The FBI was guilty of 51 violations and 9 false statements says John Solomon, an investigative journalist who has written for the Associated Press, The Washington Post, the Hill and “60 Minutes,” when it obtained a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant authorizing surveillance of former Trump presidential campaign aide Carter Page starting in October 2016.

Targeting the Trump presidential campaign, the indictment is contained in an attachment — labeled Appendix 1 — to the report filed by the U.S. Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz released this week.

Which raises the inevitable question: can the FBI be trusted?

Because under former Director James Comey, who along with former CIA director John Brennan and others devoted to former President Obama, used the FBI as an instrument squarely against President Trump. Because they wanted Hillary Clinton to be president.

The attachment identifies 51 procedural violations used by the FBI of the so-called Woods Procedures, the process by the FBI verifies information and assures the FISA Court its evidence is true to ensure facts to obtain a FISA warrant are truthful.

“A whopping nine of those violations fell into the category called: ‘Supporting documents shows that the factual assertion is inaccurate,’” says Mr. Solomon. Which means, he says, that the FBI made nine false assertions to the FISA Court. Putting that in perspective, former Trump aides retired Army Col. Mike Flynn and George Papadopoulos were convicted of making single false statements to the FBI. Mr. Papadopoulos went to jail. Mr. Flynn awaits sentencing.

And the evidence convicting them was false.

The FBI made another nine factual claims — allegations — that were all bogus.

The majority of the remaining Woods violations — 33 in total — involved failing to provide any evidence in the procedure backing up assertion in the FISA warrant application, says Mr. Solomon.

The question looms: Can the FBI be trusted?

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Anyone trusting the government at any level is a fool. No, it cannot be trusted.


Those like this page who continue to echo our president's claim that our criminal justice system is a "joke" undermine the very system we all depend on for our national and individual security. All for the sake of deflecting claims of his improprieties. The Morehead Police Department is part of that very same criminal justice system, as is the Carteret County law enforcement agencies. All institutions, criminal justice included, have their shortcomings and internal problems. I am sure the MPD has theirs. That does not delegitimize them. By continuing to support these bogus claims you undermine the work of those who's duty it is to protect us all, including yes, our very own law enforcement men and women who expose themselves to life threatening work day in and day out. You and those like minded, owe them at least an apology. Not likely coming though I'm afraid.


Well stated, kenwood. But those with blindfolders will never understand logical reasoning, nor will they ever believe in facts.

David Collins

Am not saying that our criminal justice system is a joke. Not at all. Are there some bad actors sprinkled about. Absolutely and unfortunately they seem to get the press coverage while the worker bees languish. Moving on here, most civil servant employees tend to be democrats and know which side of the bread the butter is spread. Come from a family of butter lovers, both sides and the stories they can tell. Makes one wonder how anything gets accomplished. Saw this in the military as well. Point is that very little that has come out suprises me because one of the first things one does in government management is to build a loyal army to CYA. Trump, being an outsider and actually wanting to get things done, pushed all the wrong buttons and bruised egos and toes. Getting little cooperation he did a few runarounds and achieved his goal. Now the resisters are in a jamb. They are steadily loosing credibility so they try the old Hail Mary pass complete with plenty of lipstick. Wellllll, looks like even that is crumbling before their eyes. Two things are for sure. We all will see and we all are losers for this in oh so many ways.


The IG investigation is about process failures by upper echelons within the FBI & DOJ with blinders on. It's not about the worker bees. The real deal will be Durham. That will take awhile after all this pansy report took how long?

David Collins

The upper echelon is appointed, are they not? That is a question.yes or no please. Do the upper echelon owe there existence to the political entity that placed them in there jobs? Yes or no please. Even though the chief executive comes and goes the core belief stays and guides ones through the excitation of their jobs. Yup, political beliefs do effect their job performance. More butter on the right side of the bread.


mr kenwood have you ever heard of ralph thomas jr and frank galiza?


Of course, some of them are "appointed". Doesn't seem to matter in this case who was or wasn't "appointed" because most, if not all, involved were anti-Trumpers or at least went along or didn't forcefully push back on the anti-Trumpers in their decision-making. Obviously with 20-20 hindsight he would not have appointed Sessions AG, Rosenstein Asst. AG & would have cleaned house of BO & all other previous appointees especially on the "top floors" . The "swamp" was much worse than even he understood & where was his advisors on replacements? Graham "hopes" to call Rosenstein who slithered out. McCabe most likely was being truthful about "wearing the wire" and obviously the dossier for the warrant. Comey refused to have his clearance re-instated so it's all CYA with the whole crowd after Nunes and a few others' yeoman work turned their plan on its head. There were no "errors and omissions". It was all very purposeful. The pansy IG report just "cracked the door" for a peep into the wrongdoing.


BTW, by the time it was apparent just how bad the whole cabal was it was too late to "clean house". Can you magine the total "h@l l" that would have ensued? Though he wanted to & had every right to throw the bums out it was good it was allowed to finish its course & expose it all.


Think some folks who watch nothing but the Dem News need to reassess? The IG exposed them too.

David Collins

One thing this political dog and pony does show is how childish and petty members of Congress, both sides as well, really are. A total drama queen filled soap opera this has become. What the heck would happen if something really important occurred and needed immediate and decisive action. Are any of them up to the job? Any of them?


"Undermine the work of ………..(government agency: fill in the blank). They themselves earned this distrust. They undermined themselves. As far as locally, the corruption is immense. When the premier law enforcement agency in the country is this corrupt, we can surely expect the same locally. The local government has far less supervision, and less attention to its misdeeds. The media simply won't cover it. The average citizen who has knowledge of corruption has very little voice.


"It's not a coup. It's a war." By Phil Agostino.

"We The People" who cherish what the Founders told us were our inalienable rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" find ourselves in a quandary. In our more distant past our political ups & downs came & went but there's been more "downs" and less "wents" since about the time we were told our country was going to experience "fundamental" change a decade or so ago. It's become more than a petty dog & pony show between opposing political parties. It's become a fight for the very freedoms and survival of this Republic. The current picture is not pretty and we find ourselves at a crossroads. If this Republic survives history will show a few freedom-loving people stood up and met the challenge against an ideology and aggression greater than anything we have experienced to date. This current battle is probably just the beginning of a lengthy war against that ideology & aggression. We'd better be grateful to those few who have taken a stand and are fighting daily for We The People of this great Republic.

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