BEAUFORT — On Saturday, Carteret County deputies arrested Ann Cobb Hughes, 71, of Beaufort, for shooting at her 67-year-old husband, Haywood Hughes.

According to a Tuesday release from the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office, deputies say the couple got into a domestic altercation and Mr. Hughes, who is disabled, locked himself in their bedroom after Ms. Hughes left. Deputies say Ms. Hughes then returned and demanded entry into the bedroom.

When Mr. Hughes refused, she allegedly fired one round through the door with a 357 Mangum revolver. Ms. Hughes told deputies she “wanted to kill that bastard.”

Ms. Hughes was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and was held in the Carteret County jail without bond until her first appearance Monday. During her first court appearance, her bond was set at $2,500 and she was released Monday after posting bond. Her next court date is scheduled for Friday, Aug. 2.

Ms. Hughes has pending charges for assault on a disabled person after she was arrested April 7 for assaulting her 91-year-old mother. That court date is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 9.


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She has pending charges for assaulting her 91 year old mother. And she was released on a $2500 bond?? Maybe time for some new judges in this judicial district?


So she attacked 2 disabled people and now she's out on bail for both of those charges? WOW


Attempted MURDER, 2,500.00 bond. A sac of dope, life in prison, no bond! (and the female has mitigating factor's!?!) Anybody think she will make the court date? Place your bets!


Just curious. Was her husband disabled from a previous gun shot from her 357?

Core Sounder

wow! a slap on the wrist for attempted murder and beating up on a senior citizen while a couple with a few grams of dope get jailed on 1,000,000 dollar bond each. It has to be Carteret County for stuff like that to occur


$2500 bond for attempted murder? Unbelievable!

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