Sandwiched between radical Democrat socialists wanting to impeach Mr. Trump and centrist Democrats who oppose, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is in “a wicked impeachment dilemma” said Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel Friday.

After special prosecutor Robert Mueller issued his report, finding “… the investigation did not establish that the Trump Campaign coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities,” Mrs. Pelosi could have said impeachment was off the table. But she didn’t.

She should have taken to heart what Senate Majority Leader said earlier this month:

“Two years of exhaustive investigation and nothing to establish the fanciful conspiracy theory that Democratic politicians and TV talking heads had treated like a foregone conclusion. The special counsel’s finding is clear. Case closed. Case closed.”

Her approach, said Ms. Strassel “call it pseudo-impeachment — has involved accusing the president of all things impeachable (to appease the left) while not engaging in a real impeachment process (to appease moderates). That strategy is now hitting a wall.”

Creating more difficulty, a CBS poll conducted May 17-20 found 71% of respondents (94% GOP, 66% Independent and 60% Democrat) agreeing the economy is in good shape.

At the beginning of 2018, said, 32% of respondents credited Mr. Trump for a strong economy. That has risen to 41%, with another 44% giving him partial credit for the economy.

The Daily Wire adds that since World War II no incumbent president has lost reelection in a growing economy.

 Which is good news for President Trump — and bad news for Ms. Pelosi.

In obvious distress because of her rabble-rousing accusing Mr. Trump of crimes, Mrs. Pelosi needs an intervention.

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The editor of this paper did not hear the same speech by Mueller that I did. Of course, like our president, just lie and your followers will believe you. Never mind the obvious truth. That no longer matters.


The editor of this paper’s only mission is to generate click bait for the far right fever swamp. He is slightly more creative in his untruths than our president. Last time I checked if a foreign government meddled with our elections, and one of our own candidates openly cheered them on, that’s worth investigating. The editor is of the ilk that believes pizzagate conspiracies and anything that comes out of the mouth of the Lord and Savior, Donald Trump.

David Collins

OK Guys, the only thing lacking in what you have said is Proof. Proof with actual evidence to back it up. That is what is required to convict anybody. That includes you, me and even Mr. Trump. Sure you feel he is guilty of something. I do get that but where is the proof in all this ? Just you wishing it was true does not make it so. Sort of like the O J Simpson matter. Remember, if you succeed in letting justice become a popularity sport, who are they going to come for next? Could well be you or me , should we become the next target. That is not what the USA is supposed to be about. The Constitution not being properly taught, or taught at all, in our schools lends itself to this blind call for action. Action against someone who has committed no crime at all other than not falling in line with the do nothing Congress. Rs and D’s who appear to feel that if you do nothing at all, then you have done nothing wrong. #1 rule for re-electability, do not upset anybody and never truly answer any question.


They're biting.


They have no response on the topic's, no solution's to any problem's, and less tact then a shrimp.

In fact, the Democratic party is probably going to be replaced by the famed cockroach in the near future, thats how irrational these discussion's are. [wink]


I reckon that the proof and the evidence is right there. The Mueller report spelled it out very concisely. I reckon that some think that ignoring bits and pieces are okay to make it better fit your narrative.


Reckon bits and pieces were trying to defend against a big bunch of BS.

David Collins

Think anything you wish. Some folks think about wizards and unicorns and it makes them quite happy.


Yup, the government mule report spelled out nada.

Sorry, that dog don't hunt! [yawn]

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