Europeans are revolting against mass immigration.

The Open Arms, a Spanish nongovernmental organization rescue vessel that saved 60 migrants floating in a rubber dinghy in the Mediterranean Sea 30 miles from Libya’s coast, prompted Italy to immediately say yesterday the boat could not dock in Italy.

“They can forget about arriving in an Italian port, said Italy’s right wing Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

An Associated Press reporter aboard the Open Arms said a Libyan coast guard vessel approached the boat during the rescue operation, but soon turned around and left ordering the vessel to go to Spain.

But Spain won’t allow the boat to dock.

Last week, on Monday, Spanish Economic Development Minister Jose Luis Abalos said Spain would not permit a boat carrying 230 migrants rescued at sea to dock in Spain.

His remarks came after Italy’s new populist government refused to allow the Aquarius, with 629 North Africans, to land, and turned it away in the prior week.

Then Pedro Sanchez, the new prime minister of Spain, said he had given permission for the Aquarius, operated by German NGO Mission Lifeline, to dock in Valencia, adding Spain would welcome all those on board. “It is our duty to help avoid a humanitarian catastrophe and offer a safe harbor to these people in accordance with international law,” he said.

His announcement came after German lawmakers who visited the Aquarius said conditions were worsening on board and there was a possible humanitarian emergency as weather conditions deteriorate.

But Mr. Sanchez, who was secretary-general of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party before his election, received blowback.

The Aquarius was turned away by both Italy and Malta.

Before Mr. Sanchez allowed it to dock in Spain.

But that was then. Now no more rescue ships are welcome. In Spain, Italy or Malta.

Mr. Abalos said Spain could not “take on this responsibility alone.” He said Spain’s acceptance of the Aquarius was aimed to draw attention to the problem of rescued migrants, but a political solution was now needed.

Of course it is. But even the socialists in Europe, said American Thinker editor Thomas Lifson, are starting to realize “that their populace does not want millions more impoverished migrants from cultures and religions that shun assimilation and consider generous welfare subsidies as tribute from the infidels, a signal of weakness and submission.”

With migration surging to the top of the political agenda across Europe, in a crackdown on “political Islam” and foreign financing of religious groups, Austria’s new Chancellor Sebastian Kurz ordered seven mosques closed and their imams and families deported.

In Germany, Angela Merkel is in a political crisis because of her open door policy that has allowed more than 1.5 million Muslims to settle in the country.

As even leftists are starting to understand, said Mr. Lifson, “immigration minus assimilation is an invasion, actually a form of colonialism, in which the newcomers change the host culture and, with their ‘no-go zones,’ enforce extraterritoriality.”

Given Europe high unemployment rate, it’s no wonder there is a turn against mass migration, which the culture cannot afford to feed and house.

Just over 172,300 people reached Europe by sea in 2017, less than half those in 2016, said Human Rights Watch.

“When a Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party government is tougher on uncontrolled mass immigration than our own Democratic Party,” adds Mr. Lifson, “you know that the Dems have painted themselves into a corner. No wonder the U.S. media are ignoring this story.”

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Yeah, if the Native Americans had denied entry to THEIR country back in the 1600's, we would be having a VERY different discussion....

Oh, wait! To understand the above comment requires even a rudimentary understanding of American history


There are MANY educated people in Carteret County!!!! Also, many of those whose idol, DJ Trump proclaimed, "I LOVE the poorly educated!!"

(Edited by staff.)


Sure every scenario equates in time, circumstance, and every other factor a genius can come up with in trying to prove an idiotic point.


Actors Cold Read Facts on Illegal Immigration off of a Teleprompter

Worth the 4 mins. [wink]


"The border, liberals, and the left" by Rick Hayes. Quoting the article: "Where once the political spectrum consisted mainly of the differences between liberals and conservatives, there is now a clear distinction between liberals and the left, a rift exposed by the conflict over southern border policy. Both "L's" reside squarely in the Democratic Party, with the left quickly taking control and a lead role in party policy and behavior."

"Before the surprise presidential election win of Donald Trump, both Democrats and Republicans could get away with pretending to want a secure border while hiding their opposition to border enforcement. They and the rest of Washington swamp never intended to stop the flow of illegal immigration into the U.S."

"For years, Democrats and Republicans were satisfied to pontificate about immigration reform while at the same time they allowed future illegal Democratic voters and cheap Republican labor to enter America. The border was unsecured under Bush, and according to the Center of Immigration Studies, 2.5 million joined the Illegal population under Obama."

"It was no secret that for decades Congress did not represent the will of the people, and the broken immigration system made that abundantly clear, but with the election of Trump, for the first time in decades, a real effort at border security would be made. For this and other reasons, the swamp had to ensure Trump's failure. Hence the Russian Collusion Investigation, constant calls for impeachment, and the daily hit jobs by the fake news propaganda swamp machine."

"Unfortunately for the traditional Democratic party leadership, the left has devoured the party from the inside out in the same way the open borders policy demanded by the left would swallow America. This exposed the distinction between the motivating factors regarding what leftist Democrats require and what Democrat liberals want. Democrat liberals' desire for open borders is laced with good intentions, as they believe in a utopian America."

"But for the Democrat left, open borders are a means to an end -- the end of The United States as a sovereign nation. The left sees open borders as an opportunity to dissolve private property and overload infrastructure to sink the U.S. economy while rendering the United States Constitution as meaningless. So while both the left and liberals demand open borders, underneath they have very different desired outcomes. Either way, the realization of open borders would have the same devastating effects on America no matter who was responsible in its creation."

David Collins

Scrooge; now tell me just who did the Native Americans displace when they arrived on the scene?

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