The media — daily newspapers and TV — are in crisis.

Those who work in media know it. Those who work especially for newspapers know it. They’ve been, says Daniel Greenfield writing at Front Page Mag, cannibalized with merger fever.

Cause of the crisis is because the public — those who read newspapers and watch TV networks, particularly the alphabet networks — don’t believe what they’re reading or what they’re seeing and hearing.

A recent Gallup poll, cited by the editors of Investor’s Business Daily earlier this month, said Americans had lost confidence in the media. Only 20%, said IBD, “said they have a ‘great deal’ or ‘quite a lot’ of confidence in TV news. They’re even below newspapers, for which only 23% said they had confidence.”

Root cause in the lack of confidence in the media is because the public has lost its trust in the media because the media has renounced credibility. Embodied in credibility is authority, believability and integrity. Which the media has discarded.  

This has happened because the media has abandoned fairness, and brought its plight on themselves.

The easiest way to prove this is to examine the prejudice the media has for President Donald Trump.

The media hates him. It also hates conservative ideals, smaller government. And most Republicans who stand for those ideals. And this is ironic, it also hates free speech.

Citing another study by the Media Research Center, the IBD editors said MRS researchers watched some 1,007 evening news stories about the Trump White House on ABC, CBS and NBC from June 1 to Sept. 30. “What they found,” said the IBD editors, “was as Mr. Trump himself might say, sad: Over the summer, the broadcast networks have continued to pound Donald Trump and his team with the most hostile coverage of a president in TV news history — 92% negative vs. just 8% positive.”

When bias reaches this proportion, is it any surprise that people are tuning out, not watching?

The MRC found that media focus was “highly selective. Some two-thirds of the Trump coverage came from five topics: the Russian investigation, immigration, the Brett Kavanaugh nomination, North Korea and U.S.-Russian relations.”

What was missing, and it was purposeful and no oversight, was coverage of the economy, the Trump economy.

It was missing because the economy under Mr. Trump has grown, it has soared. Thus, Democrat presidential candidates avoid it like the plague.

Over the four months MRC watched network TV, “less than 1% of the coverage was on the economy,” said IBD, “or to be more precise, 0.7% of the entire coverage, or 14 minutes.”

One economic fact was covered — Mr. Trump’s use of tariffs to get other countries to renegotiate unfair trade deals. It got 80 minutes of coverage, 88% of which was negative.

Reviewing the economy, IBD said the third quarter saw 4.2% GDP growth, making Mr. Trump’s average 3%; wages rose, real media household incomes are at the highest level ever; September’s overall unemployment rate was 3.7%, lowest in nearly half a century; 1.8 million new jobs in just 21 months; unemployment rates for African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians are at or near all time lows.

Pointing out that the media needs Mr. Trump, that if he did go away “that would be economically devastating,” Mr. Greenfield says this is why House Democrats, knowing they don’t have the votes for impeachment haven’t held a vote to begin proceedings, and why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “is giving the media what it wants, a circus of hearings that the industry can repackage as impeachment to its gullible audience that’s barely able to get through the day without crying jags.

“The media doesn’t care how much damage it does,” he says, “as long as its metrics go up and its jobs and its business model survive.”

IBD says “the Fourth Estate seems eager to relinquish its claim to fairness, balance, evenhandedness and factual truth” and instead “embraces the increasingly far left politics of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, which has recently veered into socialist territory by pushing Medicare for All, open borders, worker control of corporations and a host of other crazy idea that would bring ruin and falling living standards to America.”

Along with contempt, the media faces declining TV viewership and declining newspaper readership, an apathetic, uninterested public. Worse, the public is becoming indifferent. It doesn’t care.

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This Trump campaign piece neglected to mention one cause for the downfall in newspaper readership is that our hero has banned the purchase of the New York Times and the Washington Post by government agencies. Except of course the ones he reads daily, to see what is really going on.

David Collins

Yup, Kenwood. He’s the boss and if he can save the taxpayers a few cents, good for him. You are quite correct about reading only pubs that tell of what is really going on. Try it?


Yes, i am sure the gropenfurher's motive is to save a few cents. Seen the national debt, or record setting fed deficit lately? I pray there are enough moderates who will look at both sides to vote him out in 2020.

I would be gratefull if one of the 5 regular commentators on here would explain why facebook is alreDy taking down russian paid pro trump biden attack ads? Why does russia want so badly for djt to be elected again? That thought above all else should gave american patriots pause.


CNN Ratings Hit NEW LOW Amid Leaks Proving They Push Fake News About Trump [ ] Huffington Post Was Just Put On The Chopping Block, Layoffs Announced At Leftist Media [ ] I'm SICK Of The Media And Political INSANITY And Double Standards, ENOUGH [ ] These are just a few points from a leftie! Points of why the FAKE NEWS IS GOING DOWN! [wink]


Ah, yes the WP that couldn't make up its collective minds about the headline for the late Baghdadi. Making his importance as an "austere Islamic scholar" at one of its several tries. President Trump described him best & most accurate on his first try.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

People still watch TV for news? I thought that was something only old people do?

Trending away from television and print news has more to do with the internet and less to do with political ideology.

Used to be a handful of ways to get news, with the internet it’s an endless supply of news outlets and ability to fact check information.

At the end of the day, simple fact checking the information you get is an important part of equation.


It's a Middle-Class Boom [ ] [cool]

David Collins

Facebook uses contractors to moderate content. No, Zuckerberg does not personally do any of this , so what is deemed offensive, etc. is in the eyes of contract employees . Comforting for sure.

Russia is just doing what they always do and that is to disrupt . It is in their interest for us to have weak , wishey washie, timid leadership . Would guess that we are responding in like kind . Just the way the world works and it is not just Russia . No , I do not lose sleep over this because of how we handled that terrorist thing the other day. The boss took charge , no sharing of info with those sworn to bring him down , no leaks , just action and results . Just the way it should always be done . Part of the cost of freedom .

Now , in these days of bogus information websites , just where would one turn for factual, unbiased reporting that would allow actual fact checking ?


PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THIS. United Nations Silences Utah Journalist [ ] NOT FOR NC!


Part of the human condition. To pass on information. Part of human discourse. To screw it up.


This editorial is full of fiction, as usual.

“…the third quarter saw 4.2% GDP growth…”

Here in the real world the annualized third quarter growth was 1.9%.

There are several more “alternative facts” in this editorial.

My prediction is that none of the trumpies can find any of them.

David Collins

Sure, OO if you factor in the socialists countries of the world , it does drag the numbers down. Who did not see that happening , with equality and all that sort of muck. Fact is that those that perform in a free society will reap their rewards. So, the problem with that is, what? Really can not wait for any reply. Feeble or not.


The socialist countries are responsible for the American GDP growth being 1.9%?

Are you that deep into your conspiracy theories?

Big Fat Drunk Republican

David C just said there is no way to fact check info or asked how?

One thing I can tell you Mr Collins, you could spend hrs fact checking And correcting Sean Hannity, just start there. Since he seems to be the mouthpiece of the Trump “reality”.

David Collins

Did not say there is no way to fact check. Might want to re read my post. Just asking if there are any UN biased sites available? Am quite sure I am not alone here. Hannity is entertainment, pure and simple. Fast talking and loose with the lips turns me off. Both sides do it all the time. Certainly there is a site with just boring information with no spinmeisters. Sadly, I feel that there is merit in the saying “ the truth, you can’t handle the truth “.

David Collins

At the moment it seems , to me anyway , that NPR’s reporting is fairly spin free for a left leaning org . Never thought I would say that but here it is . My daughter, a UNC grad , would be proud of me .

Agree, OO , must have been a brain freeze due to early onset of terminal dementia . Could have been caused by information overload as well . Will try do do better .

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