins

As I said, always exceptions but darn few, that I have run into. Had to add that as a qualifier. They tend to pay attention to looks and demeanor much more than record. Issues that they personally would benefit from directly and never see the problems involved in funding and deciding who would lose. There are always losers. Guess one could say that the big picture eludes them when they say it is time for a woman to be this and that and to heck with qualifications. It is her turn comes to mind. Today’s thirty and fourth something women are locked in time. Still functioning as if they were undergrads with all these idealistic, down right crazy at times, notions floating about what should be brain matter and oozes out when caught up in the passion of the moment. Just like the old demonstrations at the quad. When questioned in detail, one gets a laugh and a giggle and a change of topic. Eyes glued to their portable devices for what seems like 24/7 where ever they go and whatever they do. Including driving their little horrors to and from school in heavy traffic in all sorts of weather. If they can’t take that seriously, what makes you think voting would be any different? Once again, always exceptions. Judge Judy, you bet. She has fine examples of the idiots in our society and they all do not live in trailer parks. It is a study in brain wasting disease. Can only take it in small infrequent doses. Could go on but time and lack of inclination say no.


Your perception of most women and their "place" in this world reminds me of what Nietzsche wrote in "Thus Spoke Zarathustra"... "The happiness of man is: I will. The happiness of woman is: he wills." Feels like their is a touch of misogyny in your heart.

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