The death of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani has ignited arguments about the president’s authority to take action to protect the country. Amid that international controversy the phrase World War III has been introduced in digital memes and even political rhetoric, a term that is both incendiary and totally inappropriate but also telling when it comes to supporting this country and its principles.

Following the death of Gen. Soleimani, whose leadership in Iran’s Quds military has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of US military personnel and countless other non-combatants, the Twitter and digital media erupted among college students (#NoWarinIran) (#WorldWarIII) worrying about the possible initiation of a military draft. Of particular concern is a requirement for college students receiving federal financial assistance through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to register with the Selective Service System, or as many “boomers” recall - the draft board.

The ensuing panic among America’s future leaders is both unnecessary and unnerving.

Unnecessary because as we should all know it is a federal law that all 18-year-old males are to register with the Selective Service so that should a draft be needed, as was the case in World War II, then it can be done quickly.  The FSFA requirement is only assuring that the applicants are following the law before they benefit from the country’s largesse in providing financial aid. Further, there is currently no active draft and should there be a need to initiate the draft Congress would first have to pass legislation to authorize it.

The reaction is also unnerving because it shows a hesitancy, at best, and an unwillingness at the worst, for our future leaders to step up when called upon to protect this country, its citizens and above all its principles.

We can go into a litany of successes this country, its founders and citizens have enjoyed and bequeathed to mankind. But the negative recent reaction of college students to the possibility of sacrifice and commitment to this cause, no matter how remote, begs the question - why?

We’re focusing on individuals who are obviously motivated to push forward in their education, ostensibly to become leaders. These are excellent attributes which bode well for our country and arguably for the world. But why the fear or hesitancy to be willing to step up to defend the very country that is so supportive of students and their goals?

The answer may lie within the very educational institutions that these students attend and a growing perception that this country and political system is too flawed to defend.

College students and now even high school students are being presented with “new” facts about the founders which question their sincerity and principles. There is a constant drumbeat of all the errors in our country’s past that overwhelms any of our successes and yes, missed goals.

Sadly this continuing narrative has made its way into our entertainment and political venues as well. The political diatribes as seen and heard at the Oscars, Golden Globe awards or in concerts have inculcated our youth about all that is bad with America.  Unfortunately this message of “America is bad” hit a low point when newly inaugurated President Barack Obama questioned the concept of “American Exceptionalism.”

With that as a backdrop it is no wonder that college students are questioning the value or need for a draft and more importantly the value and responsibility to step up when called to defend this nation and its principles. Why support such a flawed country? They question, based on the continued flow of negative views about their country, if it is worth defending.

Needless to say, the alternatives that we are seeing in other regimes have little or no benefit for their citizens but those are inconvenient facts that get in the way of the narrative that we, the United States, are bad. That narrative is beginning to take root, which is another “inconvenient fact” that becomes clear as we see college students fearing they may be asked to defend the very nation that has provided them, their families and the world so much.

This reaction is concerning- very concerning.

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Reads like something right out of the White House. Nothing new here except the subject of the draft. Gutsy move considering:-

Your guy in the White House qualifies as Draft Dodge in Chief, not having the guts himself to serve but to use his and his old man's money to dodge it. It's your guy in the White House who has been dragging this country into the mud, with his attacks on our criminal justice system, calling it a "joke", with his attacks on our judges, on the rule of law, on our education system, which you brazenly echo. It's his petty, childish, name-calling and trashing everything and everybody he doesn't personally approve of, that has degraded this country. It's his bigoted hatred of our past president, so dutiful and blindly echoed here. It's his embracement and endorsement of the likes of Edward Gallagher and other outright criminals that is dragging this country down, not our young college students . Wake up.

David Collins

ABSOLUTELY true . They and their parents , or parent , have been force fed this their whole lives . If they could see how much of the rest of the world is forced to live , their attitude would change . Sadly they will remain ignorant and if it remains long enough , change will come to them . Change they can not imagine because of their ignorance . To them , freedom is free and always has been . Yeah , you just keep thinking that .

David Collins

My , my . Mr Kenwood , your message is just exactly what is wrong with our country . So , with that said we will just have to disagree . Oh, by the way . What branches of the armed forces did Clinton and Obama serve ?


BC & BO have never even worn a uniform have they? Guess BC may have been in the band. At least our president was in military school & actually seems to respect the military. Just eliminated a BO/Biden terrorist holdover. You can bet that counts for something with the military especially those families whose brave heroes made the ultimate sacrifice. Talking about justice? What a joke! Ask Kate Steinle & others how far left social justice feels. Another cruel joke on innocent Americans & real citizens. Yeah, that's right real citizens & don't forget it. If he can save us from the socialists/communists & everything in between trying to unseat him he will be the greatest president since Washington. TDS gets worse every day.


Trump is a joke. He's spent years saying that everyone in the intelligence community is against him. A " deep state" .

The victim in Chief now has alienated our allies. The victim in Chief has attacked Iran, who is less of a threat to us than North Korea. But the victim in Chief shares "love letters" with Kim. The president has yet to tell us what intelligence led him to attack Iran, other than the obvious. He continues to blame Obama for his problems, and just like he claimed Obama would do, he has attacked Iran and pulled us further into the mid east quagmire in a election year.

It is irresponsible for the news times to call out an entire generation of young people because people on Twitter are concerned about the president's decision making or motives.


Attacked Iran? He didn't authorize taking out a terrorist? You remember Susan Rice don't you? She said the reason BO didn't take him out is because they never got the chance. If that blood thirsty bas...d had been abiding by his UN restrictions he may be alive today even after all the Americans, Iranians and others he killed & you and your ilk would be happy right? Killing women & drilling holes through children's legs to keep his captive territory in line was his specialty. You like that much more than Trump right? Now that's what you call intelligence.


Looks like the "calling out" was more about the leftist higher so-called "educators" indoctrinating our youth to convince them America is & always has been bad. Unless these marxists believe everything in their bloodline is bad they should do a little reflection about the past, present and future especially if they have children or expect to have children who they'd like to enjoy the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness they have enjoyed. And, if they haven't enjoyed any of the benefits of living in America go teach in a marxist country where they will be right at home.


"Academia's Leftism becomes more aggressive and more stupid" by Andrea Widburg.

David Collins

As usual , you have recited a twisted story . Trump has said that the political appointees that run certain agencies are against him . It has proved to be true , so far . Majority of the rank and file do their jobs well , without letting politics get in the way . There are always some that let politics get in the way and it is common knowledge that govt. workers tend to vote democratic . I would have replaced all the upper echelon Obama holdovers during the first few weeks but who am I ?

We killed a general that was every bit a terrorist as Bin Laden and actually a bit worse . Obama did the very same numerous times and it was OK . What has changed ? Obama’s appeasements along with his indecision’s and giving Iran all that cash certainly set us up for a rough time . He is doing all he can with what cards have been dealt him / us . What would you do different ?

Obviously you know precious little about how things are done in times of conflict. You keep your lips shut about such things because revealing such things endangers your sources and soldiers . The term “ loose lips sinks ships “ was coined for a reason . Besides , you and I have no need to know . We know that he is dead and that is good enough .

As far as our “ allies “ go . You are echoing the standard leftist whining jag . Sort of like the climate change farce . Our true allies are fine . That you can take to the bank .


As usual, you have recited a twisted story. There is zero evidence that any of the men and women working in the alphabet agencies are working against the interest of the USofA. Those working in the government have always done their best, no matter which party, democrats of republicans, has been in office. Those believing in conspiracies have never shown a single evidence of a deep state.

“We killed a general…” and all the “Christians” are cheering. Because killing people is what Jesus Christ has told us to do….not. The escuse? Nothing, but blame Obama. Obama did not give Iran a single dollar, it is a historical fact.

Why should our allies go to war with us in Iraq/Iran?

Iraq had done nothing to us when a republican administration decided to sacrifice the life of American soldiers. Blame Europe… and more important, blame democrats.


if there wasn't oil under the middle east sand we would not even be having this argument. The Halliburton war has been going on for 17 years. What Trumps has done last week has given Iraq to Iran. It was a tremendous blunder. He does not have the intelligence to be POTUS. Today's college students are smart enough to see what is going on and don't want to risk their lives on a war that is not necessary ( a distraction and diversion for Trump). If you think that sacrificing your children for Trump is a good idea, then you go enlist.


Seems some didn't get the news that BO pulled out of Iraq years ago effectively giving it to Iran & creating the vacuum for the creation of his JV ISIS Caliphate along with unimaginable chaos & death. Trump promised & has essentially destroyed ISIS partially controlling Asad & his Russian alliance. Basically Iran is now the caliphate. Trump was trying his best to pull out of Syria while being criticized by the Left. If Iran had played it smart by using the bankroll BO gave them wisely rather than let their uncontrolled terrorists & hired executioners fly into Baghdad to plan more mayhem against our embassy & small caretaker force they would have had the whole hornet's nest to themselves. But with the Left's help & encouragement they believed Trump had dropped the ball & was leaving them to do as they pleased. They & their silly ilk were fooled bigly.

David Collins

Come on gw , how can you be so wrong ? Oil is so 1990s . You know as well as I do it is not about oil . It is about Sunshine . No nasty trees or tall buildings to block old sol here . Just endless sand , sun and fun abounds . A solar power paradise like few other places around and cheap labor just adds to the mix . Sadly , now that the secret is out along with our armed forces , the race to solarize is starting . Now we will have to find another country to destabilize and start anew .


Doesn't this mess go back to a D named Carter? Iran had done nothing to us until then & when a radical Islamic fanatic took the reins of Iran. Then they decided it was a good idea to release our hostages when & why? So, those pallets of $ or however it was transmitted wasn't ready to be returned until when & why? A quid pro quo for a deal? Didn't some of our allies go to war against Saddam in helping us kick him out of Kuwait? Went to war with him later & believe some allies may have been involved again. Even overwhelming majority of Ds voted for it didn't they? Were they lied to? If they were that alphabet agency put it together & one of the Ds favorite establishment Rs presented a convincing case to the UN. The establishment from both sides with help from MSM can fool some of the people all the time can't they?

(Edited by staff.)

David Collins

The Rs are not perfect , far from it . They do seem to be the ones to bring us back from the damage done by prior D administrations . This bevy of D hopefuls is most certain to break all records for silliness and total disregard for what just does not work . Even after their ideas have been tried and failed time and time again , some how it will be different with me this time . Talk about needing history lessons !


Tide Pod eating kids of today, defending America? No.

David Collins

Kids have always done dumb stuff , after all they are kids . Most recruits come from families with military connections followed by those that would use it for a financial leg up . There are recruits that are not US citizens and see it as a means to become one . Been going on for years and increasing in numbers . Actually , non-English speakers are a valuable tool in today’s military and are actively recruited . Will these folks actually fight for us , well........ so far not bad at all . Don’t let the media’s portrayal of our youth worry you too badly . They pretty much focus on the losers of the bunch and are not exactly pro military or pro US for that matter .


"we had nothing to do with Iran"? Really? We have been trying to control them since 1953. We never pulled out of Iraq. When our guy, the Shah, was thrown out his plane could barely lift off due to all of the gold that he stole from them. Do you think that the Iranians have forgotten that? Trump governs by impulse , not intelligence. He is just waiting on his next order from Putin to mess up worse.


"A tale of two approaches to Middle Eastern struggles" by Howard J. Warner.


"Democrats become first nation party to hate the nation they wish to lead" by Eric Utter.


I am glad that Soleimani is dead. But I disagree that today’s young people are either incapable or disinclined to defend our nation. I am coming to the end of a nearly 40 year career in the military. In the past couple of years I have been fortunate enough to be involved in working groups established to address future personnel recruiting training and employing millennials and “Gen Z.” They approach life differently than we boomers did because their experiences growing up were very different than ours. But just because they have different perspectives than us doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of being tough or committed. They are a lot more likely to question things than we were. But when the answers make sense to them they can be just as tough or more than we were.

David Collins

When Mohammad Pahlavi was kicked out of Iran in 1979 by the Islamic Revolution, no one expected him to live a life of poverty . Did they ? Soooo he did the time honored thing that all dictators seem to do. Took his golden parachute with him. Yup , it was tough on the airplane but they can carry much more now than back then . Plus , gold was not as valuable as it is now so he had to transport more of it . What is wrong with that ? Corporate executives , when shown the door , do it all the time . Don’t they ? By the way , how has that Islamic Revolution thing turned out ?

Trump hasn’t messed up . Just hasn’t consulted with you first but neither did Obama or Hillary . Or did they ?


We are in deed extremely fortunate that there are patriotic young people willing to serve our country and fight & if necessary die for it. Those who are not are just lucky that we have an all-volunteer force. Hopefully, there will never come a day when the draft has to be re-instituted. As a country we need to be more than willing to support & provide the pay & benefits for our active duty, retired & veterans to ensure that day never comes. And, those who preach how bad America is & always has been should stop & reflect what their foolish rhetoric might be doing to encourage hatred for a land that may be imperfect but is by far the best the world has ever known..

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