BEAUFORT — Some of the races were close, but Friday’s canvass revealed no major changes in the results of the 2019 municipal elections.

County Board of Elections officials gathered at the BOE office in Beaufort Friday to certify the results of the Nov. 5 election. With all provisional and absentee ballots now accounted for and results certified by the state, the winners of the races are now official.  

BOE officials Thursday conducted a discretionary recount for some of the election’s tighter races. In Cape Carteret, Will Baker edged out Commissioner Charlie Evans by a single vote to take the mayor’s seat. Meanwhile, in Indian Beach, the recount broke a preliminary tie between Councilman Pete Wylie and newcomer Victor Heinrich.

Officials also conducted a recount for Morehead City, where only a few votes separated the candidates. The recount did not change the results, but it did show some candidates received more votes than originally reported.

BOE Deputy Director Margot Burke said candidates have until Monday to request a vote recount, but also said, so far, no one has indicated they will do so.

Ms. Burke said the election process this year seemed to go smoothly.

“It wasn’t a really big election, but whether there’s two voters or 10,000 voters, it’s still the same process,” she said. “It’s a little simpler when there’s only two voters, but still you’ve got to go through all the stuff to get those two voters.”

BOE Vice Chairman Jeanette Deese agreed with the staffer’s assessment and added the election went well despite recent turnover in the BOE office, including a new director.

“Overall, I think it was a really good election,” she said. “I’m really pleased with how it was conducted, especially considering we have some new staff members.”

The following is a list of the official results in the 2019 municipal elections. Winners are in bold, and incumbents are indicated with an (i).  

Atlantic Beach Mayor:

A.B. (Trace) Cooper III (i): 386, 98.22%

Write-ins: 7, 1.78%

Atlantic Beach Town Council (five seats):

Harry Archer (i): 262, 14.05%

M.J. Forrest: 263, 14.10%

Rich Johnson (i): 301, 16.14%

Danny Navey (i): 289, 15.5%

 Richard Porter Jr. (i): 236, 12.65%

Joseph Starling: 208, 11.15%

Austin Waters (i): 300, 16.09%

Write-ins: 6, 0.32%

Beaufort Mayor:

Everette S. (Rett) Newton (i): 512, 96.06%

Write-ins: 21, 3.94%

Beaufort Town Commission (three seats):

John Hagle (i): 368, 23.20%

Sharon Harker (i): 489, 30.83%

Marianna Hollinshed (i): 385, 24.27%

Kenneth W. Humphrey: 136, 8.58%

Heather Poling: 201, 12.67%

Write-ins: 7, 0.44%

Bogue Mayor:

Robert O’Chat: 62, 98.41%

Write-ins: 1, 1.59%

Bogue Town Council (three seats):

Richard W. Dougherty: 45, 28.48%

Herbert F. Page (i): 55, 34.81%

Albert Taylor: 57, 36.08%

Write-ins: 1, 0.63%

Cape Carteret Mayor:

Will Baker: 266, 50.09%

Charlie Evans: 265, 49.91%

Cape Carteret Town Commission (three seats):

Don Miller (i): 375, 27.53%

Jim Nalitz: 342, 25.11%

Patricia Ruddiman: 229, 16.81%

Jeff Waters: 411, 30.18%

Write-ins: 5, 0.37%

Cape Carteret referendum question: “Shall the ordinance adopted by the Town of Cape Carteret on Oct. 8, 2018, which would change the Town’s form of government from the current Council-Manager form of government (Town Manager), to a Mayor-Council form of government, be approved?”

Yes: 156, 29.89%

No: 366, 70.11%

Cedar Point Mayor:

Scott Hatsell (i): 245, 96.08%

Write-ins: 10, 3.92%

Cedar Point Town Commission (two seats):

Gary Alan Bray: 169, 32.38%

Neil A. Foose Jr.: 13, 2.49%

Paul Garavaglia: 96, 18.39%

Joshua Reilly: 84, 16.09%

Frankie Winberry (i): 156, 29.89%

Write-ins: 4, 0.77%

Emerald Isle Town Commission (three seats):

Steve Finch (i): 573, 24.92%

Joe Flowers: 101, 4.48%

Pat Lister: 390, 16.96%

Jordan Madorsky: 125, 5.44%

Floyd Messer Jr. (i): 568, 24.71%

Jim Normile (i): 529, 23.01%

Write-ins: 11, 0.48%

Indian Beach Commission (two seats):

Victor E. Heinrich: 36, 27.07%

Elizabeth (Dale) Williford (i): 60, 45.11%

Peter J. Wylie (i): 37, 27.82%

Morehead City Town Council (three seats):

Dennis Goodwin: 514, 18.77%

David Horton: 650, 23.73%

Bill Taylor (i): 543, 19.82%

Harvey Walker (i): 475, 17.34%

Diane Warrender (i): 523, 19.09%

Wyatt Rike (Write-in): 24, 0.88%

Write-ins (miscellaneous): 10, 0.37%

Newport Town Council (three seats):

Danny Fornes (i): 139, 34.41%

David M. Heath (i): 130, 32.18%

Chuck Shinn (i): 124, 30.69%

Write-ins: 11, 2.72%

Peletier Mayor:

Dale Sowers (i): 37, 80.43%

Write-ins: 9, 19.57%

Peletier Town Commission (two seats):

Walter G. Krause (i): 39, 56.52%

David Bragg (Write-in): 20, 28.99%

Richard Bright (Write-in): 9, 13.04%

Write-ins (miscellaneous): 1, 1.45%

Pine Knoll Shores Mayor:

Robert J. Cox: 174, 32.77%

Ken Jones (i): 232, 43.69%

Peggy Young: 125, 23.54%

Pine Knoll Shores Town Commission (two seats):

Clark Edwards (i): 419, 52.44%

Ted Goetzinger (i): 340, 42.55%

Write-ins: 40, 5.01%

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