It’s July, the mid-point of summer. And it’s hot. It’s supposed to be.

Some summers are hotter than others, says Roy Spencer, Ph.D., a principal research scientist in climatology at the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama.

But with summer and its accompanying typical heat firmly entrenched, the usual customary cries of renewed global warming have resurfaced.

If blame can be ascribed — and it always can — President Donald Trump is the fall guy.

Because he’s in the White House. If anyone else, say Hillary Clinton were there, well, that would be an entirely different matter. She wouldn’t be blamed for anything. Ever! Because she’s a darling of the very liberal socialist left.

The liberal left and its socialist Democrat Industrial Media Complex (DIMC) heap blame on Mr. Trump because he withdrew America from the Paris Climate Accords — a very wise decision. Had we stayed, it would mean absolutely nothing as far as climate is concerned. Except we would have enabled a couple of leftist countries, all socialist, and crooked scientists to scam us of several trillion dollars.

Destructive wildfires in the nation’s west and southwest — the liberal left will say they’re caused by global warming — add to the present concept that fossil fuels, read human-caused warming, is bad, bad, bad. Never mind that the cause of the fires in most cases is lightning and, in at least one case, an illegal alien who set fires in Colorado.

In California, long viewed as a trend setting state, environmental extremism is surging, along with an increase in poverty. Today, says Joel Kotkin, executive director of the Center for Opportunity Urbanism and a Presidential Fellow in Urban Futures at Chapman University writing at City Journal, eight million Californians live in poverty, including two million children, the most of any state. But overlook that. There’s a pending bill in the state’s legislature that would fine waiters $1,000 — or jail them — if they offer customers plastic straws. That is steep. And ridiculous.

And UCLA has issued a report, says Mr. Kotkin, describing pets as climate threats. Which is extreme.

The state has already taken the mission upon itself, he says, of limiting the flatulence of cows and other farm animals — though he doesn’t say how. Given North Carolina’s hog industry, that would be interesting to know. Thankfully we haven’t had to deal with Jerry Brown, who will soon exit as California’s governor.

Once known by the moniker of “Moonbeam,” Mr. Brown is also known as an alarmist. He recently predicted that global warming, aka climate change, would cause three to four million deaths, leading eventually to human extinction.

Nevertheless, at the weekly standard, senior writer Tony Mecia points out that greenhouse gas emissions are falling under Mr. Trump. What a surprise!

Saying environmental data for 2017 is pouring in, and the results might not be what is expected, he says that in the U.S., where Mr. Trump promised to unshackle the coal industry and to abandon the Paris Accords, greenhouse gas emissions fell and it’s expected to continue falling. But in Europe, where socialist political leaders ostensibly consider global warming an urgent priority, emissions rose in 2017.

“In the United States,” continues Mr. Mecia, a report released last week by the Rhodium Group says that even though Trump “continues to unravel Obama-era climate and clean energy policies,” falling costs of renewable energy and natural gas are “keeping U.S. greenhouse gas emissions on the downswing.” 

He says the latest government data shows emissions have fallen 12% from 2005 to 2016. The Rhodium Group report estimates that by 2020, emissions will have fallen between 15% and 17% compared with 2005 levels.

Private sector data also says American emissions are falling. An estimate by BP, released last month, shows U.S. carbon dioxide emissions in 2017 fell by 42 million tons compared with the previous year — a bigger drop than any other country — equaling a reduction of 0.5% in the first year of the Trump presidency. Isn’t that a surprise?

In contrast, says Mr. Mecia, emissions are rising in Europe and much of the rest of the world. BP data says Europe’s carbon dioxide emissions rose 92 million tons, or 2.5%. “That includes increases in France (2%), Germany (0.1%), and Spain (7%). Carbon emissions rose in a majority of European countries last year, according to European Union data.

Mr. Mecia points out that other countries also had increases — China, the world’s biggest polluter with an increase of 119 million tons, or 1.6%, and Canada’s rose 3.4%.

“More than anything,” he continues, “the new emissions data show that government policy is but one factor in determining emissions. Larger economic trends — such as the emergence of low cost sources of energy such as shale natural gas — can play a much bigger role than, say, Washington regulations cracking down on coal.”

As greenhouse gas emissions fall under Mr. Trump, the excessive heat that parts of the nation have experienced is regionally isolated, says Dr. Spencer, and using NOAA data he says this is a temporary and localized weather pattern and is exactly what we expect for weather — not for global warming. In the meantime, cooler temperatures will return.

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Could be wrong but believe according to one source natural gas-generated cost 6 cents per kilowatt hour while solar cost 30 cents. If true one heck of a difference.


these Republican rants are laughable. How can anyone defend Trump?

(Edited by staff.)


Noone has to defend Trump, every time a liberal lunatic opens their gum trap, out comes utter garbage , and not the small kind. People are so sick , even in the DNC of their stooping to level's so low, ... that the party of the D's is about over, forever. As a sidenote, i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, no, socialism is not going to ever get a chance here. Nor is the other failed structure of communism. To Bad , So Sad , Your Dad.............[wink]

(Edited by staff.)


"Could be wrong but..." No could be there. You are wrong. So is the uninformed editor who wrote this garbage. Weather and climate is not the same thing.

(Edited by staff.)

David Collins . How about solar costing $.38 / KWH over the life of the system. This is not factoring in any repairs along the way. Hey, free energy. Gotta love it.


Guess I was wrong 00 by 8 cents per KWH. What's your story?


Looks like EU, China, Canada and all the rest need to follow our lead and pull out since our emissions are decreasing and their's are increasing.


Only Two People On The Planet Care How You Feel!

Reality check on the global warming freaks!

Please watch the link multiple times. [wink]


You were not wrong by 8 cents. You were wrong by 42 cents, a massive 700%.
Natural gas KWH over the life of the system is 48 cents, give or take a penny.


"The Incredible Scam of Rooftop Solar" by Norman Rogers. Quote from the article:

"From the standpoint of society, rooftop solar substitutes 30-cent electricity in order to save two cents. If the homeowner is at least breaking even, as he usually is, he hasn't lost anything due to the substitution. The money to pay for the 30-cent electricity comes from the taxpayers provided subsidy and revenue that is no longer paid to the power company. The taxpayers and power company pay for 30-cent electricity that could have been obtained for two cents by burning a little more natural gas. If the homeowner makes a profit on the solar power, then the burden on everyone else is even greater. Since the power company is guaranteed a rate of return, or at least has to break even, rates have to be raised enough to pay for the overpriced rooftop electricity. The burden falls on society to pay for the scheme. The purveyors of rooftop solar, crackpot environmentalists and rooftop solar-owners, are happy. Everyone else is screwed."

"The most prominent remaining global warming believers are now advocating nuclear power as the best means of reducing CO2 emissions. CO2 is plant food that makes plants grow better with less water. It greens deserts and increases agricultural productivity. Bring it on."

David Collins

One of my sister’s daughters lives in a off the grid house. Thick insulated walls, thermal mass and a rooftop chock full of solar. I have been there and it is somewhat impressive. Well, when I asked her this spring how everything worked out over the winter, she chuckled. Seems that they had to run the backup generator pretty much constantly and still had pipe freezing issues. Bird baths for all became the norm. Fuel bills were ridiculous. Ran out of wood for the stove fairly quickly. A jumbo LP tank and more panels are in the planning stage. Will see in a few weeks what is going on up there. Free power may not be the way to go in The Maine Woods.


A central wood system with a kerosene or gas backup would probably have worked best. Of course they would need a good wood supply.and/or 150-200 gallon tank. Charmaster believe made in MN comes to mind. Guess that would blow the "green" idea.

David Collins

Actually, the wood stove blows the “green” idea as well. Incomplete combustion puts all manner of creepies and uglies into the air. From the outside it looks charming and pastoral but when you take a closer look things change. I suspect there will be a electric meter installed before this saga ends.

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