With Democrats laboriously laboring to impeach President Donald Trump — trying to find any negative news — stocks rose 350 points Friday as unemployment dropped to 3.5% in September, a 50-year low.

Though wages, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, barely grew in September, and the total number of employed Americans grew less than expected, the African-American unemployment rate held steady at 5.5%, and the unemployment rate for African-American women aged 20 and over was 4.6%, up two-tenths of a percentage point from August but still near multi-decade lows, and Hispanic unemployment dropped to 3.9%, a new record.

All of which is good news for America’s economy.

Which contrasts so vividly with what failed 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said last week:

“If the impeachment provision in the Constitution of the United States will not reach the offenses charged here, then perhaps that 18th century Constitution should be abandoned to a 20th century paper shredder.”

She was parroting civil rights attorney and Democrat Texas Rep. Barbara Jordan who was referring to then President Richard Nixon in 1974.

While most agree Ms. Clinton should accept the results of the election that she lost — she was a terrible candidate with no message whatsoever — it’s unfortunate but not surprising that seemingly all Democrats can only entertain ill feelings and negativity toward Mr. Trump, their nemesis.

Which won’t bode well for them in the 2020 election.

But don’t tell them. It will be a surprise.

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HILLARY FOR JAIL! LOCK HER UP! And her crooked husband hanging with the pedo epstien.


"So no one who worked for Obama should ever be investigated?" by Jack Hellner.


I do take Slick Willie to be a foul human being and crooked Hillary is about as likable as Gollum. What I cannot understand is the President keeps asking for them to be investigated and his people will not do it.


May be they want her to run again.


When I lived in Arkansas, everyone I came in contact with hated the Clintons. There are so many dead bodies associated with the Clintons, it is amazing that no homicide investigation has never been done. The Clintons are a morally corrupt pair, and even more anti-American. They should have been hung long ago as traitors.

David Collins

Son, presidents people are doing just that. It is just that hush hush is best for the moment. Wait till the time is right and then go for it. Never seeing it coming is always the best strategy. Of course, limitations statutes do come into play. Don’t they? Stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel.


Trump has slowed the progress of those wanting the demise of America. Most of America ignores what is happening globally, but pay attention to what is going on in China. Read Bill Gertz and his knowledge of China. Thank goodness Trump is not playing nice with them, since Clinton, Bush and Obama gave them all they asked for to further their quest of domination. The powers of corruption need Trump gone to fulfill their vision. The Clintons, Bush and Obama should be tried for treason.


An excellent video source is Gertz's talk at Hillsdale College.


All I Want to Do Is Make Cookies [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFsAkxzTFEs ]


Being an illegal alien would be fewer headaches unless you use the words in NYC.


And if you want milk with those cookies you're really in trouble. Having been a small business owner, the pain of excessive, unnecessary regulations and taxes makes it hard to compete, much less make a profit. Good for those who keep trying to make a go of it despite the setbacks.


Being a trumpie is equal to believing every conspiracy theory there is.

You are the pride of the nation.


Being for smaller gov and less taxes and removal of regulations, additional business, no wars, low unemployment, GREATEST NATION EVER ON THIS PLANET FEELS AWESOME! So, yes, if Trump happens to have outdone every president in history, i'm all in. TRUMP ROCKS! 2020/ 2024.............. [beam]


00 my goodness. If being a "Trumpie" means having pride in your country and wanting to defend it against those who want socialism and communism, count me in. China and Russia are waiting for the rest of you.


The characters in this "watergate" seemed to have reversed their roles to the "original". The #2 guy especially. But who knows maybe this #2 will be the hero in the end but don't count on it. At least the "original" was smart enough not to get fired for "leaking and lying". Also, don't believe he tried to cover by writing a book and becoming a Democrat Media "intelligence" (oxymoron) "analyst" (another oxymoron). Just doesn't fit the "original" somehow. Seems the "original" was once a D but changed to prefer RR types. Conspiracy theories? It seems every time your crowd flips the mirror it gets flipped right back.


BTW, if your definition of D pride is Schiff, then be very proud.


All lefties drooling for impeachment might like this article: "The Bluffpeachment" by Gary Gindler.

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