This summer has been hot. But it’s summer so we should expect heat, even high temperatures, which we saw in July. We should thank the stars for the invention of air conditioning.

Exacerbated by a drought, this will change as a tropical depression is forecast to form south of the Leeward Islands and head north.

Elsewhere in the world, Norway’s most advanced polar research vessel, the Kronprins Haakon, ended its summer expedition to the Arctic early after thick ice prevented the ship from reaching the North Pole, wrote Kevin McGwin in an article on “For Norway’s newest ice breaker, it’s (almost) to the pole and back.”

At Canada Free Press, Jack Dini, author of Challenging Environmental Mythology, quoted the ship’s captain saying thick one-year ice combined with large patches of multi-year ice merged to form powerful helmets which were impenetrable.

Capt. Johnny Peder Hansen said that this year Arctic sea ice in the area of interest on July14 was unexpectedly thicker than it was last year at the same time, and a heck of a lot more than what some climate models and Al Gore projected a bit more than 10 years ago.

“The ice is still three meters (10 feet) thick, in mid-July,” he said citing July 16, 2019. “Even the researchers’ long special purpose chainsaws proved hopeless, while the 20,000 horsepower Kronprins Haakon, at a cost of U.S. $175 million, failed miserably at attempts to push through.” He also reported:

• The University of Rhode Island’s Inner Space Center (ISC) planned to conduct an innovative Northwest Passage Project research expedition with a team of natural scientists, students and a professional film crew from Aug. 23 to Sept. 13, 2018. On the morning of Aug. 24, their ship became grounded in the western Gulf of Boothia in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. The ship was eventually refloated and all passengers were safely returned and cared for.  Ed Struzik, a Canadian author and photographer called this a harrowing account, “The grounding of the research vessel was a reminder of the hazards of increased ship traffic in an ice-free arctic.”

 • On Aug. 29, 2018, an 11-meter sailboat, attempting the Northwest Passage, was crushed and sunk by Arctic Ice in the Bellot Strait.

• In June 2017, a science team on Canadian research icebreaker CCGS Amundsen involving 40 scientists from five universities and $17 million in taxpayer funding to study climate change canceled the first leg of the 2017 expedition because of the severe ice conditions and the increasing demand for search and rescue operations and ice escort. 

Noting that the incentive to cross Arctic passages in the summer is huge and that doing so would mean at least a week of fame with the media blaring out your name along with grossly hyped headlines of an Arctic ice meltdown due to global warming, Mr. Dini said, “Yet the increasing chaotic nature of the climate system in the Arctic is making it difficult to predict how sea ice is going to behave. The changing ice conditions are also making it difficult to rely on climatological technology to predict day to day and seasonal environmental variability in the region.”

Perhaps before starting these ill-advised trips, said in a post titled “Arctic sea ice surprise global warming experts by remaining stable this decade” June 28, 2019, “folks should check with the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI). This organization reported that since 2010, i.e. nine years ago, the sea ice areas of the Arctic have been growing in trend. Reports about disappearing sea ice in the Arctic are fake news.”

It added that DMI also reported that for 15 years, the sea ice areas of the Arctic have been stable at around 13 million km2. Once again, reports about disappearing sea ice in the Arctic are fake news.”

For those worrywarts who have been predicting doom and gloom, aka global warming, the news that Arctic ice is advancing and not retreating is obviously good news on top of more good news.

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David Collins

My, my . An inconvenient truthful ice report . How about it Al Gore !


Yup, someone was fibbing for profit! [wink]

Core Sounder

Imagine that many of the environmentalist nuts will not like to read this since they just knew that grant monies would be flowing their way to study ways to control earth's climate especially ways to get rid of petroleum use in this Country. Then again if we do not find ways to give these people jobs I suppose they will have to go and learn some type of trade and actually do something productive for a change.


Kronprins Haakon got an oil leak in one of the propulsion units. It had nothing to do with excessive amounts of ice. It is easy to find factual information about it on the internet. Both NASA and NOAA are reporting reduction of sea ice in the Arctic regions. Greenland is experiencing record high temperatures these days, while you have your heads firmly stuck into the sand.

David Collins

Just how does she know that Greenland has record highs ? Might be the highest recorded but what about before the alphabet agencies. The same agencies caught cooking the numbers a short while back . Facts that are omitted to make a statement appear true, makes the statement false . Now, about that oil leak . Cause ???


So there is anecdotal evidence that some arctic sea ice is thick in places. Just look at the satellite photos.

David Collins

My , my . Did just what the great prognosticator suggested and did a bit of rooting around . Unexpected 10 foot ice caps doomed this mission . The Russians are reporting the same along with the Swedes and the Danish folks. Wonder why only they can see this stuff and our resident expert gets it wrong all the time ? There may well be a leaky propulsion unit but not in the frozen north . Oil in the sand for sure .

David Collins

Just one more thing . If you live in Greenland , don’t know anyone that does but apparently someone is putting out reports from somewhere , but if you did the sand covering your head would feel mighty good with all that scorching heat . Wouldn’t it ?

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