Liberal Democrat socialists who favor open borders and oppose a wall on America’s Southern border with Mexico should know what happened in the Sinaloa state of Mexico last week.

On Thursday, Oct. 17, in Culiacan, the capital of Sinaloa, Mexican soldiers captured two sons of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, who is serving a life sentence in America for drug trafficking.

His elder son, Ivan, was quickly freed by his men, said John Daniel Davidson at The Federalist.

Then, to free his younger brother, Ivan and his fellow cartel gunmen attacked the Mexican military. It was an all-out siege, said Mr. Davidson, of the entire city lasting eight hours.

Ivan won. He freed his younger brother, Ovidio.

Using military grade weapons and custom built armored vehicles, the cartel gunmen captured eight soldiers — and their families. Residents fled for cover. At least eight people were killed.

Vehicles, trucks and cars, were set on fire, blocking streets and intersections, cutting off government forces. Amid the fighting, an unknown number of inmates were also freed.

Outgunned and surrounded, and unable to retreat — and on orders from socialist Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador — the soldiers released Ovidio and surrendered.

“Many people were at risk and it was decided to protect people’s lives,” said Mr. Obrador. “I agreed with that because we don’t do massacres. That’s over.”

Well, not really. Earlier last week, said Mr. Davidson, more than a dozen police officers were massacred in a cartel ambush in western Mexico, and the next day the Mexican Army killed 14 gang members. Murders in Mexico are predicted to surpass last year’s record of more than 29,000.

The cartels have now branched out to stealing oil and controlling the sale of gas to industrial agriculture and offshore commercial fishing.

And aided with operatives inside America, they are continuing, if not increasing, their ability to smuggle more and more drugs of every type into America.

“There is no doubt who in control of Sinaloa, let alone the rest of the country,” said Mr. Davidson. “Cartel forces seized a major regional capital city in broad daylight and defeated the national armed forces in open battle.”

Saying civil society in Mexico is collapsing, he said Mexico is “on a trajectory to become a vast gangland governed more by warlordism than by the state.”

Stating Mr. Obrador hasn’t said a bad word about El Chapo or the Sinaloa Cartel, that he won’t push back against the cartels, Mr. Davidson said, “The idea that a nation of 120 million people with whom the United States shares a 2,000-mile border and ever increasing economic tries might spiral into collapse has not seriously occurred to the American people. We’ve had a century of relative peace on our southwest border, and aside form dealing with an occasional surge of illegal immigration, we have assumed that it will continue. It will not.

“Culiacan should be wake up call that the war now underway in Mexico will not stay there,” he said.

America has a crisis on her border with Mexico, which will only grow worse. President Trump knows it. By the time Democrat socialists realize it, it will be too late.

 Wanting to abolish ICE, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement that enforces immigration laws, Democrat socialists accuse Mr. Trump of “manufacturing” a crisis, which he most assuredly has not done.

America has a national emergency, which without real border security to halt or greatly obstruct illegal immigration and the flow of drugs, will only grow and metastasize, totally overwhelming us.

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Based on this piece it clearly seems that we Americans are in immanent danger of being invaded by Mexico and its murdering cartels. Why are we waiting for that to happen? Why haven't you "Republican Facists" called for a preemptive military strike to take over that cartel infested swamp? Could it be that this piece is nothing more than the usual BS coming from the Trump reelection campaign to be passed on to his unknowing, unthinking base? Could it be that this page is nothing but a lap dog for our egomaniacal, lieng, president?


The editorial opens with"Liberal Democrat socialists who favor open borders and oppose a wall on America’s Southern border with Mexico.." Typical fear mongering. No one wants open borders.. the dems have approved money numerous times. What(thinking) people don't want is a foolish wall as a monument to President Trump's ego. In the age of drones, thermal sensors and all manner of gadgets & quick response teams what sense does a 15th century castle wall make? Other then to fulfill a campaign promise to "the base".

When they build a new prison in NC to keep the bad folks in, do they make a 30 foot wall or do they use fences/ razor wire and sensors?

Congress has the power of the purse as set up by the founding fathers. The money for this foolish,wasteful wall was designated by congress for other military projects, that are delayed or cancelled. Suggesting that without the wall the US of A will be overrun with cartel combat vehicles is the worst kind of yellow journalism. Shame on you.

David Collins

This incident in Mexico has been well reported nationally as well as internationally. It is real! Drugs are flowing across our borders because the cartels have had ample time to set up a very effective network for supply and distribution. Tons of cash will tend to convince folks to turn a blind eye or two. Even those in trusted positions. If one cares to check, corruption is increasing among those that are sworn to protect.

As far as a wall goes, a wall is a fence and a fence is a wall. Same difference, same purpose. Walls and fences can be breached and gee whizz electronic gizmos can be defeated. Personally, I like the alligators and piranhas in the mote idea myself. Might not want to admit it but we really do have a war going on at our borders, wherever they might be.


Thats almost as many death's as Chicago had yesterday! (there's where your democratic policy is really paying off! ) I did not even have to read about it, its a given daily there.


C'mon news times. This is getting old. Why not do some investigative journalism on issues in our own community? You know something that would take some actual journalism work. Everyday..librul socialists! Open borders! Hillary Hillary! Do you just copy and paste from Infowars?


"In the age of leftism" by Valerie Sobel.


"2020: "The Left Goes to War" by William L. Gensert.


Do prisons have any armed guards or do they just build "escapable" fences, use sensors, drones, etc. then expect there to be no prison breaks. What a joke! Of course we could put armed military sharpshooters permanently on the border. Wouldn't be very humane or make us the world's best would it? Seems a nice fairly "impenetrable" fence might make us better neighbors while contributing greatly to national security. And course, it would also help if our neighbors would work with us to prevent the lawlessness thrush upon us from their direction. Moreover, it would help immensely if our own citizenry, representatives, officials, etc. used common sense in helping to prevent the lawlessness rather than contributing to it or advocating for it.

David Collins

Old is new Benillie. Sadly ,your knowledge of history is sorely lacking. Not your fault entirely, the school system wants you to be born this way.


Homicides in Chicago: A list of every victim [ ] We still have 2.5 months to go!


One has to be without a brain to claim that a giant wall at the border will stop drugs from flowing into the country. Drugs come through legal ports of entry. It comes by cars, trucks, trailers, sea vessels of many shapes and sizes, by air, and by mail. Only a tiny percentage comes between legal ports of entry and stopping it would not make even the tiniest dent in the flow of drugs.

Core Sounder

think our gov agencies try and stop enough drugs just to convince our citizens that they are doing a good job. Illegal drugs are much like tobacco products in that the gov does everything it can to stop folks from smoking but would be very un happy if folks actually did give it up. Simply too much money exchanging hands beween taxes being collected and is a gold mine for law enforcement since they can keep any thing they seize except for the drugs.


Does one with so much brains know whether Brian Terry might be alive today had a border wall versus a barbwire fence been in place in the area he was murdered? And, he's just one. How much of the $ for building an impenetrable was his life worth? Mexican authorities are outnumbered and out gunned by the cartels. Think that's going to change? If importation of drugs, humans and violence can't be drastically reduced at so-called "guarded" ports of entry what will reduce it along the vast areas of "unguarded" border which includes penetrable fences/walls? With close to at least a half million directly & about 3.5 million indirectly employed by cartels and/or benefiting from the "trade" with the likelihood that it is much higher & will only drastically increase going forward it's probably in the best interest of our country to separate & reinforce our border with Mexico with something stronger than air, dirt, penetrable fences/walls, etc. Too much is at stake. Human trafficking and violent criminals infiltrating our southern border is probably as big or worse problem than drugs alone.


Do you think Sam S.M. Girod, age 11, would be alive if we had more gun control? What about Parrish Auzenne, age 11, Elanor Auzenne, age 9, and Lincoln Auzenne, age 7. Do you think any of them would be alive if we had reasonable gun control? Do you think Weston Keith Lagrow, age 6, would be alive if we had more control on who are having guns in this country?

David Collins

OK , OO, A wall or fence will slow things down. If you have a better idea , please voice it . If not , be silent .


There is exactly zero evidence that a wall will slow things down and the reason is obvious: Hardly any drugs are backpacked into the country!!!

Drugs are coming in through the legal ports of entry. If you want to stop more of the drugs that are coming in through the Mexican border then you should be investing in technology (and sniffer dogs) to detect drugs in cars, trucks and trailers. And similar technology may be used to detect drugs in containers coming by the sea. Then you need surveillance to track private planes, yachts and dinghies that enter the country and they shall report to the authorities at certain ports when entering the country. And finally everything coming in by USPS and DHL/UPS should come through designated points of entry and be thoroughly checked by scanners and sniffer dogs.

A border wall would achieve absolutely nothing but I have no doubt that trumpies and their god will continue chasing wind mills.


Fences make GREAT NEIGHBORS! [beam] BUILD THAT WALL MR TRUMP! MAGA! TRUMP FOR 2020/ AND 2024! Think we the people will keep him around for a bit longer........... ps. i'll bet those Bernie lover's are really feelin the burn, AGAIN. hahahahahahahahahahahahahah[smile]


THE PARTY OF LYNCHING: Dems now pretend as if they weren't responsible [ ]


This was a liberal program....... [ ] Wow, those darned Democrats! Found a way around actually helping anyone.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Right from the leftist post!

David Collins

News flash folks ! Mexico in a inherently weak corrupt country. Just like most of Europe. It is horaay for me and scr$w you . Most of South America and Africa is of a like kind . China is beyond the top in all this . Anybody that wishes to go the way of all this will be certainly left behind. Only the powerful top , very top , leaders will profit. All others will su#k the left over bones . Is that where you want to be ? Just look around you, the evidence is overwhelming . The USA , with all it’s faults , is the real deal . Wake up !!!


There are rankings on corruption in countries. Transparency’s top 20 with least corruption 2018:

Denmark, New Zealand, Finland, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands, Canada, Luxembourg, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Hong Kong, Iceland, Belgium, Estonia, Ireland, Japan.

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