MOREHEAD CITY — Medical Park Pharmacy, an institution serving eastern North Carolina for 35 years, announced last week it is selling its retail pharmacies to CVS and permanently closing several locations.

In addition to the Medical Park Pharmacy group, which manages six retail pharmacies throughout the region, a June 17 release says Family Care Pharmacy group and Havelock Drug are also affected by the sale. Together, the pharmacy groups will sell a total of nine retail locations to CVS Pharmacy.

CVS plans to maintain operations at three locations after the sale is complete. Those locations are Medical Park Pharmacy, 301 Penny Lane, Morehead City; Medical Park Pharmacy Newport, 129 Nine Foot Road; and Family Care Pharmacy Swansboro, 1106B Main St. Ext. According to the release, each location will close and reopen as a CVS Pharmacy at the same location.

The pharmacy conversions are expected to take place in mid-July.

The remaining locations will close and all pharmacy files and pharmacy inventory will be transferred confidentially to the nearest CVS Pharmacy location. The following locations will be closed and files transferred to the listed CVS locations:

Medical Park Pharmacy West, 278 Highway 24, Suite M, Morehead City, transferring to 5008 Highway 70 West, Morehead City.

Medical Park Pharmacy Washington, 1316 John Small Ave., transferring to 1020 John Small Ave., Washington.

Medical Park Pharmacy Greenville, 1872 W. Arlington Blvd., transferring to 704 SO Memorial Drive, Greenville.

Medical Park Pharmacy East, 1513 Live Oak St., Beaufort, transferring to 1703 Live Oak St., Beaufort.

Family Care Pharmacy Jacksonville, 114B Memorial Drive, transferring to 400 Western Blvd., Jacksonville.

Havelock Drug Company, 1204 East Main St., transferring to 103 Catawba Road, Havelock.

CVS Pharmacy is working closely with the pharmacy group to ensure the transition is seamless for patients and their access to pharmacy care is not interrupted, according to the release. All existing employees will be considered for positions at local CVS Pharmacy locations.

The first Medical Park Pharmacy opened in Morehead City in 1984, and the nine-store pharmacy group has been serving the community for 35 years.

“Since we first opened our doors, we have been focused on serving our community with personal service, providing exceptional patient care, with an expert team of employees by our side,” Medical Park Pharmacy Vice President Rob Williams said in a release. “While I believe we have done a great job in accomplishing this, it has become increasingly difficult to provide quality pharmacy care due to the rapid changes in the healthcare industry.

“After engaging the services of Pacific Pharmacy Consultants, we determined that CVS Pharmacy is the company that can provide the consistency that our patients deserve and the peace of mind we desire for our employees,” he concluded.

George Peal, Medical Park Pharmacy president, said, “While change is always difficult, many of our retail employees will benefit from maintaining their jobs and having a competitive benefits package. Customers and patients will benefit from having a wider range of products and services available and continued pharmacy care from familiar faces.

“It has truly been a pleasure for our family and employees to serve your family. Thank you for your business and your tremendous support. We wish everyone the best going forward.”

CVS Pharmacy offers clinical pharmacy services, medication adherence programs, automatic refills to help patients take their medications on time and as directed, immunizations, text alerts to inform patients when their prescriptions are ready and digital tools to help patients manage their prescriptions. Patients and customers who are new to CVS Pharmacy will be introduced to a wide range of health, beauty and personal care products, plus the CVS Pharmacy ExtraCare Program. More information can be found at

“CVS Pharmacy knows that these nine locations have been providing trusted pharmacy care for the Eastern and coastal North Carolina Community for years and we are excited to continue that tradition,” Timothy Roy, regional director, CVS Pharmacy. “We are looking forward to introducing our industry-leading products and services to these new patients and are committed to ensuring that their pharmacy needs are not only met, but exceeded.”

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David Collins

This pharmacy consolidation is a bet on the passage of some type of taxpayer funded government sponsored medical care for all. Next to come will be the in house { doc. in a box } feature to do the actual prescribing along with examinations . Bet this will lead to being Government approved for Medicaid use, cutting out other practitioners . That way CVS can get a much larger bite from the taxpayer’s apple from the same locations . Times they are changing and be careful about what you wish for .


CVS (aka Citizens Value Store), is a dismal provider of pharmacy services. Having seen first hand CVS's problems, this is a sad event. The doc in a box concept will not be a physician at all, it will be another poorly trained nurse practitioner or physician assistant wannabe doctor. Only without the training. Mislabeled medications, wrong medications, wrong dosages, wrong number of pills, wrong formulations. This is CVS's history. We are in for a rough ride indeed.

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