The political left and all the Washington elites huffed and puffed — and with the release of the Robert Mueller report for which they’ve been waiting with such glee, with such eager anticipation — the wind in their sails collapsed.

Will they admit they were wrong? Will they apologize? Absolutely not! They will preserve.  

The 488-page Mueller report released Thursday by Attorney General William Barr found that President Trump has been telling the truth. Neither he nor his campaign colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 presidential election.

“… the investigation did not establish that the Trump Campaign coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities,” said the report.

And laboring over what has turned out to be a totally embarrassing narrative — that Mr. Trump and his campaign colluded with the Russians — Mr. Mueller and his associates also concluded, because they didn’t have authority, there was no “prosecutorial judgment” about obstruction.

However — to the delight of all the conspiracy theorists on the political left, which includes those in America’s ruling class that also encompasses the ever compliant media and those in government, particularly those in the “deep state” — Mr. Mueller’s report took a cheap shot stating that “while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

Which means — squat — nothing! But they will try.

Mr. Mueller and his cadre of Hillary Clinton loyalists who spent more than $27 million in this two-year wild goose chase investigated Mr. Trump for a crime he didn’t believe he committed and, says The Wall Street Journal, “which even Mr. Mueller now concedes he didn’t commit.”

So Mr. Trump has been exonerated.

The media, notably The New York Times, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, CNN, MSNBC and the alphabet networks, are not admitting their mea culpas. In fact, they are clamping down, now brazenly pushing the impeachment narrative. They are furious, absolutely furious, that Mr. Trump won the election. And, never admitting they were wrong, they are not going to let it rest.

They won’t ever admit that their zealous, hate filled anxiety was never about the truth, that it was solely about bringing Mr. Trump down. And if they didn’t succeed, if they haven’t succeeded, well, try, try again.

Playing hypocrisy for all it’s worth, they refuse to allow Mr. Trump permission to halt the alien invasion of America. But today’s America has a much improved economy and full employment. Which they’ll have a hard time defending in 2020.

Never mind. They mean to prosecute Mr. Trump, by, if by nothing else, impeachment.

Which won’t work. But it will keep them occupied.

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Dirty democrats , wasting all this money for nothing, and AMERICA will remember this in 2020!

All we have heard is RUSSIA, and all the ties lead to fusion gps, funded by hillary.

Time to use the same force against the real CRIMINAL.

Hillary for jail!

Trump for 2020.

MAGA! [wink]


It's disgraceful that this page continues to relentlessly attack the newspapers and other media outlets that have demonstrated year after year, after year, that it's they that bring us the truth of what's going on in government. Certainly the last group to bring us the truth is the partisan, self serving politicians sworn to represent our interest. Politicians who dismiss their oath of office in favor of, not their country and its people, but of their party.
It is my opinion and that of many others, that the relentless attacks on the media is the ultimate act of stupidity and borders on treason. The way this page deliberately twists and distorts known truths is criminal. For a thinking, knowing writer to do so, is in fact un-American. Because down deep you know the truth.
You may not like the truth but you do not have the right to deny and distort it so as to agree with your self-serving narrowminded prejudices.

Livin in Paradise

I will agree to the fact that Mueller could not prove criminal intent to conspire with Russian operatives. Intent is very hard to prove especially when you cannot interview the main person involved and others lied or destroyed information.

However, the Mueller report did NOT exonerate Mr. Trump from obstruction of justice. That was made abundantly clear in the report. I'm not going to argue with people who cannot read and comprehend the words in the report. If you think anyone quoted in the report lied, you're not worth arguing with. That includes McGann and Huckabee-Sanders.

For those on the right, what would be your position if you substituted Clinton's name for Trump ?? You would be screaming at the top of your lungs. Stop being hypocritical and worry more about our great country than which party is in power.


William Barr was hired by trump to lie to the American public and he has done just that. The Mueller report proves that trump is guilty, even with all of the redactions. This editor, Faux "News" and the rest of the republican spinners are so out of touch with reality that it is laughable.

David Collins

Not so fast. It is not over, not by a long shot.


"Things the Media Ignored in the Mueller Report" by Clarice Feldman. "Intel" failures on many levels including the D media complex. At least one not in the D complex got it right.

Anyone notice the guy who appointed and supervised the "special counsel" seems to back and agree with everything Barr has said and done insofar as one can hear and see.


"Treason on the Media".......... ????????????

That is laughable , you think this is China??????????

Here, please while your collective heads are exploding because you think there is a way to pardon an innocent bystander, and your world just fell apart, have a laugh on me......

ps....... David, i hope you are right, their cabal needs to be brought back to heel.

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