Beaufort, N.C.

June 29, 2018


Reading the Carteret County News-Times June 27 front page, I was more than aghast at the lack of basic understanding of the spirit of Beaufort by our current town board consisting of Ann Carter, John Hagle, Sharon Harker, Marianna Hollinshed and Charles McDonald.

The reason I state their names is that I hope this upcoming holiday weekend if you happen to see them out and about, you will voice your opinion of their consensus of doing away with reserving ONE parking space for the 13 houses in town that have no driveway to park their car.

Those minuscule 13 parking spaces in front of homes that have a painted car length strip white with the black lettering of “Restricted Parking – Resident” are an attempt to give taxpaying homeowners an opportunity to park one car in front of their house that was initiated several years ago after this same town board decided to initiate paid parking. That decision FORCED store and restaurant employees to find a place to park their car if they didn’t want to pay an average of $6 a day to be employed. Therefore, they sought out “free” on street parking in residential areas.

The narrow debate given at the 4 p.m. work session Monday, June 25, (which many citizens are unable to attend) gave some thought as to whether or not the person living in the house was “mobile,” and therefore, very limited in walking blocks from where he/she parked or had the car parked. That discussion quickly fizzed out. They then decided to do away with “Resident Only” parking restrictions on those 13 spaces in residential neighborhoods. What about caregivers and visitors to those homes who need a parking space to visit the resident?

Is this what Beaufort has become? Do we not follow the lead of many other towns who allow at least one parking space for residents in lieu of their being a taxpaying member and contributor to their town in many ways, including paying property taxes — along with shopping and possibly volunteering for the many great events in this town to draw tourists, fishermen, educators, etc., who also spend money and laud this town?

I hope everyone speaks up about this misguided action, and if an ordinance is needed to allow a parking space in front of a house that has no off street parking, just do it!


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Wait, they have YOUR BEST INTEREST at heart?!? [wink]


No one deserves their own parking space in a town of several thousand taxpayers. I also think that handicapped spaces need to pay for parking if everyone else has to do so. No one has mentioned if the handicapped spaces are timed, they should be just as all the other spaces .


One would think the actual year round taxpayer should have a free pass in their home area. However, there are things we used to call driveway's.

Once again the LEADERS have not included the unintended consequence of a few businesses for the greater population, and to be honest, i cannot think of one thing they actually did for the Town?

Possibly someone can list all the wonderful things they accomplished?

ps. maybe even just one?[wink]


don't forget to thank the great mayor of Beaufort.


Beaufort has outgrown itself. The "unintended consequences" spoken of are a result of our individual decisions and our collective decisions. Good or bad.


I personally don't think that publicly confronting town officials is anything less than harassment, embarrassing, and downright rude. If you are unhappy about decisions made or not made by the town board you need to follow proper procedures and go to the meetings and voice your concerns in the proper environment. Haven't we seen enough of that disgusting behavior acted out in DC by liberal sour grape activists? Do the right thing not what just feels good. Really!


Wait 1 chicken pickin minute there toothfairy.......

(you still owe me 2 quarter's from 73' and then again in 82', but that's another story we can take up at another time).

These board members open meetings, take in public opinion, disregard it then go behind closed doors and do what the few business folk want.

If everyone from Beaufort showed up, all 4k of them, where in the name of the lord would they park, in the creek?

Quite possibly, this body has become a relic of actual free market competition , and has outstayed its inception?

ie: think the term is 'NOT NEEDED' anymore, we had a mayor, town manager assistant town manager, and a board of people that basically tell people what to do in a free society by way of regulation and policing , when , in point of fact w/out the people they would go hungry.

Tail wagging the dog there.

Here is my analogy, a US Aircraft Carrier has more residents , or service members on it then this entire show, and its more efficient. (the majority of these dedicated young men and women are well under the age of 27 and perform outstanding duties , for a much smaller compensation then this town has in capitol)

Their also mobile, and deadly if needs be, but skip the logistics, alot of the work is mundane, and day to day consistent , however it is necessary.

Now , these young men and women , if serving , are not permitted democracy , they are there to preserve it, they simply follow command, or orders, or do their job , either term you place on it, its the same thing.

This is all done with basically 3 people running the boat , which is also smaller in size then Beaufort.

Point being this could be much more efficient, and this town has grown complacent in its leaders , as well, they have grown more brazen then they should have been allowed to by the public.

I'm not telling anyone to publicly argue or cause grief towards anyone, however................... sometimes people need to be put in their place , promptly. (and i hardly think a few minutes of talk by even a vast majority is enough time per person to lodge grievances ). Takes you longer to get to your car and start it. [wink]

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