CARTERET COUNTY – Upwards of 50 linemen are stationed in Carteret County with more planned to arrive after Hurricane Dorian has passed. 

This is according to Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative Communications Director Lisa Galizia who said Carteret residents should be aware of best practices when dealing with linemen as they go about their post-storm work. 

"These linemen are working in areas that have damages," Ms. Galizia said adding that those observing storm damage should give them a wide berth. "They just need to steer clear of any work zone. When they see the trucks, they don't need to look, they need to stay away. We appreciate that people want to see the damage but our primary goal is to keep them safe and get power back as soon as possible." 

Some of the stationed linemen were already put to work after a tornado touched down at Emerald Isle. 

Ms. Galizia said that linemen have been in Carteret County days prior to Thursday. She said their work entailed more than just restoring power. 

"A few days ahead of the storm we've had crews out looking for dead trees that might fall during the storm and looking for equipment that needs to be replaced," Ms. Galizia said. "They've been doing, I guess you can call it 'storm hardening.'" 

The additional linemen stationed in Carteret County echoes last year's Hurricane Florence when linemen from throughout the state and country converged on Carteret County to restore regional power. Ms. Galizia said not all the stationed linemen are from the cooperative. 

"There are 20 additional linemen," Ms. Galizia said adding that a number of the additional linemen are from the western part of the state.

Ms. Galizia said they are scheduled to get to work once conditions are safe enough be out.

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