Wanchese, N.C.

June 25, 2018


North Carolina has the potential to be a major shellfish producer: it has an abundant coastline, favorable conditions, and strong fishing communities. However, unnecessary restrictions at the state level are holding it back. Legislation in the General Assembly will change that, and help North Carolina realize its full potential.

The Support Shellfish Industry Act aims to increase opportunity for North Carolina’s fishermen and businesses by expanding its shellfish leasing program. Currently, shellfish leases are capped at 50 acres. The bill would raise that number to 200 acres in Pamlico Sound, while keeping the limit the same in the rest of the state.

For comparison, Virginia and Maryland both allow shellfish growers to lease up to 2,000 acres. North Carolina’s current rules make it regionally uncompetitive, and put our fishermen at an economic disadvantage.

While the bill would benefit our state’s economy, it will also benefit our state’s environment. Oysters are filter feeders, absorbing nutrients and cleaning the surrounding waters. They are one of the few farm raised seafoods that benefit their ecosystem, making the ocean more enjoyable for not only fishermen, but also North Carolina residents as a whole.

The bill also requires that leaseholders must be North Carolina businesses with North Carolina fishing licenses, ensuring that North Carolina residents are its main beneficiaries.

The Support Shellfish Industry Act is the first step in putting more fishermen on the water and making North Carolina’s seafood industry more competitive.


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Written under the assumption that a vast majority of the land under the water belongs to the State, when, i'm not at all convinced it does.

Firstly, this industry was not created by any political body, it was created by people who inhabited the area's on and around the coast.

Secondly , some if not alot of the land is probably owned at some border w/land above water , creating a possible conflict with the property owner.

Lastly, it was never up to ANY GOVERNMENT TO STICK THEIR NOSE IN AN INDUSTRY THAT THEY HAD NO HAND IN CREATING AT ALL, NOR REAP ANYTHING BUT TAXES, as they do with anything else, including the hoola hoop toy.

Now, its too far gone to ever get back to rock and roll.

I doubt even deregulating the entire structure of the LEA side would return it to the way it was.

These 'oyster's' left a very bad taste in everyone's mouth.

ps... Its hard to explain to your grandchildren why you need a license to catch a fish in a sound, etc, but, i think we saw this coming, and let them in under the premise that we'll give an inch, and they took the entire lot.

Ruination by GOVERNMENT. [wink]


A government improving anything; a contradiction at best.


Milton Friedman - Big Business, Big Government


Enjoy, its only 30 years old. (and FACTUAL) [wink]


Oh, also, i love the TV ADS they LEADERS are spending tax dollars on begging for people to 'BUY A LICENSE' to get a hook wet, look like a bunch of panhandlers .


These 'interlopers ' need to be sent back to school for basic economics of capitalism.

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