These deed transfers were recorded by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty from Sept. 20-26. The revenue stamp represents $2 per $1,000 of the purchase price:

White Oak Township

•    Robert McMillan to Elbert Hill Jr., rev. $500.

•    Vereit Real Estate to Schwarz Investment Property LLC, rev. $9,320.

•    Cape Emerald Properties LLC to A-Team Village West LLC, rev. $1,000.

•    Lorraine Sweeney to Roxanne Thomson, rev. $770.

•    Steven McCurdy to Tracy Easter Jr., rev. $586.

•    Stuart MacGregor to Joshua Dunn, rev. $400.

•    Jill Witofsky to Neal Newhouse, rev. $138.

•    Terry May to Donald Taber, rev. $284.

•    Charles Basham to Daniel Curry, rev. $766.

•    William Ratliff Jr. to Antony Roberson, rev. $616.

•    Ted Creech to Dennis Pollock, rev. $160.

•    Modular Technologies Inc. to Marvin Moore, rev. $220.

•    James Lupton to Modular Technologies Inc., rev. $240.

•    Edward Minton Sr. to Claude Cates, rev. $360.

•    Martin Smith to Martin Smith Jr., rev. $930.

•    Robert Penry to Frederick Barwick, rev. $50.

•    RLI Investments Inc. to Anissa Stewart, rev. $810.

•    Patricia Williams to Mary Edge, rev. $397.

•    Rhonda Edwards to Carlee Brown, rev. $175.

•    Deborah Sbarra to John Filipoff, rev. $544.

•    Joseph Flott to Caleb Murphy, rev. $866.

•    William Parker to ClarkCo Construction Inc., rev. $1,500.

•    Marc Czaja to Rachel Lantieri, rev. $596.

•    Ambrose Smith to David Harbove, rev. $308.

•    Alma Simpson to Alma Simpson, rev. $6.

•    Jill Shultz to Richard Armstrong Jr., rev. $360.

•    David Duenas II to Travis Morton, rev. $600.

Morehead Township

•    William Price Jr. to Brent Gill, rev. $760.

•    Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to PNC Bank National Association, rev. $108.

•    William Perry Sr. to Mayumi Nastase, rev. $170.

•    Nancy Bowman to Lester McGalliard, rev. $160.

•    Joseph Whitley to Brenda Whitley, rev. $5.

•    Edward Wolf to Kameron Gwynn, rev. $198.

•    Sea Isle Ventures LLC to Vern Wenger, rev. $1,360.

•    Michael Whitley to Michael Meroff, rev. $484.

•    Renfrow Properties LLC to Robert Renfrow, rev. $269.

•    Ralph Measley to Scott Brown, rev. $834.

•    Jeffrey Hathaway to Steven Walker, rev. $500.

•    James Perry to James Perry, rev. $988.

•    Gary Corsmeier to Jesse Randall, rev. $600.

•    Marlene Sensale to Frederick Venzie III, rev. $500.

•    Fred Williams Jr. to Point East Properties LLC, rev. $720.

•    Patrick Joyce to East Coast Holdings LLC, rev. $680.

•    Sharon Black to Bridget Quiterio, rev. $310.

•    Jonathan Pollock to Holly Morrison, rev. $370.

•    Carolyn Dennis to Joseph Howard, rev. $880.

•    Tonya Hunter to Philip Whaley, rev. $154.

•    2800 WFM Inc. to Sara Liles, rev. $688.

•    Rony Shammas to Nancy Langford, rev. $1,170.

•    Ronald Norton to CBK LLC, rev. $550.

•    Ronald Rimmer Jr. to Cheryl Cartledge, rev. $870.

•    Wall Rentals Inc. to Harold Painter, rev. $524.

Harlowe Township

•    Paul Harmon to Herbert Sage, rev. $50.

•    Anthony Galante to Gregory Smith, rev. $279.

•    C.C. Ballard Holdings LLC to Jason Boos, rev. $296.

Newport Township

•    Murdoch & Associates Inc. to Crystal Coast Habitat for Humanity, rev. $50.

•    Cynthia Beachem to Dale Davis, rev. $342.

•    Bertha Tease to BRB Builders Inc., rev. $64.

Beaufort Township

•    Blue Treasure LLC to Streamline Developers LLC, rev. $520.

•    Marten Stel to Asuncion Hernandez, rev. $260.

•    Melinda Brown to Barry Evans, rev. $520.

•    State Employees’ Credit Union to Secu*re Inc., rev. $165.

Straits Township

•    The Douglas Taft Lewis Revocable Trust to Sheryl Salter, rev. $46.

•    George Kluttz Jr. to Mike Buriello, rev. $124.

•    WSF Land Holding Company to Johnny Bost, rev. $185.

•    Farron Midgett to Robert Dain, rev. $184.

Harkers Island Township

•    William McKay to George Applewhite Jr., rev. $152.

•    Peggy Hackworth to David Rumler, rev. $320.

•    Glenda Ebbighausen to Cathy Jones, rev. $160.

•    Leslie Morris to James Thompson, rev. $350.

•    Everett Willis to Richard Brandon, rev. $110.

Marshallberg Township

•    Caleb Howell to Jeremy Ferguson, rev. $240.

Smyrna Township

•    Jeffrey Swain to John Timberlake, rev. $365.

Davis Township

•    Caleb Willis to Jeremy Davis, rev. $26.

•    Weston Willis Jr. to Jeremy Davis, rev. $620.

Sea Level Township

•    Donald Jones to Derek Gaines, rev. $518.

•    Susan Salter to Mark Pinholster, rev. $150.

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