“If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

“The people are going to turn on them. They’re going to protest. They’re going to absolutely harass them until they decide that they’re going to tell the president, ‘No I can’t hang with you — this is wrong, this is unconscionable, and we can’t keep doing this to children.’”

These comments were uttered by California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters, first at a Los Angeles rally Monday and then on MSNBC.

Ms. Waters, or Mad Max, is promoting is mayhem.

The impetus for her senile insanity was the separation of alien children from alien parents who illegally crossed the border, a practice that was going in previous administrations. But because the Democrat Industrial Media Complex (DIMC) was indifferent, it didn’t publicize it. So the public didn’t know because it wasn’t told.

Now with President Donald Trump, a Republican in the Oval Office, everything changed.

Family separation also changed. Last week Mr. Trump signed an executive order that complies with law directing Attorney General Jeff Sessions to petition federal courts to grant him greater authority to “detain alien families together.” This was the legal position of President Obama who implemented family detention as a deterrent. But with Mr. Trump in the White House, Democrats are furious because they want to prevent family detention centers altogether.

(The conditions in which the Obama administration kept unaccompanied children was far worse than how they are being cared for now, says Patricia McCarthy. “Obama’s policy was to simply turn them over to so called care facilities, many of which were fronts for child sex-trafficking. He lost track of thousands of young children he encouraged to come to the Southern border, who then simply disappeared into the interior of the county … Many of them as potential mules for the drug cartels, others to be trafficked by the enormous network of pedophiles ….”)

Last week Trump administration members were victims of Ms. Waters’ anarchy.

A mob hounded Department of Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen out of a Mexican restaurant in Washington, D.C. Then it went to her Virginia townhouse, yelling and screaming and blasting audio of crying children, chanting “no justice, no sleep.” When she left her home and got into a car, protesters shouted, “History will remember you. You belong in the Hague. You’re a modern day Nazi.”

Friday night Sarah Sanders, White House press secretary, and her family were asked to leave a restaurant in Lexington, Va. The owner of the Red Hen then followed the family, harassing them when they entered another restaurant.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and her boyfriend were harassed at a movie theater, surrounded by three large men shouting at her within an inch of her face.

Seth Rogen, a Canadian-American actor, gleefully said on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” that he refused a selfie with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s children. And the Colbert crowd cheered vociferously.

The liberal Left thinks this is grand.

Yesterday, Laurence Key was arrested in Stuart, Fla., for threatening to harm the children of Florida Rep. Brian Mast, all of whom are younger than 8 because he was mad about the separation of children at the border.

The DIMC is silent. There is no condemnation of this conduct, of these words. As others, particularly those on the right are saying, this guarantees another Scalise tragedy.

For those who might not remember or who didn’t note what happened, on June 14, 2017, James T. Hodgkinson, 66, a radicalized Bernie Sanders supporter, used a high powered rifle to try and kill as many Republicans who were practicing for the annual congressional charity baseball game as he could. Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., the House majority whip was critically wounded. Four others were also shot. Capitol Police killed Hodgkinson.

Following the shooting, Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., received a threat, saying “one down, 216 to go.” Other Republicans in Congress reported receiving calls from Leftist activists saying they were glad about the shooting and hope there are more.

The liberal Left ballyhoos tolerance but their behavior is anything but. It just can’t come to terms that they lost the election, that their candidate had no message and foundered.

“Angry mobs are not discerning or careful,” said Jim Geraghty on his Morning Jolt column on National Review online yesterday. “Angry mobs are not good for deterring a particular unwanted behavior. They are good for instilling fear and giving a lot of people an excuse to let out all of their antisocial or violent impulses with a thin patina of moral righteousness. ‘I’m not harassing and assaulting another human being, I’m standing up for human rights!’” 

The Left has been encouraging this violence and feels it’s justified. Because they lost.

What goes around comes back around. If that happens, the Left will be shocked and horrified by the “climate of hate” they created — which they will disown — too late.

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Anybody with common sense will show the leftist mob the door in November.


Agree w/ DC here, the liberals have mistaken kindness for weakness for a bit to long now. (and i'm actually speaking about the fringe liberals, because, true liberals would have never endorsed activity's like this, so, they don't even know their movement was hijacked by a small group of idiots).


What The Media Really Thinks of You



1 year and 20 days ago, hahahhahahahah

Maxine Waters Runs From Russia Corruption Question | March For Truth Protester Fails | FLECCAS TALKS


What a joke. [beam]


Hopefully it will be Trump's fascist mob that goes. Why is the "left' being victimized. Plenty of republican hate out there, from Charlottesville killing , white supremacist groups, evangelical hypocrisy, ludicrous science denial , out right racism , sexism, misogyny , tariffs, veteran hatred, big business love in the form of tax cuts ( guess what - they are not spending money saved on higher wages) and the list goes on. Plenty of republicans leaving the fold.


DAS .... You just described everything that the DEMOCRATS & the COMMIES tried in the last 1.5 years. Its written history now. WHY ARE YOU CLAIMING TO BE VICTIMIZED? What has Trump done that you want to argue is fascist? Where are all these NAZI'S? You get back to me with some facts and specific ones, then we'll have a discussion, ...... I can post several hundred links, if not thousands of left lunatics doing the very thing you are right now without one shred of any evidence of their mind blowing accusations. What's worse is that the Presidency of The United States was sabotaged by the DNC , and various other US AGENCIES in league with socialist agenda's. The simpletons just never thought Trump was going to win, plain and simple, now their CAUGHT IN A RAT TRAP. What's more, he's here and staying for 2020. If your not careful, i'll get Dick Cheney to run in 2024! (we'll see if you really like crooked pool).

(Edited by staff.)


Dinesh D'Souza Explains Fascism to ANTIFA & Leftist Hypocrites! EPIC!


Now, here refute HISTORY. link above.


Lunatic leftist shooting up a baseball game of elected officials, getting in FL AG face provoking, leftist leaders, figureheads calling for more and list goes on. Courts have pushed the envelope to the left and now the pendulum hopefully will swing back to sanity. The country has been saved by divine intervention or chance whichever you prefer.


The hate is mind boggling on this thread. I would say that only looking at your own facts is not good research. Also individuals shooting others is not a correct indicator of all of America. If it was I guess choir boy Dylan Roof shooting up a church is your hero. Divine intervention? Fascism as in Mussolini does describe Trump's aim to be ruler and dictator. Courts are to interpret ( please look up the word) the Constitution. The Constitution has its limitations and therefore this places a burden on SCOTUS and other judges in the position of deciding issues that were unimaginable to the Founding Fathers. We do not have a definitive outline for many situations . BUT I guess you all are smart enough to have all the answers.


How has the American President broken any LAW , or in what way is he a facist??

Where are all these Nazi's?

Still waiting for a correct response to these 2 simple questions.

Stop diverting to typical left lunacy please.


Deadbolt, you've got to keep up....

One week the preferred label is homophobe, the next week it's bigot, then racist, then islamophobe.

This week it's fascist or Nazi.

I've actually lost track myself. Can't remember which one is for next week.


Um, yea, also, i don't want your 'opinion of how anyone thinks', i hardly think you have a magical way of anyone's thought pattern but your own.

So, using Mussolini , from a period in history where FACTS are present, to now, i'd simply like YOUR evidence of an fascism or NAZI presence in or around the orbit of the current President.

I think i'll be waiting till doomsday for this, because, the pitiful group on the left of WE THE PEOPLE cannot even produce a parking ticket that the man got at any time in history.

As for your arrogant comment on HATE in this article, if the FACT'S are hurting your feelings, you may want to go for counseling ? ie: HISTORY IS VIOLENT.

The comment about the nut job that shot up a church in SC, happened prior to Trump. It was June of 2015, and quite frankly i do not agree that anything was related to politics in any way shape or form on that tragic day. (not to divert from the answer i want, but he had been hanging around several 'friends' who commented on TV , some of which were in fact people of different color then white).

You get back to me on fascism and NAZI'S , and then we'll pick apart the FACTS.

Crickets Chirping ...............


It is absolutely mind boggling the Trump haters here and everywhere else. What has he done to you? Individuals shooting others is not an indicator of all America but it is an indicator of too many sick people who harbor hate for whatever reason that is not reason enough to kill another. Self-defense, in time of war, and maybe a few other very limited situations. Political beliefs is certainly not one of them. Roof should face the death penalty so whose hero does that make him? The Charlottesville deal is a little more complicated. For one LE and other officials didn't do their jobs. The Internet, violent computer games, copy-cats seeking notoriety, etc. has some if not a lot of the blame for senseless shootings. Making the Mussolini, Hitler, etc. comparison is sick and encourages problems. Judges are not legislators.


"The left's Alternate Universe" by Ted Noel.


"You know things are bad for the lefties when they start calling each other racists" by Monica Showalter.


"Poll: 59% believe the left will resort to violence" by Rick Moran.


"Silent Obama sends a message" by Jeannie DeAngelis.


"With the string of Supreme Court victories, will the NeverTrumps now apologize?" by Monica Showalter.


"Are you living in a psychopath state? New research shows!" by Gary Gindler.

Quoting the article: "Most importantly, eight of the ten most psychopathic states in the U.S. voted for Hillary Clinton."

"Seven of the ten most non-psychopathic states of America voted for Donald Trump."

"Is Professor Murphy's research the final point? By no means! After all, no one has ever been able to successfully argue with a psychopath while remaining within the framework of a civilized discussion.

For example, how do you explain to a psychopath that in about three out of four cases, irrational, aggressive, and absurd leftism can be a symptom of well known mental pathology?"


Dinesh D'Souza Speech About His Recent Pardon by President Trump


Awful odd a racist pardoned a brown fella?????????????


ps. still hear the crickets chirping..........[wink]


Haven’t you heard? He is a narcissist. A narcissist doesn’t care about anything else if he is hearing praises. The..... is convicted by a court of law of racism. It is a fact.

(Edited by staff.)


Thomas Sowell slams the narcissism of American progressives # Special and famous people


Trump just cut more regulations then anyone in the history of the founding of our Republic, and that's narcissist?

Um, ok. [wink]


Socialism hard at work........ Enjoy..........


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