These deed transfers were recorded by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty from Aug. 22-28. The revenue stamp represents $2 per $1,000 of the purchase price:

White Oak Township

•    William Roccia to Joshua Nowak, rev. $670.

•    Glandon Forest Equity LLC to Real Estate Investment and Finance LLC, rev. $3,102.

•    Carol Nisbet to Donna Sutton, rev. $91.

•    James Johnson to Steven Cooper, rev. $790.

•    Thomas Savage Jr. to Ross Glenn, rev. $950.

•    Lou Vincent to Nathan Morgan, rev. $1,000.

•    Shirley Pittman to Margaret Stott, rev. $400.

•    JAMSV LLC to Bertha Stilley, rev. $350.

•    Gregory Martin to Kenneth Blythe, rev. $330.

•    Edwin Holley to Kenneth Matthews, rev. $770.

•    Thomas Strickland Jr. to Hubert Vickers Jr., rev. $286.

•    Streamline Developers LLC to Stephen Provence II, rev. $684.

•    Johnny Parrish to Andrew Anthony, rev. $426.

•    Janice Cannon to Aaron Parton, rev. $500.

•    Milton Miller to Johnny Parrish, rev. $560.

Morehead Township

•    David Whitmore to John Webber, rev. $52.

•    Matthew Fisher Stalnaker to Justin Packer, rev. $522.

•    Darlene Lewis to David Hodulich, rev. $656.

•    Harold Tant to John Midyette, rev. $690.

•    U.S. Bank National Association to Daniel Weeks, rev. $116.

•    James Rogerson to Taylor Ricketts, rev. $810.

•    Patricia Bagnal to Gregory Smith, rev. $186.

•    Julie Covarrubias to John Ellis, rev. $955.

•    William Hodges to Paula Stem, rev. $819.

•    Patrick McClellon to Robert McClellon, rev. $240.

•    Garry Hunt Jr. to Russell Edmondson Jr., rev. $539.

•    Longoria Properties LLC to Sarah Kearney, $260.

•    ITAC 109 LLC to Excel Bridges Properties LLC, rev. $4,800.

•    Lillian Chenault to John Beard Jr., rev. $560.

•    Beaufort Flats LLC to David Horton, rev. $460.

•    Bryan Marion to Minshew Farms Inc., rev. $700.

•    Nancy Jackson to Jacob Girard, rev. $455.

•    John Becton III to John Becton III, rev. $5.

•    Richard Abell to David Campbell, rev. $390.

•    Baker & Smith Properties LLC to Darlene Smith-Worthington, rev. $1,230.

•    Garland Terry to Carl Hover, rev. $730.

•    2800 WFM Inc. to William Corey, rev. $820.

•    Streamline Developers LLC to Brian Preston, rev. $754.

•    James Colbert to Joyce Sullivan, rev. $400.

•    Anthony Cooke to Marysasser Holloway, rev. $264.

•    Stephen Gallaher to Stephen Walker, rev. $750.

•    William Grubbs to Michael Schrems, rev. $400.

•    Shanda Wyant to Luis Tirado, rev. $6.

•    Mark Rumans to Jerrel Olive, rev. $890.

•    Pearl Melton to Alex Lizardo, rev. $64.

•    Richard Eatmon to M. Craig West, rev. $985.

•    Justin Packer to Woodrow Conner, rev. $632.

Harlowe Township

•    Polly Littleton to Patrick Lapointe, rev. $300.

Newport Township

•    U.S. Bank National Association to Milton Cox, rev. $122.

•    Mark King to Takayasu Watanabe, rev. $339.

•    Michelle Swanger to Tracey Bauer, rev. $330.

•    Kathy Beaman to James Hardy, rev. $960.

•    Lee Edwards to Lowell Presley, rev. $250.

Beaufort Township

•    Elizabeth Bowen to Thomas Glasgow, rev. $739.

•    H.T. Everett Enterprise LLC to Steven Sasser, rev. $280.

•    Saundra Piner to Laurel Lindstadt, rev. $314.

•    Karanne Potter to Ryan Butt, rev. $700.

•    Susan Way to Noah Lindow, rev. $304.

Straits Township

•    James Buie to Corey Jacobs, rev. $1,312.

Harkers Island Township

•    Heritage Investments of the Coast LLC to Danny Dines, rev. $580.

•    Lucita Mooney to Kim Tippett, rev. $770.

•    Steven Hargett to Charles Marlowe, rev. $500.

•    Academy Field LLC to Daniel Hurley, rev. $250.

•    Brenda Boykin to Heather Moore, rev. $200.

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