Mother and child

From left, Briana Godette of Beaufort holds her daughter, Kaislyn Godette, born Oct. 29 thanks to help from County Emergency Services telecommunicator Brittany Stapleton. (Cheryl Burke photo)

MOREHEAD CITY — A County Emergency Services telecommunicator got an early Christmas present Monday when she met a mother and the baby the dispatcher helped deliver.

Brittany Stapleton, 21, had no idea when she reported for work Oct. 29 in the county’s emergency dispatch center she would talk Briana Godette of Beaufort through delivering her daughter, Kaislyn Godette.

Ms. Stapleton said when she received the 911 call, “I took a deep breath because this was my very first one (delivery). It’s good to have miracles like this one. We take protocol classes that walk you through what to do, but I was nervous.”

Ms. Stapleton said the call came in at 8:49 a.m., and Kaislyn was born at 8:54 a.m. After getting Ms. Godette’s address and dispatching Beaufort EMS, Ms. Stapleton walked the mother through the delivery.

“Once I could hear the baby crying I felt relief,” Ms. Stapleton said. “When it was over I thought, oh my God, I just delivered my first baby. My heart was pounding and my face was completely red. I asked them if I could take a break. I called my husband and told him, you’ll never guess what I just did.”

Ms. Godette, who lives off Highway 101, said she was grateful to have Ms. Stapleton on the line.

“I kept saying I was scared, but she kept telling me to listen to her voice and we’ll get through this together, and we did,” Ms. Godette said.

Ms. Godette added that she had gone to Carteret Health Care early that morning when she felt contractions, but staff sent her home and told her to wait until her cervix was more dilated.

When she got home, she said the contractions got closer together and she felt the baby was about to come. Her husband, Da’Von Godette, was on a construction job in Mill Creek.

“I was going to drive myself to the hospital and was trying to find my keys when I felt the baby coming,” Ms. Godette said. “I was on the phone with my cousin and she told me to call 911.”

While Ms. Godette’s aunt and 3-year-old daughter were with her, but Ms. Godette said her aunt could not drive.

“She went and got towels for me and my daughter watched the whole thing,” Ms. Godette said. “I was in the bathroom.”

Ms. Stapleton said protocol calls for the person in labor to lay down on the ground.

“We always tell them to lay down. We don’t want the baby to hit the floor,” Ms. Stapleton said. “I told her to get clean towels and some sort of string to tie off the umbilical cord,” she noted.

Ms. Godette said once she got on the floor, the baby’s head came out and the delivery went smoothly.

The mother and her aunt were in the process of searching for something to tie off the umbilical cord when Beaufort EMS arrived on the scene. She was transported to CHC, where Ms. Godette and Kaislyn stayed one night then returned home.

Ms. Stapleton said she will never forget the experience and was happy to get to meet the mother and daughter Monday.

“I feel amazed. The baby is beautiful,” Ms. Stapleton said as she visited with the family at the telecommunications center. “I helped bring life into the world. This has definitely made my Christmas.”

County Communications Director Brandy Osborne said she was proud of Ms. Stapleton, especially given the fact that Ms. Stapleton has only been on the job seven months.

“We do have telecommunicators do this periodically, but it is very rare to get to meet the mother and baby,” Ms. Osborne said.

She further praised all of her workers.

“It is part of their job. We sign up for the good things and not so good things,” Ms. Osborne said.

County Emergency Services Director Stephen Rea said he was also proud of Ms. Stapleton and the county telecommunications team.

“This is a tremendous testimony to the training and professionalism of our communications center,” Mr. Rea said.

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