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The dog in the manger is a reference to a dog so mean that it will keep the hay eating barn animals away from their feed even though dogs don’t eat hay. In short, mean just for the sake of being mean.

That’s how I see Democrats. They want to control Congress and the White House not because they have any realistic policies, but because they want to stop Trump and the Republicans from pushing their own pro-American agenda.

Please don’t annoy me by claiming Democrats want to press forward with the Green New Deal.  AOC is a certifiable idiot, but Chuck Schumer and even Nancy Pelosi are seasoned veterans. Knowing their base, they have to go through the motions, but they know there is no way America’s energy needs can be met by wind and solar. They’re not about to eliminate cars, planes and cheeseburgers, any more than they would dare attempt to confiscate America’s guns.

Even though they use every mass shooting as an excuse to wage an assault on the Second Amendment, during the first two years of the Obama administration they had massive majorities in both houses of Congress and they didn’t pass a single piece of meaningful anti-gun legislation. Even if they had wanted to, they couldn’t because any congressman who voted to do so would have been out of a job in every state with a sizable number of hunters or Americans respectful of the U.S. Constitution.

The dirty little secret of the Democrats is they would hate to lose the NRA as a scapegoat, even though not a single member of the NRA has ever been involved in any of these mass-shootings. The organization has five million members. Odds, alone, would suggest that one of these crackpots would have an NRA sticker on his windshield. So much for odds.

• Smokey Bear, who turned 75 this year, and Donald Trump, who turned 73 in June, have more than a little in common. Both sometimes come off as gruff, but they both have America’s best interests at heart.

Both also specialize in dealing with fires and whereas Smokey focuses on preventing them, President Trump has spent most of his first three years trying to put out those started by an arsonist named Obama who torched the economy and set fire to the military. As we all know, he also used identity politics to pit black Americans against whites, the poor against the rich, the non-religious against the devout and the college educated against the blue collar middle-class.

The good news is that it was an agenda that cost his party their majorities in Congress; the bad news is that we are still suffering from the damage done to the national fabric.

The other good news, though, is Trump is doing his best to mend the country, which is why Democrats are so single minded in their determination to destroy him and his administration.

The other bad news is the media is so totally in league with the leftists that most Americans are unaware of the truth. I’m reminded of Jimmy Stewart in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” filibustering on the floor of the Senate, trying to keep talking long enough to get the word out in his home state, little knowing that the political boss portrayed by Edward Arnold is preventing word from reaching the people because he controls the newspapers back home.

Stewart only carries the day because a political hack portrayed by Claude Rains decides he can no longer serve as Arnold’s pet poodle and spills his guts. But I don’t see Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Dianne Feinstein or Richard Blumenthal trying to their brains out in the Senate cloakroom in a fit of justifiable remorse.

 • Former basketball star Charles Barkley weighed in on the controversy roiling the NBA stating, “The NBA is making a lot of money in China. So, what do you expect the league to do?”

Barkley wasn’t the only fool. Just about every NBA player started mouthing the party line. There used to be a saying that no man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child.  There should be a reverse expression to cover those times when 7-footers stoop to kiss Xi Jinping’s butt.

What is surprising is that for a large despotic nation that openly commits all sorts of atrocities, including sending religious minorities to concentration camps, killing opposition leaders and building islands in the South China Sea and turning them into military installations, China’s ruling class tends to be awfully sensitive.

If you suggest that China has no right to Tibet or that Taiwan is an autonomous nation, they go berserk.

The NBA takes marching orders from Nike because whereas the league is an $8 billion entity, Nike is a $40 billion enterprise. The tail doesn’t wag this dog. When Nike says “Jump!” the league replies: “How high and should we dunk the ball?”

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Very good article and truthful. We must never again allow a democrat in government at any level.

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