On today’s op-ed page, Marc Thiessen says “Obama took lying to new heights with the Iran deal.”

Mr. Thiessen is talking specifically about how President Obama and his secretaries of state, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, permitted Iran access to our financial system, and with Mr. Obama, lied to the American people because they allowed Iran to fund terrorist groups that, says Investors Business Daily, included “Hezbollah, the Houthi rebels in Yemen and Iran’s own Quds Force, the dirty tricks and terror branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.”

A report by the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations released Wednesday night reveals that after signing the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, which unfroze Iran’s U.S. bank accounts in exchange for the regime’s non-proliferation pledge, the Obama administration “publicly maintained,” says Jack Crowe on NationalReview.com, “that all non-nuclear sanctions barring Iran from operating within the U.S. financial system would remain in place.”

“Senior U.S. government officials repeatedly testified to Congress that Iranian access to the U.S. financial system was not on the table or part of any deal,” said the Senate report.

But despite what they said and pledged to the American people and Congress, in February 2016 the Obama administration helped Tehran recover $5.7 billion in the Bank Muscat in the Persian Gulf state of Oman. As this was proceeding, Obama officials continued to lie to Congress.

Said the Associated Press: “As the Treasury and State Department worked behind the scenes to help Iran access the dollar, the message to Congress remained the same: The JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) did not allow Iran to access the U.S. financial system.”

Mr. Obama’s message to Congress, says IBD, was “if you don’t block this nuclear deal, we will bar Iran’s access to our financial system. The deal was clear and unequivocal.

“It was also a lie. Obama lied, and so did others in his administration,” says IBD.

Under terms of the nuclear deal hidden from the American public and Congress — and which President Trump overturned in May — Iran was permitted to access $5.7 billion in Omani rials, a currency, says Mr. Crowe, that is notoriously difficult to convert. “The Obama administration attempted to help the Iranians convert the funds to Euros by issuing a special treasury license to two large U.S. banks empowering them to convert the funds first into dollars and then euros.”

The Senate report says the Obama administration’s plan failed because the banks declined to complete the transaction due to compliance, reputational, and legal risks associated with doing business with Iran.”

Access to the American financial system “is the crown jewel, what all these countries would love. Yet our government offered it while at the same same time telling the American people they weren’t offering it,” said Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, the subcommittee chairman.

No one, says IBD “knows how much of the $5.7 billion that Obama allowed Iran to access also went to terrorist activities, or for that matter went to further research activity on Iran’s nuclear bomb projects. That awaits a later investigation.”

The deal also removed some $100 billion in sanctions on Iran, making it a big player in the Middle East, as it now funds terrorism on Israel’s border.

“Paying to support terrorism and not telling the American people about it,” says IBD. “Still think the Obama administration was scandal free?”

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Money laundering straight out of the original MOB handbook.

(well, TBH, more then the mafia ever took before they were hung out on new RICO laws.).

So, not only the actual cover up of the crime, but copyright infringement on ideas used by other people long ago.

Figures. (hope you could believe in, NOTTTTTTTTTT!) [wink]


The op-ed, OPINION page, referred to in this article was written by Thiessan who is an extreme right-winger known for giving misleading characterizations of current affairs. Check your facts, folks.


Yes, I still think the Obama administration was scandal free. Just think of the multitude of bizarre scandals Americans are having to deal with created by this EXTREMELY CORRUPT president and administration ~ and just for the president: Russia collusion to win election, infidelity with porn star and playmate, crude language to everyone and our ALLIES, corrupt appointees and lawyers, hidden tax returns, over 70 appointees have come and gone, pathological lying to Americans every day, so much lying that Trump can't keep track of all of his lies and thus, is avoiding Mueller......on and on.


If the great messiah all truthful off the cliff far left Alinsky socialist BO says there was no scandals then any fool should believe the all-time donkey party silver tongue.


This editorial seems passé, out-of-date, as well as not truthful.

Current news: Two madmen of the world are supposed to meet to talk about not destroying the world with nukes.

You can't make this stuff up. Unbelievably frightening.


Whoops! Wrong Again!



What can't be made up is the brilliance to suggest that other nuclear power leaders meet but because no heretofore western leaders have been intelligent enough to bring the NK rogue to the table then somehow the whole thing is nuts. It ain't a done deal but hopefully this president won't get on his knees for a legacy the country be damned.


There ya go again.

So typical of you to back the distortions of the smirking Thiessen, a notorious right wing kook whose slanted opinions have zero credibility (except with writers who share that sad lack).


Far left Alinsky socialists anti-MAGA fake newsers give it up using Ronnie's line. The sheep might as well face reality along with head-faking Rhodes and silver tongue.


Seems Trump....

This article is about President Obama, not President Trump. Please keep your comments relevant to the subject instead of just using them to bash the president. Web Editor

(Edited by staff.)


Bill Maher Admits What Democrats Really Want



Ben Shapiro on Obama.......


FACTS! [wink]


Dennis Rodman gets emotional after Trump-Kim summit


If you watch, and listen, Rodman explains how many times he tried to get Obama to speak to the leadership of North Korea, and was brushed off.

Obama continued to foster terrible foreign policy with that region of the world.


TRUMP FOR 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!


VJ has been whispering in his ear "you're the smartest guy in any room" since she began mentoring the two Ivy League geniuses, and they believe her and all her far left Alinsky BS. With their arrogance they only need her to remind them occasionally but they agree to be inseparable because anyone else might eventually realize the radical leftist dream is really a destructive nightmare.

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