Despite the constant cries, the moaning and howling of Democrats socialists and their media allies regarding President Trump, he has triumphed this past week.

Because thanks to him the economy is surging.

Couple that with his decision, after five months of planning, to give U.S. special-operations forces the go-ahead to take out ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Syria last weekend, and he can exult.

In a daring raid launched from Iraq in which no Americans were killed or wounded, though a military dog that has now returned to duty, was, credit is due Mr. Trump because he would have been answerable for failure.

 On the labor front, despite the 40-day strike that was settled last month of 50,000 General Motors auto workers — all of whom were counted as unemployed — the U.S. economy added 131,000 net new jobs in October, said the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This exceeded expectation.

A record 158,510,000 Americans are now working, the 23rd such record since Mr. Trump took office, said CNSNews.

Despite his trade war with China and the lagging stock market and the efforts of Democrat socialists to oust him from the White House, the jobless rate rose one tenth of a percentage point to an expected 3.6%, which is still very low. (The 3.5% unemployment rate in September was the lowest in 50 years, since 1969.)

The increase in the unemployment rate reflected growth in the labor force as 325,000 new people entered the job market in October, which is more than a million new workers since July.

Had the strike against GM not occurred, employment figures would have been higher in October by around 170,000 new positions, matching the average of the previous six months.

This sent the stock market, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite to new highs. Mr. Trump called the news on Twitter, a “blowout” number. “This is far greater than expectations. USA Rocks!” he wrote.

Adjusted for the prior months’ revisions and the GM strike, October’s report showed a total of 303,000 new jobs.

Even with the upward revision of August and September job figures by 95,000 and discounting the auto-sector’s losses, the net increase is 264,000 jobs.

Hiring was strong in the hospitality industry, particularly in food services and financial service companies, said the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Other good economic news, said Jack Carney at Breitbart Economy, is the unemployment rate for African-Americans dropped to 5.4% in October, the lowest level on record, for the third consecutive month of record low unemployment when September’s 5.5% jobless rate matched the record set in August. Because this is the third month, said The Wall Street Journal, it’s not a statistical anomaly.

For Hispanic-Americans, the labor participation rate reached 67.3%, the best rate since September.

For African-American males, the unemployment rate hit a record low of 5.1%, down three-tenths from the prior month which was lower than the previous record low of 5.2% set in December 1973. For African-American females, the unemployment rate was 4.8%, up two-tenths from September.

“All of this bodes well for consumer spending going forward and makes a near-term recession even more unlikely,” said the Journal. “The real threat to the middle class is a return to the antigrowth taxes and regulations that [Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi] Mrs. Pelosi’s House majority would impose without the check of Mr. Trump and especially a Republican Senate. Enjoy this labor market while we have it.”

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And Mussolini got the trains to run on time.


Kenwood - what a dumb thing to say


First 33 months of this administration averages 34,300 jobs less per month than the last 33 months of the previous administration. Weird to claim 34,300 jobs less per month as victorious, but…

The last time a democrat administration had job numbers that are worse than this administration? I am not sure, but it has not happened on this side of WWII. Doing worse than any democrat administration the past 75 years is a victorious triumph?


Please share your source.


United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.


By the way:

The last time the Dow Jones Industrial Average performed worse than under this administration compared to a democrat administration was back in the 70s when Carter was in office.

Source: Dow Jones Industrial Average, New York Stock Exchange.

The last time the S&P 500 performed worse than under this administration compared to a democrat administration was back in the 70s when Carter was in office.

Source: S&P 500, New York Stock Exchange.

David Collins

Sure, OO , rain on the parade with more trick statistical questions and statements. The numbers folks are quite adept in skewing , in order to achieve a stated goal. All I know is that in spite of the democratic opposition things have been humming along quite nicely . At least that is what our monthly dividend checks show . Yeah Carter was a huge mistake but that happens . It’s called a bump in the road. Let us not repeat that mistake in 2020 , for the democratic candidates are a rather pitiful bunch and are prone to staying that way. Just products of our corrupt educational system , should I say our indoctrination system , and living in an alternative universe . Nothing goes on forever and the good times will be tested . Always have . Would certainly want to have someone with a spine at the helm , than a wishie washie blubbering liberal that can’t decide between wetting it’s pants or wiping it’s hind parts . Certainly realize that as I age , the number of folks that have true backbones and are willing to destroy their personal lives in order to lead our nation , dwindles daily. Just hope I preceded them in the dwindling game .


It is not trick statistics. Department of Labor is the only reliable source of jobs statistics. And they are worse for this administration compared to the previous administration by more than 34,000 jobs each month.

Carter was a mistake? 10 million new jobs were added during his 4 years in office. That is more than 12 years of Bushes and 3 years of the backstabber-in-chief combined. In addition, the Dow Jones Industrial Average did MUCH better during 4 years with Carter compared to 8 years with GWB.

Both the job market and the stock market have performed much better during democrat administrations than republican administrations post WWII. It is not even close, the republicans have been abysmal.

It is cold hard facts, but trumpies don’t care about facts. Never have, never will.


Ok. [ ]


Your link proves my point.

6 of top 7 job creators are democrat administrations.

And down at the bottom are the last 3 republican administrations.


Here ya go, lets compare Osama and TRUMP. [ ] Your source, looks like Trump has the lowest , but whatever.


Your link proves my point again....

GW jumped off a plane spiraling down. The Obama administration inherited a wreck with 10% unemployment rate: 16.8% black/African American, 12.9% Hispanic/Latino, 8.9% white, 7.6% Asian.

When the Obama administration left office the numbers were: 4.7% total (down 5.3 points), 7.7% black/African American (down 9.1 points), 5.8% Hispanic/Latino (down 7.1 points), 4.3% white (down 4.6 points), 3.7% Asian (down 3.9 points).

The backstabber-in-chief is not even close to cut the points as much, and he never will.

The current unemployment rate of 3.6% is just down 1.1 points. It is abysmal in the comparison.

(Edited by staff.)

David Collins

Did anyone see Tulsi Gabbard on The View today? She definitely shut up that whacko Joy Behar. Behar clammed up and actually looked like she would walk off stage if she could. Tulsi , with a party shift and more experience could be a powerful force for common sense in the future. Certainly has the brains as well as the looks to go far but does not fit the Democratic profile, so will be shut out of the process. What a shame.


Suspect R Congress did more to create jobs & other impressive stats during BC time and govt jobs vs private sector jobs in FDR & BO cases.


Should probably say jobs created with "govt $ infusion" not necessarily "govt pay check" jobs. One site says there were 6x more manufacturing jobs created by this prez vs last in given period. Nice to have more jobs but if the "working class" are getting eat up with taxes to cover more & more socialism hello Argentina.


Since WWII:

No democrat administration has left office without an increase in manufacturing jobs.

No republican administration has left office with an increase in manufacturing jobs.

Millions of manufacturing jobs have been lost during republican administrations.


"The reason the IG report has been delayed should delight Trump supporters" by Thomas Lifson.

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