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I’m sure you’ve all heard that Rep. Joaquin Castro tried to get Trump supporters who live in San Antonio fired, beaten up or killed, by tweeting their names, jobs and businesses, to like minded left wing swine. What he hadn’t counted on is Texas isn’t like a lot of other states and its people aren’t like a lot of other folks.

These days, most people, specifically conservatives, would rather be intimidated into silence than defend their principles and risk offending friends or triggering young, arrogant relatives.

Rather than back down, San Antonio’s Trump supporters rallied to support Bill Miller, one of the local people outed by Rep. Castro. His barbeque joint has drawn record crowds ever since word got out that he’s a guy who puts his money where his convictions are.

I still recall how business boomed for Chick-fil-A once word got out that the chain was being attacked because the owner was a devout Christian who closed his doors on Sunday.

Wouldn’t it be great if every single time left wing Fascists tried to bully an American patriot, it backfired? I have a feeling that’s how it will play out in November 2020, when, fed up with all the lies they’ve been told about Trump for four years, even Republicans and Independents who don’t necessarily approve of the president’s style, turn out in record numbers to support a man who has not only done his level best for this nation, but done it in spite of a media so corrupt that even the reporters and editors at Pravda shake their heads in disbelief.

• I’m not sure which is the more shocking, that the 29-year-old ex-bartender, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, is whining that her $174,000 salary isn’t enough or that she and the other 534 members of Congress get to take off all of August.

The excuse is Washington, D.C., is like a steam bath in the summer. Of course it is. The entire country gets toasty. That’s why we call it summer. But the House and Senate, as well as the federal office buildings, are all fully equipped with this new-fangled invention called air-conditioning.

There are only 138 legislative days in a congressional year. And still, we let these schmucks call themselves public servants and pay them three times as much as the average taxpayer.

• Speaking of schmucks, Joe Biden has obviously been listening to Ocasio-Cortez too much. The other day he said something similar to one of her quotes, “We support truth over facts.” She should consider suing him for copyright infringement.

• I hear that when Biden begins to fade in the polls, Elizabeth Warren is the likeliest contender to inherit the top spot. I just can’t see it. Every time I see her speak, I find myself thinking that Trump’s nickname for her shouldn’t be Fauxcahontas; it should be school marm, and not just because she lied her way onto the Harvard faculty.

If she had taken up acting, she would be type cast as a long suffering, not too bright, teacher. She has the same patronizing tone of voice that ignoramuses who spend their entire lives around little people slightly dumber than themselves often adopt.

Surveying the field of 20 contenders for the Democrat nomination, I’m reminded of a line from Tom Anderson: “I feel like a mosquito at a nudist colony. I know what to do, I just don’t know where to start.”

• After Jeffery Epstein committed suicide in his jail cell, I heard people figured the Clintons were behind it because they didn’t want him to live long enough to testify in court about Bill Clinton’s activities during his many visits to his friend’s hideaway, Pedophile Island.

I doubt that either one is terribly concerned about such things. In spite of the fact they are two of the most corrupt and wretched public figures who have ever polluted the American landscape, she still managed to garner 63 million votes a few years ago and he still continues to appear in public without having to ring a leper’s bell.

• Those on the left are quick to point out that every hurricane, cyclone and flood that occur are because of modern man’s stubborn refusal to quit driving, cook meat, heat or cool his home, fly, turn on lights or raise cattle.

 If such natural disasters are a recent development and can only be explained by such tripe, it’s worth noting although the climate change hoaxers will never mention it, that wildfires in California are down by 40% from last year and acreage lost to these disasters is down by even more.

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