"Often the vulnerability of a politician is reflected by the desperate caliber of their spin. When a campaign can’t even put together a convincing case with cherry picked evidence, it’s easy to conclude that their argument doesn’t pass the smell test.

"Elizabeth Warren, trying to deflect widespread worries that she’s be the Democrat Party’s riskiest best to take on President Trump, is the latest example of a candidate without a plan to address her biggest problem.

"In a New York Times story on the subject, Warren’s campaign offered two arguments as to why she’d be a formidable challenger against Trump. Her team has pointed to her hotly contested victory against Sen. Scott Brown in 2012, which quieted skeptics who were wary of her candidacy at the time. …

"If a candidate’s strongest case for electability is that she won a Senate seat in the most Democratic state in the country — in a banner year for the Democrat Party — then she’s got an electability problem.

"The fact that Warren is still hanging onto her victory over Brown is revealing. It would be the equivalent of Republicans reveling over defeating Sen. Doug Jones of Alabama in next year’s election — a result that many GOP officials expect, given the conservative nature of the state."

From “Why Elizabeth Warren is Trump’s Weakest Opponent” by Josh Kraushaar, National Journal, Aug. 18, and published in The Wall Street Journal Aug. 19.

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David Collins

Elizabeth Warren’s entire focus has been on giving away free stuff and how she plans to confiscate, another word for steal, the wealth, through targeted taxation, to pay for it all. Not sure targeted taxation is even legal but who knows anything anymore? This quest has been picked up and parroted by other candidates as well. ABSOLUTLY no mention of how they would stand on the hundreds of other presidential duties and the media pundits have avoided going down that road as well. Total focus on getting rid of Trump by hook or by crook and the rules be darned. All while our global enemies are getting organized and stronger. This should scare the be-jesus out of the electorate. Will it work, only time will tell but if these televised proceedings are any indicator, they will fail. Our country will be the poorer for it. Not because of failure but for the neglect of sworn duties that this farce has brought upon us all. Have said this before. The Dems just do not take their jobs seriously and it shows.


It's much more than not taking their jobs serious. We've been treated it for over 10 years. They will hopefully be treated to some consequences shortly.


Political ineptness flows on both sides. This is business as usual, no biggie.

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