Transfixed on impeachment to annul what American voters did in 2016 when they elected Donald Trump president, Democrats definitely don’t want any focus, or even mention, of America’s soaring economy.

Because they would have to credit Mr. Trump.

“Job growth bolsters confidence,” blared the front-page headline in the weekend Wall Street Journal. It explained that “Stocks, bond yields climb after reports show robust hiring, drop in unemployment.”

The story continued: “Employers added 266,000 jobs last month — the fastest pace since 312,000 in January — and the jobless rate dropped to 3.5%, matching September as the lowest level since 1969, the Labor Department said Friday. Wages also advanced, up 3.1% from a year earlier.”

The jobless rate of 3.5% is a 50-year low. Couple that with benefits accruing for the less skilled or formerly jobless, and we have a win-win.

Job growth has averaged 180,000 a month so far this year, said the Journal, “which is down from 223,000 in all of 2018 but is still remarkably healthy for 10 years into an economic expansion.”

The president of Manpower Group’s North America division is quoted saying, “This is a ‘who would have thought moment?’ No one would have ever guessed we could be sitting at 3.5% unemployment with 110 months of job gains.”

All of which is good news — great news — for America’s economy.

It also proves and illustrates what Mr. Trump said: “Promises made; promises kept.”

The 2020 presidential election can’t come soon enough.

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David Collins

The saying that a rising tide lifts all boats is not entirely true. The boats that were lifted were lift worthy. Now , when are we going to tackle deficit spending and repealing Obama Care? That is where the future rubber will hit the road.

Personally, once you creat and deliver something like the ACA, no one that values their political lives will approach that hot potato. This is something well known by the authors and part of the plan. Socialism inch by inch but still socialism.


Impeachment has nothing to do with the economy or the 2016 election. It is all about not allowing the president to break the laws of our constitution.


Name the CRIMES to which you are referring. Please be as specific as you can.

David Collins

Ahhha gw . Please do tell, which “Laws” have been broken. Not opinions but actual laws. Might want to include a precedent or two due to the convoluted actions of our prior administration . Laws can have a backward effect, don’t you know. 20 years or so. You don’t want to go there,I don’t as well. Nothing to be gained, or lost. Is there? A through cleansing would be good for all that care but to what end?


GW- No laws proven broken by the president and I doubt there will ever be,


Wasn't this piece about good economic needs? Left wants none of that right? Weren't so-called witnesses asked about laws broken? Silence. Then, 3 off the rails biased law school legal minds that no one has ever heard of think a play on words about a kid's name makes them Hollywood stars.with their drooling D committee clowns.


"Trump's economy can't be hidden" by Peter Skurkiss.


"I like Trump's Fridays better than Obama's Fridays" by Silvio Canto, Jr.


"The Red Tide Rising" by John Eidson tells us where the D Party stands on our future economic and all other freedoms we've held dear as a country like no other. Scary to think about where the Left/D Party hopes to take us.


"Obama gave Commoncore Contract to publisher, got $65 million book deal in return?" By Monica Shiwalter.


Why are the trumpies satisfied with the numbers this administration is putting up?

First 34 months of this administration averages 34,000 jobs less per month than the last 34 months of the previous administration. It is weird to be bragging when doing worse than the previous administration, or any of the democrat administrations.

And in addition, praising the performance on Wall Street when they are doing worse than during the previous administration. Is doing worse a good thing?

David Collins

Any jobs report should always be taken with a grain of salt. In some cases two grains. Folks are constantly coming into and leaving the job market for numerous reasons. The numbers only reflect what has been reported by various agencies. It in no way reflects on those that work in the various non-reported underground, cash only jobs. There are a gracious plenty of those folks engaged in those jobs throughout the state and country. Source; personal experience.

The market has never been higher so gradual increases, while mathematically are %wise less, are still increases. All numbers can be jiggered about to suit an agenda. We have seen this posted before. The rainy day source is no different, just a different day.

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