Over the weekend, six people were killed and 29 were wounded by gunfire in Chicago, reports CNSNews.com.

Earlier this month in El Paso, Texas, when 22 people were murdered and 24 injured, and later that Saturday night in Dayton, Ohio, when nine were murdered and 27 wounded, on that same weekend in Chicago 59 people were shot, nine fatally, including a 5-year-old boy.

Since Jan. 1, 2019, says the Chicago Tribune, 1,800 people have been shot in Chicago.

For the sake of comparison, the paper lists 1,725 persons as being shot in 2012. In 2013, it said the number was 1,516. In 2014, it was 1,686; in 2015, it was 1,920; in 2016, it was 2,799; in 2017, it was 2,498 and in 2018, it was 2,012.

What the final number for 2019 will be is still in progress.

The weekend’s statistic — 6 dead and 29 wounded — is shocking. But it doesn’t attract any national coverage in the mainstream media that is composed — about 90% — of liberal Democrats. Why not?

Is it because it is simply business as usual in Chicago and nothing out of the ordinary? Apparently so.

Is it because the shootings are predominately done by blacks against blacks — and it’s a cultural issue? Apparently so.

Is is because Chicago hasn’t elected a Republican as mayor since 1927? And its finances are in a mess, and the city is broke? So to compound the problems and speak about the number of murders and shootings, to constantly raise the alarm, would be embarrassing and demeaning? The answer is apparently also yes.

Although the Chicago Tribune didn’t say, the weapons of choice in the city’s shooting — and probably last weekend’s — have been predominately pistols, illegally obtained in a city that prides itself on having very strict gun laws.

They were not the so-called “assault weapons” the media demonizes. And the majority of the shootings were not done by young white demented males.

Would more authoritarian gun laws have more effect in Chicago? Would they reduce crime?

Perhaps if those who were engaged in shootings in Chicago, and who were charged with a crime had their shooting arm amputated — no questions asked — or were executed — again no questions asked — might that solve or at least lessen Chicago’s problems?

Severe penalties for shooting might cause those who thought about shooting to think twice and not commit a crime.

Of course that won’t happen. But it’s a question worth asking.

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Mechanical devices are not the issue. Until humans get a grip on the real problems, nothing solved and no severe punishment will prevent it happening.


You have clearly gone over the edge. As racist a tweet as I've ever heard. If only the blacks are shooting each other why not let them? The "problem" would be solved without sending them all back to Africa. The problem being that we are no longer a purely white nation. And if we are chopping off the hands of shooters, why not reinstitute stoning of adulterers? Possibly because the chief racist would wind up being stoned? You need the help of a psychiatrist.

David Collins

This article is about Chicago. World famous for black on black violence, yes, even a shooting or two. No racism involved for they appear to pretty much kill each other. To say that Chicago is alone in this endeavor is wrong. There are several other like minded cities competing for this honor and they all share the same demographics. Is this a problem? Not if it stays where it is. Just places that respectable people need to avoid visiting. Will any of this behavior ever change? Not a chance! The powers that be in these localities are totally rotten to the core. The fact that they share membership in the leftist party is certainly only a coincidence, I am sure. Isn’t it ? Psychiatric help, 10 cents.

Core Sounder

as long as the violent behavior is confined to a small area of the city then imagine that most folks do not care. The thinking being that's its cheaper to allow these thugs to kill each other off instead of the high cost of court trials along with having to provide for them while serving long prison sentences.


You mean one of those palm reading psychiatrist?


There is an epidemic of the same thing going on in North Carolina only it is white on white. I think that it is related to communities of poorly educated people who had good paying factory jobs before it all went to China.

They did not have the mindset of their communities to become more educated and that left them unqualified to compete for the high-tech jobs. So they resort to drugs and trying to cheat and rob each other the best they can.


Please post some links from a few source's on these allegations.

David Collins

Don’t know about any epidemic of white on white killings, just the usual trailer park dust ups but might have missed a few. I believe that any increase in violence can be traced back to single parenting, which usually means none or at best handing them off to a layabout boyfriend or the crackhead next door. Not even going to touch on the schools, they have been beat on enough, for today.


Something to ponder. Focusing locally, the probability of a mass shooting (defined as more than two targeted victims in one place, engaged at the same time), in this area is relatively low. We did the disgruntled veteran apprehended going with a AK to the Morehead City VA medical center in the past. Good law enforcement may have prevented this. We will never know. That is the gist, we don't know for sure who will do this type of thing. Each of use must do our part to secure our own safety. Being a competitive shooter, I practice concealed draw target engagement frequently. I shoot a competition that simulates defensive situations. My carry pistol is one of my match pistols, and I carry every day. Do I worry about the deranged shooter. Sure I do. But not inordinately. Fate favors the prepared person. In my life I have faced deadly force twice. Each time it was resolved without a shot fired. Thankfully. Both were judicially reviewed as justified. I feel comfortable in public, knowing I am prepared. That being said, the first priority is to get my loved one out of the situation as quick as possible, not necessarily to engage the shooter first. Using good judgement I would defend others, and the law provides for this; but a caveat, know the situation, evaluate carefully, that man wrestling with that woman may be an undercover officer making an arrest, etc. My point is that security of ones self and others must be borne by each of us. Concealed carry is as much a martial art as the empty hands disciplines. Practice, know the law well, and control one's emotions. Deadly force can only be used to defend one's life, serious injury or sexual assault. Not to defend property, or that nice car.


I'm still waiting there.............. you know for Native to link all his source's. [yawn]


There was a senator who warned his D opponent about the loss of manufacturing jobs and our southern border becoming a tremendous burden. He was right.


Could be wrong but believe his opponent promised those jobs would be replaced with higher paying tech jobs. That evidently hasn't worked out as the propopents promised.

David Collins

If you are awaiting Native to bring forth his sources, good luck with that. There are no sources other than dogmatic BS.


Yes, everyone should be prepared. But wait, if we are all prepared, then it becomes who is the better shot or who has the time, money and equipment to practice. Then we have a new dilemia. Then if you shoot them, you have taken advantantage of a less qualified or capable opponent. But, I digress, we all know the legal system handles the mess afterwards. And what if your firearm is better than theirs? And your trigger pull is much less than the manufacturer made the firearm? And what if your loved one is the victim of the person who is a concealed carrier? Unfortunaltely, in most of these situations, it is emotinally charged and logic or time is not an option. Oh my! Did we open a can of worms...so, guess we should be prepared and hope others are not. or go to Chicago to brush up on real life skills, not senerio based. Indeed.


Prepardness? Yes. It is for the criminal to decide if he or she wants to take the chance on any particular potential victim. The empty hands martial arts grade skill levels; so do the firearms arts. One has the black belt or Dans, the firearms arts have Grandmasters and down ranks. Whether one carries a stone stock Glock 17 (for example), or a highly tuned 1911 or other design, really doesn't matter, the law is very clear on deadly force. That is the key issue, not the tool. Many do not carry a thoroughbred pistol for defense, knowing that if it is used for defense, it will still be taken by law enforcement, and probably damaged in the process. Thus, the carry pistol has few modifications over stock. As far as the qualifications of the aggressor, that is life. However, most low lifes have not the dedication to master anything, for if they did, crime wouldn't be their cup of tea.

There are some who are in the dojo two or three times a week and spar frequently. The pistol artist practices dry and live fire as well, and perfects the art of effective concealed carry. Neither can be readily distinguished by the criminal. Thus, as in herd immunity, not everyone has to be armed, just enough for the criminal to abandon or think twice about attacking someone. That small little woman may be skilled and carrying a Glock 26. That little old man may be a master with the 1911 .45. That middle aged man may be a Shotokan master. It really is a non-issue who is better than another. It is a matter of who minds their manners, and commits no crime against others; versus those who are intent on violence to others. There will always be those who are squeamish about self-defense. There are those who will not take responsibility for their own safety. There are also those who think only they, and not others, have the right to self defense. "Go to Chicago to brush up on skills"? If you really want to do that, have a great time. Instead, shooting competition, and training is my choice. If you want more reality, try your hand at force on force training with Simunitions.

Look that one up,...

(Edited by staff.)


Only in a lame lawyers mind, would the skill level of the victim be considered after defending against a violent attack from another. Instead, consider the aggressor who attacked the victim in the first place. Only in a lawyers mind.


[ https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/breaking/ct-august-september-crime-statistics-20190901-hidy2i6twzfutpzrnd7galpfxm-story.html#nt=oft-Double%20Chain~Flex%20Feature~top-news-curated-chain~crime-stats-sun-503p~~1~yes-art~curated~curatedpage ] This is an example of a town that needs a military solution.


Thank you so much for all your advice. Yes, we all should do the best we can to defend ourselves. Those who master skills, of course, should have an advantage in self defense, because they put in the time and effort. It is so clear now. Those who don't, oh well. Only one word comes to mind. "Supercallousfragilemysticextrabraggadocious." Peace Out.


As in anything in life, preparation, dedication and training equip one to be better able to handle distressing situations. Training in fire suppression enables one to better handle a fire; swim training better enables one to survive water emergencies. Proper equipment aids the training in a good outcome. Thus, swim training and the life preserver exponentially favors survival. Similarly, preparedness for threats of the two legged kind is prudent and wise. There are those who don't appreciate this; they make excellent victims for crime. That, is not a cartoon or fantasy. At least to most.


If one enters a elevator with Mike Tyson, what prevents one from slapping the champ: 1. It is illegal to do so, and you could be prosecuted, or 2. You will get your just rewards from the champ? Of course the proximal answer is number 2. This is what infuriates the bullies and the lame legal minds. Also, it keeps those who prey on others from acting with abandon.


That is a straw man fallacy.


Well then, justice. Go ahead, slap and receive.

There are those who have to get burned to learn the stove is hot.


Not the actions of an honorable man.

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