These deed transfers were recorded by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty from Aug. 15-21. The revenue stamp represents $2 per $1,000 of the purchase price:

White Oak Township

•    Mikel Huber to Simon Payne, rev. $280.

•    Cape Fear Trustee Services LLC to Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, rev. $146.

•    Bagwell Investments LLC to David Rahla, rev. $263.

•    David McMahan to Bailey Real Estate Investments LLC, rev. $22.

•    James Saunders to ORF LLC, rev. $250.

•    Jerri Builders Inc. to Aaron Samsel, rev. $850.

•    Walter Mull to Kimberly Watson, rev. $454.

•    Streamline Developers LLC to Scott Mahnke, rev. $782.

•    Wythe Perrine to Robyn Czuri, rev. $443.

•    Dennis Delorier to Walter Mull, rev. $170.

•    Jesse Goodman Jr. to Michael Whitehead Sr., rev. $1,620.

•    Kristine Starnes to Donna Townsend, rev. $180.

•    Tyler Holland to Richard Sooy Jr., rev. $592.

•    Janet Robinson to Brian Hurley, rev. $1,070.

•    Andrew Clark to Michael Miller, rev. $1,458.

•    Erica McFayden to David Elmore, rev. $460.

•    Boone Mountain Ventures LLC to Russell Padgett, rev. $140.

•    Satish Kumar to Robert Dillingham, rev. $950.

•    Eddie Baldwin to Tommy Beamon, rev. $482.

•    Horizons East LLC to Therese Albright, rev. $486.

•    First Choice Properties & Developing Inc. to Joshua Edmondson, rev. $444.

•    Donna Ivey to Dawn Davis, rev. $1,640.

Morehead Township

•    Peggy Rodgers to Jonathan Pence, rev. $364.

•    Brett Froelich to Virginia Hedden, rev. $387.

•    Mount Olive College Inc. to James Anderson, rev. $1,122.

•    Jean Otto to Linda Smith, rev. $950.

•    Noreen Barrett to Ronald Parnell, rev. $390.

•    James Anderson to Sean Adkins, rev. $518.

•    Longoria Properties LLC to Kandy Williams, rev. $258.

•    BBCS Developers LLC to Anita Kahr, rev. $351.

•    Gary Dudley to Joseph Esposito, rev. $212.

•    Kevin Oliver to Arthur Watson, rev. $1,065.

•    Philip Hutchings III to Ocean Reef Investments LLC, rev. $950.

•    James Heidenreich to Holden Royall, rev. $640.

•    I.J. Hunter Construction Co. to Casey Foushee, rev. $564.

•    Eric Ludwig to D&M Properties of Greenville LLC, rev. $553.

•    John Stone to Claudius Byrd, rev. $122.

•    Josiah Bailey III to David Fredere, rev. $264.

•    Pamela Nun to James Warren, rev. $371.

•    Larry Land to Sandi Godfrey, rev. $340.

•    David Gurganus to George Langdon Jr., rev. $655.

•    Morehead Bluffs LLC to Frederick Winstead, rev. $1,402.

•    Morehead Bluffs LLC to Frederick Winstead, rev. $598.

•    Bert Whitehurst III to Linda Woodard, rev. $372.

•    Kenneth Magel to Terrence Alger, rev. $630.

•    Linda Bennett to Michael Jones, rev. $80.

•    Linda Smith to Steven Warren, rev. $1,420.

•    Phillip Perkins to Christopher Suggs, rev. $680.

•    Thomas Bennett Jr. to Robert Singleton Jr., rev. $640.

•    Thomas Howell to Jennifer Shearin, rev. $660.

•    Timothy Bradford to William Flowers, rev. $568.

•    Ronald Scouten to Ivey Hunter, rev. $80.

•    George Edwards Rose Jr. to John Davies, rev. $80.

•    Joyce Cottle Sullivan to Timothy Wicker, rev. $900.

•    Hazel King to Timothy Bradford, rev. $490.  

Newport Township

•    Skylar Davis to Thomas Militano II, rev. $595.

•    Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Branch Banking and Trust Company, rev. $195.

•    Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Beverly Pham, rev. $115.

•    Andres Myette Jr. to Richardo Velasquez, rev. $110.

•    Curtis Garner to Tracie Beers, rev. $137.

Beaufort Township

•    John Butler to Joseph McKenzie, rev. $287.

•    Lauremy Creek Properties LLC to Todd Nelson, rev. $1,400.

•    Mildred Harris to Winston Boyd, rev. $60.

•    Beaufort Homes LLC to Ashley Hardison, rev. $572.

•    George Stanziale Jr. to Laura Holland, rev. $750.

•    Vasilios Michailidis to Zacharias Manousaridis, rev. $340.

•    James Bolick to Joseph Rogers, rev. $450.

•    Lynn Kawecki to Live Oak Investors LLC, rev. $900.

Straits Township

•    Marvin Price to Jeffrey Leonard, rev. $90.

Harkers Island Township

•    Todd Smrdel to Bruce Hill, rev. $210.

•    Dennis Barbour to Shawn Gentry, rev. $185.

Sea Level Township

•    Susan Furr to Kelly Berthold, rev. $380.

Atlantic Township

•    Timothy Glover to Effie Carroll, rev. $74.

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