These deed transfers were recorded by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty from Aug. 30-Sept. 12. The revenue stamp represents $2 per $1,000 of the purchase price:

White Oak Township

•    EIP LLC to Larry Smith, rev. $680.

•    Carolina South Builders Inc. to Jacob Kight, rev. $830.

•    Donald Frye to Charles Morgan II, rev. $590.

•    Grace Whittome to Timothy Missner, rev. $940.

•    Nautical Builders Inc. to Michael Veal, rev. $710.

•    Alan Page to Kristan Osborne, rev. $84.

•    Gordon Howell to Cobblestone Properties LLC, rev. $2,100.

•    Nancy Hale to Jimmy Adams Jr., rev. $250.

•    Dan Leonard Jr. to Elisandro Patino, rev. $890.

•    William Page Jr. to Anthony Futral, rev. $450.

•    Summer Trading LLC to Cynthia Rhodes, rev. $170.

•    WJH LLC to William Peery, rev. $390.

•    Glenda Schwarz to Johnny Aycock, rev. $290.

•    Randall Phillips to Carolyn Lewis, rev. $670.

•    Clarence Young Jr. to Calvin Vogel, rev. $1,284.

•    Alan Maynard to M and S of Carteret LLC, rev. $526.

•    David Norris to David Jansen, rev. $1,170.

•    Clement Vance Jr. to Jonathan Anderson, rev. $958.

Morehead Township

•    Justin Phillips to Thomas Wolf Sr., rev. $352.

•    Greg Boggs to Christopher Masters, rev. $240.

•    C.R. Wheatly to Scott DeMichele, rev. $250.

•    PALCO Investments LLC to Samuel Ramsey, rev. $415.

•    Earl Nixon to Joseph Furtner, rev. $440.

•    M. Douglas Goines to Thomas Singleton, rev. $320.

•    Carolyn Perrigo to Bob Cherry, rev. $755.

•    Barton Lewis to Virginia Sears, rev. $1,230.

•    Deborah Boddiford to Carolina East Construction LLC, rev. $200.

•    William Wagner to Joel Harris Jr., rev. $496.

•    Barbara White to Darion Upton, rev. $310.

•    Jo Ann Phillips to Nancy Penry, rev. $220.

•    Constance Luper to Dred Mitchell Jr., rev. $480.

•    Peppertree Atlantic Beach II Association Inc. to Festiva Real Estate Holdings LLC, rev. $694.

•    Patricia Spear to Terrance Wolfe, rev. $551.

•    Robert Potter Jr. to Jesse Council, rev. $280.

•    Vann Pair to Lazarus Holdings LLC, rev. $125.

•    Michel Beach House LLC to David Crabtree, rev. $1,030.

•    Ellen Avery to Becky Batts, rev. $400.

•    Jonathan Bell to Michel Bailey, rev. $2,580.

•    James Thompson to Robert Hines, rev. $1,084.

•    Shirley Harris to David Fleming, rev. $793.

•    Gerald Graham to James Eckenrode, rev. $780.

•    Greta Boshamer to Stuart Sanderson, rev. $444.

•    MGM Inc. to Robert Hickman, rev. $650.

•    Joann Lindsey to Brenda Amsden, rev. $476.

•    Norman Kenneally to Andrew Cambron, rev. $870.

•    Lyn Todd to Norman Kenneally, rev. $602.

•    M. Craig West to Jerry Milton, rev. $2,300.

•    MGM Inc. to Amber Hughes, rev. $146.

•    Esmeralda Rivas to Homer Blackburn, rev. $230.

•    David Wood to Stremata LLC, rev. $190.

•    Rollins Johnson to Eugene Wortham, rev. $504.

•    Streamline Developers LLC to Joshua Ellingsworth, rev. $340.

•    Richard Smith to Corbett Johnson, rev. $308.

•    Richard Holmes to Fiddlers Ridge 6 LLC, rev. $790.

•    Robert Scott to Bryan McLamb, rev. $450.

Harlowe Township

•    David Banas to Samantha Taylor, rev. $279.

Newport Township

•    Robert Terry III to William Roberts, rev. $370.

•    Timothy Terry to Bryan Johnson, rev. $304.

•    Bryan Myers to Gavin Vollmer, rev. $335.

•    Johnny Hicks to Dolan Spitler, rev. $128.

•    Darlene Hardison to Mark Huston, rev. $37.

•    James Weeks to Carl Juhle, rev. $230.

Beaufort Township

•    Anthony Cunningham to Dennis Harrold, rev. $2,351.

•    Jeremy Ferguson to Marilyn Fulkerson, rev. $478.

•    Blue Treasure LLC to Streamline Developers LLC, rev. $220.

•    Warren McDevett Jr. to Robert Matheny Jr., rev. $790.

•    Margaret Kilpatrick to Rodney Day, rev. $398.

•    Streamline Developers LLC to Gladys Atkins, rev. $859.

•    Rachel Cooper to Tom G. Alls Builder Inc., rev. $270.

•    Wayne Miracle to Tammy Marlow, rev. $574.

Straits Township

•    Lawrence Lewis to Sherwood Lewis Jr., rev. $70.

•    Francis Southerland IV to Michael Byrum, rev. $550.

•    Annette Tersigni to Donald Heglar, rev. $103.

Harkers Island Township

•    4 Sisters-00 LLC to Kenneth Degruchy, rev. $560.

Atlantic Township

•    Carolyn Morris to Anthony Chaney, rev. $80.

Cedar Island Township

•    James Daniels to Thomas Mullen, rev. $248.

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