When acting Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Ken Cuccinelli enumerated guidelines Monday whereby a potential migrant might be deemed a public burden and deemed not admissible to the United States, he ignited a hollow argument from some on the political left.

Under the policy — the precedent is the Immigration Act of 1882 that excluded anyone “unable to take care of him or herself without becoming a public charge” — U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officers would examine whether potential immigrants might become liabilities if admitted — ending up on the public dole.

If so, they could be denied permanent legal status.

“This is just taking the principle that immigrants should be able to pay their own bills and translating it into the modern conditions of the welfare state,” said Mr. Cuccineli.

“This does raise a basic difference in perspective about immigration policy. Is the purpose of immigration policy to benefit Americans who are here already, or is it to benefit the immigrants who are coming here? I would submit that a democratic government is obliged to make policy based on what’s going to benefit the people already here,” he said.

America has thrived because immigrants coming to America wanted to be Americanized. But in today’s multi-culturalism, many of today’s immigrants feign desire to come and instead revere their homeland and refuse to be assimilated.

They are a drain on those already here and America’s economy. Counterproductive and wrong, those judged to become millstones should be denied permanent legal status.

With historical precedent as a guide, and because the standards would not impact immigrants seeking humanitarian refuge, they should be implemented.

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David Collins

Absolutely! This humanitarian farce should be included as well. This is our country and should remain our country, so throw the bums and layabouts out. American and it Citizens First. Build the wall and then hunt the illegals down with prompt expulsion. That means every man, woman and child. No if ands or buts.They can exit the same way they arrived, On Foot.


The "Golden State" is just the beginning. Standby for heavy rolls the ship is coming about. What it looks like when it comes about will be much different from the somewhat calmer seas it was used to sailing in and it can't endure but just so much battering.

Core Sounder

Many civilized Countries require that folks moving in have a certain amount of money or income.


Trumps keeps going after low-hanging fruit like women and children; families. Where are all the murderers and rapists? The thieves and smugglers?

It is because he lied, he made it all up about most of them are very bad people.

David Collins

So now Mr. Trump is not having the right illegals arrested and deported. Not enough thieves, rapists and all round bad guys for ya?....FYI, every illegal arrested is already a criminal. They are also all thieves. Stealing their way into my country. The hard core professional ones know how to hide and along with other well established criminals, have created pipelines throughout the country to evade detection. In other words hard to catch, thanks to years of inaction by the patriotic members of Congress. So, grasshopper, once again, putting the blame on the wrong person is what you do best.

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All those murdered like Kate Steinle are no better than the repeat criminal that took her from us right? And, the SanFran idiots that freed him are just humanitarians right? It's too bad these uncaring fools can't sub themselves and their kind for the innocent they have no compassion for. We have more than enough serious crime already without importing more and more so brainless air heads can claim to be something they are not.


They are nothing more then international interloper's! Illegals, period. Go try and leach off their government, and see how well you get treated, much less how long you can run. You will see them sharing their 'humanity' with you. (and its not the kind you think of either,lol).

Always A Teacher

I guess everyone commenting here is a Native American, whose families were here before any of the explorers. After all, aren't most Americans really immigrants? My grandparents came to the United States in 1918 from Europe. They were immigrants. They were law-abiding people who farmed and worked in the mills. Do any of you share history like this? I think so. You can not put a label on all people. Not all one group is bad...thieves, rapists, etc. We have enough of those in our country whose families have been here for a hundred years and more and are considered Americans. We have enough of those that are milking the government too. Judging people as a group is wrong. Yes, I was born in this country but I do have roots someplace else and I imagine you all do too. Just think about it, if it isn't too hard for you to do.

David Collins

Ok, I have thought about it. My gene pool goes way back to when the King “encouraged” folks to relocate to the new world to labor and build for the glory and enrichment of jolly old England. More about the enrichment than glory but such were the ways back then. They did run into the “native” Americans and in fact there was “social interaction” amongst the relatives. Not claiming an Elizabeth Warren moment here but English women were rather scarce back then so nature did take it’s course. Imagine that, back in the day. These settlers were Legally imported in accordance with the laws of the day. Today we live in a country founded by immigrants and governed by rule of law and borders. What we have now, is an out and out invasion, in defiance of our laws. Why is this so difficult to understand? They sneak into our country, which makes them criminals, and totally overwhelm our border points of entry at great cost to our nation. Just how can this be a good thing? Sure, there are nice folks in the mix but by their actions they are nice criminals. Theories abound about just why congress has failed to take action but the fact is our republic is being eroded from within. Yes, this will eventually affect everyone negatively in some fashion. Sorry, your argument has been voiced before and like so many liberalist excuses fallen quite short when it comes to reality. We are either a nation of laws or not. That is the issue here. Hopefully those charged with out security will wake up and deport every man, woman and child with great vigor. That means with haste. Just deposit them over the border and let them leave the way they arrived. Word will get out and the invasion will cease.


Its a shame i have to tell a 'teacher' this, but, there was no social net in 1918, so, are you willing to go to a foreign country , penniless , with simply the clothes on your back, as did your 'family' so long ago, and throw yourself into the can do attitude? I doubt it, because you seem to be blinded with the infinite wisdom that the US was formed to solve the world's problem's, when , in fact the founder's left those at a much higher price, often death, just to step ashore here. (and that was closing on 300 years ago?) Good luck if you try, but, as i mentioned, earlier, simply go to Mexico, by land , on foot, and have a try at their humanity, and free things there! It will be a hoot, maybe you can write home!


Were all so-called "native" Americans immigrants at some point? Why have any borders any where in the world? Why not let all people come and go as they please? That should settle it right?


Thank goodness that, with Global Warming, you lot will be the first washed out to sea.

David Collins

One has to remember that the word teacher just describes what one does, not any mention of having any qualifications/knowledge/demonstrated expertise of what they chose to teach. A whole bunch of that going round these days. They are real adept at teaching their opinions and not so much when it comes to actual facts. Just the way they themselves were taught.

David Collins

Useful idiots?

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