After causing widespread death and damage as a Category 5 hurricane packing wind gusts of 185 mph over the Abacos and Grand Bahama Island — where the death toll of more than 30 is rising — Hurricane Dorian simply grazed the East Coast.

Thankfully, not exceeding or matching the ferocity of previous hurricanes that struck the U.S. East Coast, the National Hurricane Center said Dorian came ashore at Cape Hatteras at 8:35 a.m. Friday as a Category 1 hurricane.

Before coming ashore, Dorian was a major Category 3 hurricane, and was downgraded to a Category 2 as it came up the seaboard.

Like past hurricanes and tornadoes were hallmarks of Dorian, particularly in Emerald Isle at Boardwalk RV Park and the Holiday Trav-I Park where a waterspout did considerable damage Thursday morning.

Storm surge from Dorian also inundated Ocracoke, trapping those on the island.

But aside from brief power outages, overall damage in Carteret County was minor.

Six deaths — men who died in falls or by electrocution while trimming trees, putting up storm shutters or otherwise getting ready for the hurricane — were also attributed to Dorian, two in North Carolina, three in Florida and one in Puerto Rico.

Understanding from experience that hurricanes must be taken seriously, Carteret County residents prepared. Gratefully, Dorian passed and left us, for the most part, unscathed.   

The hardiness, the toughness and the strength of Carteret Countians was evident from everything we observed. Again, thankfully, Dorian was not the catastrophe that was forecast. And for that we are all blessed.

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Core Sounder

Thank the Lord that we were not subject to a cat 5 hurricane but am still pretty darn tired of this constant hammering from these storms which seem to be especially attracted to the North Carolina coast.


There are a few piles of limbs along the roads, but nothing like five foot mounds of household goods and demolition debris we had from last year. I didn't even use half a tank of gas in my generator. I reckon the lord knew we needed a break with a reminder.


[innocent] Hurricane Dorian’s rampage through the Bahamas last week killed at least 50 people, your lord did this also.


Every disaster does not choose between the guilty and the innocent. Not sure according to His word that every disaster is His doing. "Act of God" as pertaining to insurance might determine whether or not you are covered. If you are not covered and can't sue anybody else then you can try suing God. Good luck. Sometimes disasters seem to bring out the best in humans no matter who or what you blame it on. Other times it makes one wonder for example what happened to the supposedly billions raised by Bush & Clinton for Haiti, 9/11, and probably biggest and most unforgiveable is forgetting Vietnam Vets.

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