As Democrats who put their names forward in a bid to secure their party’s presidential nomination vie for attention in Miami — televised Wednesday night and last night for those who think what they say is important — each candidate will talk about the deaths of El Salvadoran Alberto Martinez, 25, and his 2-year-old daughter, Angie, who were photographed this week face down on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande.

Because each would-be presidential candidate is blaming President Trump for this tragedy.

Which, like most all complaints from Democrats, is totally hypocritical!

Mr. Trump is not responsible for these deaths.

Congress, most particularly the Democrat controlled House under the leadership of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is responsible.

The House and Ms. Pelosi are also responsible for the squalid living conditions — some call them “concentration camps” — in which the illegal aliens and their children, all trying to gain entry into the U.S., are being housed.

In January, February, March, April and part of May, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said a crisis on America’s Southern border with Mexico “does not exist.” Calling it a “manufactured crisis,” Mrs. Pelosi said the “crisis” was “fake.” Now, admitting there is a crisis, they attach too many conditions to make solving it workable.

On Wednesday, the Republican controlled Senate passed legislation providing $4.6 billion in humanitarian aid for the border. But caught in a vise between liberal, radical socialist Democrats in her party, Mrs. Pelosi’s House Rules Committee approved legislation, which eliminated funding in the Senate bill to use the military to help to secure the border and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that socialist Democrats want to abolish. So the legislation was dead on arrival in the Senate. And the crisis continues.

“If House Democrats send the Senate some partisan effort to disrupt our bipartisan progress, we will simply move to table it,” said Senate Majority Mitch McConnell, D-Ky., adding, “The United States Senate is not going to pass a border funding bill that cuts the money for ICE and the Department of Defense.”

Today Congress adjourns for the week for the observance of July 4th.

A record number of more than 332,000 illegal aliens traveling as families crossed the border illegally since the beginning of the government’s fiscal year, says The Wall Street Journal. This has overwhelmed border facilities, “most of which were built more than a decade ago and were designed to house mostly single adult men for just a few hours. An internal government watchdog said in a report last month that facilities in El Paso, Texas, were dangerously over crowded, with as many as 900 people held at one point in a space designed for about 125,” said the Journal, adding,

“… The Border Patrol has denied the most serious allegations but has said its facilities were never intended to house children.”

During the Obama-Biden administration, Breitbart News reported on migrant deaths 20 times — when 535 migrants died in one Texas county alone — Brooks County, about 80 miles north of the Texas-Mexico border and home to the Falfurrias Border Patrol checkpoint on U.S. Highway 281. Neither President Obama, nor Vice President Joe Biden or the Democrat-controlled media — cared. They never said a word.

Now, however, because Mr. Trump, a Republican, occupies the Oval Office, suddenly Democrats and the media appear to care that people are actually dying on America’s Southern border.

But they won’t provide funds to help solve the problem.

Saying Mr. Trump can’t be trusted, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., said, “I will not fund another dime.”

But what she is really saying — as are so many other socialist Democrats — is they don’t want to provide funds to enforce immigrations laws because they want open borders. They want open borders because they firmly believe that as the party of dependency placing illegal aliens on the government dole will create a society and a culture dependent on government forever, ensuring and building their voter base and their socialist idealism. Their attitude, which is doing irreparable damage to America, is quite simply that if Americans won’t vote for Democrats, they’ll import people who will.

And migrants trying to gain entry into the U.S. and exploited by cartels will continue to live in sordid conditions. And die.

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David Collins

Mr. Martinez brought on his own demise and that of his daughter, by making a conscious decision to break our laws by attempting to sneak into our country. Decisions have consequences. Unfortunate consequences but certainly avoidable. End of story. Build the wall !!


Yup, he is an international interloper! This may be why? Feminist Books For Brainwashing Kids Careful parents of normal behavior. (the liberal lunatics are out to get your kids).


Taking up a whole lot of ink printing something that few of us care about.

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