In Thursday night’s Democrat Party presidential debate, on the campus of Texas Southern University in Houston, the agenda presented by all 10 candidates boiled down to roughly four points:

• Taking away our health insurance

• Abolishing the death penalty and freeing those convicted of non-violent crimes

• Decriminalizing illegal border crossings

• Using our tax dollars to give illegal aliens free benefits

In a word, the platform offered up by all the candidates is socialism.

One thing none of the candidates talked about was the economy. Why?

Because the economy, under President Trump, is soaring. So they didn’t mention it.

They relinquished the economy to Mr. Trump. Because they couldn’t debate the economy. Or argue pro or con about the economy.

Nor did they mention the word “unemployment.” Because unemployment for all practical purposes is nil. Employers can’t find enough workers.

So wallet issues, on which voters focus, were ignored.

Which doesn’t bode well for Democrat candidates.

Looking foolish in the debate was former Democrat Congressman Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke. But it doesn’t matter. His campaign is dead.

Asked about his proposal for “mandatory” buybacks of “assault weapons” by moderator ABC News anchor David Muir, “Are you proposing taking away their guns?” Mr. O’Rourke replied: “Hell, yes! We’re going to take away your AR-15, your AK-47.”

Obviously, he is unaware that mandatory confiscation would be unconstitutional.

Because he never studied the Constitution.

And how, since the government never owned any of the guns, can there be a “buyback”?

Mr. O’Rourke is also hypocritical because, says, a year ago when debating Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz for that seat, he encouraged Texans to keep their AR-15’s and use them lawfully.

He also said America’s founding is not July 4, 1776, but 1619 when African-Americans were brought to Jamestown, Va. But as we were reminded by a letter in The Wall Street Journal, 1619 “marks the arrival of the first African slaves in America only if you believe American colonial history began with the English.” Because Spanish coastal settlements in the South predated the English Virginia settlements by almost a century, and the Spanish brought slaves to the new world in in the 1500s.

“North America has a Native-American, Viking, Mexican, French, Dutch, Swedish, Irish and African history, along with the Spanish and English versions.”

Which is something else Mr. O’Rourke might not   know.

The only candidate to mention the Constitution was former Vice President Joe Biden. He was resented by some of the other candidates, particularly Julián Castro, former Housing and Urban Development secretary, who tried to trick him, because of his age. Insisting Mr. Biden, 76, had contradicted himself on whether people would have to buy into a health care plan in his proposed plan, Mr. Castro, 44, was wrong, showing that youth and inexperience can be duped.

Like all the previous Democrat Party presidential debates, Thursday night’s debate had no American flag on the stage. Is this an indication of the Democrats’ plans for America?

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They are the party of Slavery and Jim Crow, so, this is typical behavior. Maybe if they click their heels together 3 times, they will go home! (back to their 'utopiaville')

David Collins

Unless something unforetold occurs , none of these candidates are going to be president of anything . It is like they are frozen in the time of their 2nd year of college with all the leftist ideologies floating about in an otherwise empty brain . Legends in their own minds , as they say. The scary thing is that , soon enough , the mindset of immaturity and total lack of knowledge of how things work in society will have an affect in future Presidential elections . Hopefully not the next one but who knows . Does make for entertaining conversation by the water cooler . .


Hopefully they all will continue with their current craziness. Anyone who votes for any of them is as crazy as them. The sanctuary city issue probably helped Bishop greatly.

John Rickabaugh

To quote Ronald Reagan: "Well, there you go again!" For the umpteenth time, the News-Times Editors take the oversimplification and false equivalency route to deriding their political opposition. What it really is is disingenuous fear-mongering. The GOP brayed about Barack Obama coming to take your guns (vivid imagination you've got), and that Hillary Clinton should be locked up for alleged crimes (that the Republican congress couldn't prove after 28 months and $8M of trying), now it's blanketing the Dems with the spooky and specious label of "Socialism". Horrors, whatever will we do if we allow Socialism into the good ol' US of A? I mean do we really want Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid and the US military and interstate highways and the National Park Service and NOAA and the Coast Guard and other socialist government programs to continue? Why, that's the road to ruin, sayeth the GOP! You can't have it both ways, guys, or your admitting that some socialism is in fact a good thing. I think that when you write 'socialism', you are to the average reader evincing 'communism' which is another false equivalency. Communist states are by definition socialist, but socialist states are not by definition communist. They are two different economic & governing philosophies. And then there's democratic socialism, which is as even more misunderstood, so generally just equated with straight socialism, which it is not.

As for Democrats "taking away our health insurance", that didn't happen under Obama either, and likely won't happen under a President Biden or Warren or Harris or Buttigieg for that matter. You and I both know that dissolving the health insurance industry is as likely as President Trump dissolving The Federal Reserve - it ain't happening. ObamaCare was a step in the right direction, but rather than make it better Republicans saw fit to denounce and defund and delegitimize it at every turn, and now is has become for most exactly what we had before - unaffordable healthcare. As a small business owner I was able to affors to provide health insurance to my staff because of the Affordable Care Act. That was a good thing, and it still is, but it's not really affordable anymore - who making $15/hr can swing a $2500 deductible? The cherry on top is that Republicans have nothing better to replace it with, despite having 10 years to come up with something! What have y'all been doing? Just looting the treasury for wars in the Middle East, investigating the Clintons, and blocking lawful judicial appointments? If you thought insurance premiums and healthcare costs were going to be lower without ObamaCare, there is a bridge in Brooklyn I'd love to sell you.

As for "open borders" ... yeah that sounds scary and fortunately no candidate on either side is advocating that. Decriminlaizing illegal border crossing doesn't mean you let everyone in, it means you don't start a legal proceeding and incarcerate them in this country for God knows how long before you send them back. The immigrant prison industry likes things just like they are, thank you very much. Rational border control is what we need, and it is not what we currently have. If we did, would we be detaining more immigrants in 2019 than ever in our history? Think about it. And while you're at it think about how many of our tax dollars are being spent on the current process when you gnash your teeth about "using our tax dollars to give illegal aliens free benefits". There's some serious cognitive dissonance going on here.

And finally - it's the economy, stupid. Yes it is. And following our last Republican president's foray into Recession/Depression in 2008/2009, lo and behold a Democrat president managed to get us out of that mess, laying the groundwork for the longest economic expansion in our country's history. To which you say "but it was too slow and took too long!" Well, you can microwave your Thanksgiving turkey or you can roast it. You pick. President Trump has surfed the wave of the Obama economy since entering office, taking credit for it every step of the way, as is his wont. All good things come to an end at some point, and you can be sure he will blame someone else - anyone else - when the economic parade loses steam during his tenure. Ask Jerome Powell how it feels to be the latest scapegoat for Trump. That should concern you a tad.

Thanks for the opportunity to respond in kind to your slanted opinions. If we all agreed on everything all the time it would be pretty boring. It's all about Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, and we as Americans should be doing everything in our power to ensure that ALL Americans are enabled to enjoy those unalienable Rights.


More like 'STUPID MONGERING' , personally i would not let the idiots run a hot dog stand for me. One of those idiots , hahahahahahahahahaha Think we'll keep Trump from letting idiots ruin America.


The banner is an oxymoron. The dems have no agenda.

Deadbolt. I do not know where you come from, but two generations ago most folk's granddaddy was a Democrat, then Dixiecrat, then Republican. Klansmen were all demmycrats until the 1960s when Nixon promised them that he would reverse the affirmative action and related laws.


Well, i didn't grow up on the 'plantation', and neither did you, so, if you want to paint 'every southerner' as a slave owner, i think you just might want to re-read your history books, and not some liberal spinoff of the FACTS. The 2-3 groups you mentioned, yes, were in fact Democrat creations, and now the same party is trying to shove some communist agenda to be our mantra, (which is probably worse then slavery, but, since you and i have never grown up in that situation either, i'll allow you to espouse your opinion , and simply ask you to please show some census info on the actual number of slave owner's vs the entire southern culture leaving out the politics).


DB. I am not trying to paint anyone as a slave owner and I do not approve of reparations. My ancestors staked out land and farmed it. The 1850 census shows eight kids and a farm hand at one house.

We hunt squirrels and whatnot. Deer where I grew up were almost wiped out but they all over the place now. Turkeys too. We put out rabbit boxes and skinned those stringy critters too. Ever been bit by a o'possum reaching down into a rabbit trap without looking?

We have it made and we all sit around and roast oysters over the fire. And we will share it with anyone who wants it.

David Collins

There is a huge difference between Americans who happen to live in the Americas , north and south and The United States of America. Just so we are talking about the same Apple’s here . Let us refer to it as the US. Just because you were born in the America’s does not mean that you can just waltz across the US border when you wish. Entry requires permission, just like any other nation . Those interlopers should be refused and turned away before crossing any US border. Those that sneak in should face due punishment and quick removal and includes Every Man, Woman and Child . No exceptions be they made up humanitarian issues or whatever . Want any special dispensation, plead your case from the Other Side of the border . Lose your case , return to your country of origin the very same way you arrived . At no cost to the US people. We are not in the bed and breakfast business .

Democratic socialism is the gateway to becoming a totally socialist nation . Ask Venezuelan folks . They can tell you all about that ruse . Yes, there are a few things that government should get involved in. National defense , limited central government , law making up to a point and federal judicial issues . Sadly, the truth is that most folks really do not have the discipline to totally look after their financial lives . That is why we presently have Social Security to offer a Supplement to those that need a leg up in their retirement years . Not a living wage and was never intended to be . Of course this well meaning program has been morphed into something else by countless pandering politicians . The lure of a un-raided Honey Pot is strong indeed . Government Social “ Programs ”, by nature , are rife with waste, fraud and abuse , so should be avoided like the plague . Leave that to the socially conscious among us and those that feel compelled to donate Their spare funds . I said Donate not Confiscate . Yeah there is a difference .

Taxpayer funded , government administrated , single payer health care schemes are to be totally avoided . Yup, that includes Medicaid, Medicare and any other name you can come up with. Let the folks take care of themselves and if they can not then nature takes it’s course . Of course most folks have been taught that big brother will provide all your wants and desires for the low price of your soul and wallet. Easy way is always better , is it not ?

Have not the time or inclination to delve into every nuance here but surely you do get the picture .


That last sentence would have been sufficient and saved a lot of time. Ironically the editorial was advocating the preservation of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. No R input allowed in the BO ACA with associated lies and a beer summit was a bad beginning to a chance in a lifetime to do good things. A "racist non-Christian country" in their words not mind somehow elected a disaster and then re-elected it. Don't blame the editor. Look in the mirror.


Ed Buck, Democratic Mega Donor, Has FINALLY Been Arrested Following ANOTHER OD [ ]


I saw my grandparents and great-grandparents welcome anyone into the house. I was raised to see humanity in everyone just like Jesus did.




Trump Has Raised MORE Money Than EVERY DEMOCRAT COMBINED, He Raised $15M IN California In ONE DAY [ ]

David Collins

Hummmmm, parents , perhaps not so much ?

Guess we are still on the subject of illegals. Aren’t we ? Read where our governing folks want to give “special” consideration to , I guess it is called Climate Change Refugees From Guatemala . Seems that the folks have deforested their country to the point that nothing much , other than people , grows now. Sounds like what the folks in Haiti did years ago. More lunacy in DC. They did this to themselves and now we have to take them to raise ? Where does this stop ? The swamp is getting swampier.


The Democratic Party in 1925! Yup, here is alot of them, not 1 Republican! [ ] So, now they simply want to erase all their history, well, it's not going to happen. Sorry Snowflakes.............. [beam]


Meet Their New Leader! [ ] Hilarious! [wink]


RAT INFESTED: Trump Supporters Clean Up LA While Democrats Focus on 'Resisting' the President [ ]

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