MOREHEAD CITY – Carteret County has set a curfew beginning today for all unincorporated areas.
Residents are required to be indoors from dusk to dawn, according to the Thursday release from emergency management. 
During the curfew hours, there will be no sale, consumption, transportation or possession of alcoholic beverages, except on one's own premises, the release continues. In addition, there will be no sale or purchase of firearms or ammunition of any kind. 
The curfew will remain in effect until further notice.

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Core Sounder

does this mean that we aint allowed to have a hurricane party at the neighbor's house? LOL


"No sale or purchase of firearms or ammunition of any kind". Who exactly has the authority to make this order? This is usurpation of our Second Amendment Rights! What is wrong in Carteret County?


I have a better idea. In the interest of public safety, ban the sale of alcoholic beverages from dusk to dawn for ever. This carnage is certainly more of an emergency than this storm. Many more citizens will die as a result of alcohol that any hurricane here.


Again, who is the responsible person who can order our rights to firearms be suspended? By what authority? How does this square with the Second Amendment? What exactly is the governments interest in suspending sales of firearms or ammo during this time? What do they fear? Who is the targeted citizen? We need answers to this.

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