As we slowly or quickly — perhaps depending on where you live along with your health — advance into 2020, we don’t look forward to the ugliness that will undoubtedly come into sharp focus in this new year. Because it has certainly pervaded 2019.

We’re not talking about being offended. We’re talking about ugliness.

Trying to forget it won’t make it go away. It was there. It still is. It was unavoidable. And nothing will make us impervious to more more bouts of the same.

Just drawing on two examples, the new year’s presidential election and the continuing impeachment of President Trump which is in limbo, illustrate that hostility, malice, spitefulness and obnoxiousness remain. We are living in angry times.

While pointing a finger of accusation at those who created this ugliness is essentially self defeating because other fingers in our hand are always directly pointing back at us, those who fancy themselves as superiors, the elite, who luxuriate in telling us what to do but don’t follow their own advice and spew hatred, are easily indictable.

Politicians and celebrities immediately fall into this category, along with the media, which absolutely deserves a high seat because it has abdicated its responsibility to be the gatekeeper of accountability.

Just think of the drama we’re fed daily, particularly by electronic media and the internet.

Think of how often you’ve been told, for just another example of ugliness — that Mr. Trump is a liar. We’ve been told this by politicians who are impeaching him, and again by their allies, the media.

Neil Patel, co-founder of the online new outlet The Daily Caller, says on Taki’s Magazine lying or exaggeration by Mr. Trump isn’t what drives the political left crazy. Because they’re used to that kind of lying from all politicians. What infuriates them is when he tells the truth. Because he is the real threat to their power.   

“There is an unspoken agreement among the people in charge of our country not to talk about what has happened to it,” says Mr. Patel. “They are personally implicated in its decline. Often they are profiting from it. The last thing they want is a national conversation about what went wrong. So they maintain an increasingly strict policy of mandatory reality avoidance. Everything is fine, they shout. Voices rising in hysteria. Shut up or we will hurt you.”

But Mr. Trump won’t shut up. Which is his crime. Because he has told the truth about unchecked illegal immigration hurting America. Because he has said truthfully how other nations must bear the expense of their defense and not rely solely on the United States, how Democratic socialist policies create homelessness and infect American cities. There are other examples, too numerous to cite.

So thinking just about any of this might point out his egregious failures, which might be embarrassing, so “let’s just agree,” adds Mr. Patel, “that Trump is a racist liar and move on. My gosh, what a bad person he is. Unlike us.”

Which might also let us avoid political correctness and never utter anything that might be deemed racist, sexist, homophobic, nationalistic or white supremacist.

Won’t 2020 be stimulating?

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It is because the media in general has not abdicated its responsibility that trumpites are so upset. It's the truth that upsets them. This page, as well as any thinking person knows that neither our president, nor any of his cohorts, [Giuliani etc. ] will testify under oath because they know they will perjure themselves. He, they, can't distinguish truth from fantasy.


You are correct kenwood it applies to almost every politician on both sides of the aisle. Government is filled with people with low morals and ethics seeking power and wealth at any cost. Trump is no different than the Clintons, Obama, Pelosi and Biden. They all consider themselves above the law.


Gotta love the liberal mindset and lack of "thinking".


What were you/they saying before the IG report? That's right you/they were saying exactly what the IG said right? Whatever it is they say he is doing it's probably what they are doing or already have done. Like colluding maybe? Funny how y'all claim he's the world's biggest crook. Not too hard to understand how some business people get filthy rich but it's somewhat difficult to figure how some serving in govt do. Can you explain? Looks like some folks are finally waking up.


The two major parties have been changed forever. The Ds through their radical far left socialist change agent a decade ago said they were going to fundamentally change our country and he/they did. Many conservative Rs and many others labeled "deplorables" & tired of 8 years of not so wonderful change voted for change that would make our country great again with renewed optimism and first-time optimism for many others decided to take a chance because they had nothing to lose based on years of failed promises from the Ds. The Ds & their ilk promised a failed stock market & other disastrous predictions while unlawfully colluding to destroy a duly elected president. Closest thing to a coup this country has ever experienced. Now that the deplorables' change agent has done the impossible with his magic wand & actually fulfilled some of the promises which are in fact making the country great again the Ds are beside themselves with hatred for the one man & his deplorable supporters. Hopefully the Ds will continue their self-destruction & let the rest of us enjoy the fruits of our labor.

David Collins

Part of the problem , as I see it , is that we have had way too much peace and prosperity for far too long. The minor and trivial has become major . Infighting has become the rule of the day . This is what happens when idyl minds are left to ponder . Think about what really matters .


It matters not to me what minor crimes Trump may have done. The fact remains he has done far more to better our country than any democrat ever, and is trusted far more by true Americans. We are teetering on the edge of a very nasty civil problem with the encroaching socialism and leftist agenda. We need President Trump now.


This should be easy one for you to answer:

What has the back-stabber-in-chief done far better than any democrat ever?

Who are the “true Americans”?


Very possibly the best & most needed since Washington. Nancy's game is to play the 6 or so senators that might have a problem with re-election. Can only pray he has some very strong coat tails. Too many socialists & those not understanding what it leads to that could cost the Senate & effectively blocking any further gains. We're definitively at a crucial crossroads in our country's history.

David Collins

Easy to answer and basically just stayed out of the way so we can prosper a bit . Slashing restrictive regulations has helped as well . He can not be all things to all people and that is a good thing . Hope he gets a second term but there is no doubt that every dirty trick known and newly invented will be put into play against him . Already started with this voter ID fiasco . The people voted for it and a lefty judge takes it away .

A real American is in the eye of the beholder . We are all real so a bad choice of words .

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