Victoria Thomas Frabutt

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BEAUFORT — District Attorney Scott Thomas announced Victoria Frabutt, 56, of Newport, had a first appearance Wednesday morning in Carteret County District Court for an incident involving malicious castration.

According to the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office, deputies investigated a call Tuesday morning that Ms. Frabutt had tied up or otherwise restrained her husband, James Frabutt, then maimed him by cutting off his penis. The investigation resulted in felony charges of malicious castration and kidnaping. Upon her arrest, the magistrate set a secured bond of $100,000 for her release. 

At her first appearance Wednesday before District Court Judge Dave McFadyen, Ms. Frabutt was advised of the charges against her and the possible punishments if convicted. She requested the appointment of counsel, and Judge McFadyen appointed the public defender to represent her.

The district attorney’s office, represented by Assistant District Attorney Ashley Eatmon, requested Ms. Frabutt’s bond be increased, given the severity of the charges, and that certain conditions be added. After hearing from Ms. Eatmon, Judge McFadyen granted those requests. 

The judge set Ms. Frabutt’s secured bond at $500,000 and added conditions that she not leave the state pending trial of the cases, not possess any firearms or other dangerous weapons of any kind, have no contact with the victim of any kind and not go to the victim’s residence or any place where he is receiving care, pending trial.

Judge McFadyen also ordered if Ms. Frabutt is able to post the bond, she be required to be monitored by an electronic monitoring device at all times. 

Ms. Frabutt’s next court date is Friday, Sept. 20 in Carteret County District Court. As the case in ongoing, no further details will be provided by the district attorney’s office at this time.

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BEAUFORT — Carteret County deputies Tuesday arrested Victoria Thomas Frabutt, 56, of Newport, for severing her husband’s penis. 

Deputies responded to the residence on Murdoch Road just before 4 a.m. Tuesday morning after James Frabutt reported his wife tied him up and pulled out a knife. The motive for the castration is still unclear. 

Deputies were able to recover the body part and it was immediately put on ice and transported to medical personnel, according to the County Sheriff’s Department.

Mr. Frabutt, 61, was transported to Vidant Health in Greenville. His condition at this time is unknown. 

Ms. Frabutt was charged with malicious castration and kidnapping. She is being held in the Carteret County jail under a $100,000 bond and her first court appearance is set for Wednesday.


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OH MY GOD.......... [scared]

Core Sounder

wonder what the poor guy did to make his wife that angry? I do know that juries sometimes will go easy of men or women taking the law into their own hands when it concerns cheating on your spouse which may or may not be the case here.


There’s got to be more to this story. I feel this is just the tip.


I know them personally and the woman needs to be put away forever. If you do not want to be with someone then leave dont scar the person for life.


Agreed! [scared]


More than the tip! The whole assembly is what it sounds like.


Poor guy. At least he has his little ones left.

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