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County GOP headquarters opens in Morehead Cityr

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Posted: Saturday, July 28, 2012 11:55 pm

MOREHEAD CITY — The County GOP Headquarters opened Saturday afternoon with a strong turnout from candidates and the public alike.

The building space, located at 5370 Highway 70 West, across from Kurtis Chevrolet, was filled with red, white and blue, along with numerous campaign signs and posters for the grand opening. Several candidates were present from the local, state and national level.

“This is the unofficial kickoff to the campaign,” said Greg Lewis, County Republican Party chairman, referring to the Nov. 6 election. “There are still 100 days left, which feels far off, but it is good to see the excitement of the people already today as we start.”  

Mr. Lewis said it was good to see the healthy turnout of people asking questions of the various local and state candidates there. He noted that the county is made up primarily of Republican voters, followed by those registered as Independent, then Democrats.

Congressman Walter B. Jones, R-N.C., who represents the 3rd District for the state, which includes Carteret County, is seeking his 10th term in Congress. He said his region has been recently expanded, and now holds about 22 counties in the state.

“This is a great turnout, and a lot of excitement,” said Rep. Jones. He acknowledged that most of the public is currently frustrated with the government on the state and national level. “We need to let the people know we share their frustrations,” said Rep. Jones. “But we also need to show them we can hold a solution.”

Mike Causey, candidate for N.C. Insurance Commissioner, was also thrilled with the crowd that came.

“I’m really pleased about the excitement and enthusiasm across the state shown here,” said Mr. Causey. He said that across North Carolina, the public has concerns about insurance and insurance problems, especially in this section, regarding coastal insurance. He said he feels his 30 years of experience makes him the best candidate for the position and he will be able to help the people with their worries.

Linda Schriever is in her second year of being president of the Crystal Coast Republican Women club. She thought it was “fantastic” to see the crowd of people milling around talking with the numerous candidates.

She said the club has 68 members currently, with 14 associate members. Ms. Schriever said at their monthly meetings, they try to have a guest speaker come, and noted that Rep. Norm Sanderson, R-Pamlico, would be speaking at their August meeting. Rep. Sanderson is running for the State Senate seat that includes this county.

“I think it is great to walk into a room where everyone thinks the same as you,” Rep. Sanderson said, in regards to the turnout. He said he was pleased to win in the primary election, where he defeated fellow Republicans Randy Ramsey and Ken Jones, especially by the large margin he did. He said he spent 75-percent of campaigning time in Carteret, the home county of the other two Republicans.

“We have the best slate of candidates in this state this year,” said Rep. Sanderson. “All strong, all focused and all know what needs to be done.”

The GOP Headquarters opened earlier this year than it did two years prior, when the doors opened in September. The “victory center” is poised to accept questions concerning candidates. The number for the headquarters is 222-0466.

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  • DAS posted at 11:51 pm on Tue, Jul 31, 2012.

    DAS Posts: 98

    So sad to hear that Clammerhead. Too many sheep and a few dangerous herders. I think many like myself live in a situation of da#$% if I do and da$%^ if I don't. You are self employed . Those of us who are not ( self employed) have to consider our jobs and believe me speaking out is not treated kindly in Carteret County.
    It is a nightmare when you do...been there done that and had my job threatened. I will stand my ground though and those that threaten me know i will take it public. Once I retire my story will be of much interest to many in this county.
    There are no real delineations among party lines any longer, no real adhering to a doctrine or belief. The only doctrine I see is" to thine own self be true$$$$"

  • clammerhead posted at 11:31 pm on Mon, Jul 30, 2012.

    clammerhead Posts: 711

    DAS, I am still here. I have been paying very good attention, and I will continue to speak out. I could speak on this very subject if you wish, but let's get real about this. Who really needs to hear what we already know about political parties, and who doesn't already know too much about the candidates to allow them a comfortable election?

    When the sheep quit following, and only then will they avoid the slaughter. Until then, they can lead us where we allow. Personally, I refuse to be led by an like a sheep, therefore many times I walk alone.


  • Osprey posted at 11:30 pm on Mon, Jul 30, 2012.

    Osprey Posts: 408

    Must have been giving out free sandwiches or BBQ.

  • The Lone Ranger posted at 7:23 pm on Sun, Jul 29, 2012.

    The Lone Ranger Posts: 39

    DAS you have summed it up...Comments like this and the same da** leaders and business as usual is why I left the republican party and became an independent is because I can think for myself and do not need people to do it for me.

    Good Ole Walter Jones always looking out for himself and has been very useless while making a career out of congress. He needs tio be replaced as well as every incumbent that has held office for more than 2 terms.

    The current Chairman of the party, Lewis is on so many boards and is positioning to be the next Chair of the Carteret County Commissioners, it makes you wonder how any one person can do this other than greed and egos. We wonder what other boards he wants to join?????

  • DAS posted at 4:26 pm on Sun, Jul 29, 2012.

    DAS Posts: 98

    "I think it is great to walk into a room where everyone thinks the same as you." This is a frightening thought but not unexpected coming from an elected official.
    More frightening is that this is what is the norm in politics these days. Look at AB and the group mentality of running for elected office. Does anyone not have an independent thought they can share without being persecuted within any political party. Clammerhead where are you?


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