MOREHEAD CITY — A fire broke out in a mobile home at Willis Trailer Park on Bridges Street Thursday evening, causing severe damage but no injuries.

Morehead City Fire/EMS were dispatched at 7:16 p.m. to a report of a fire at Willis Trailer Park. Capt. Courtney Wade said they arrived to find the mobile home at lot No. 78 engulfed in “heavy smoke and flames.”

“The fire was put out pretty quickly,” Capt. Wade said. “There were no occupants here at the time of the fire. The cause is undetermined, and the fire is under investigation.”

In addition to Morehead Fire/EMS, Atlantic Beach Fire/EMS Department also responded to provide mutual aid.

Capt. Wade say no injuries were caused by the fire, though the damage to the mobile home was extensive.

“I feel sure the structure will be totaled,” he said, “due to the age of the structure and the extent of the fire.”

Donitila Mendez and her family were the occupants of the trailer before the fire. She said she and her family were at the Morehead City Primary School park at the time of the fire, when her mother-in-law called to tell them what had happened. Ms. Mendez and her family will be staying with relatives.

Another resident of Willis’ trailer park, Hunter Davis, lives right across the street from where the fire occurred. Mr. Davis said he’d gotten home from work at about 6:30 p.m. and some time after that, he started to smell something burning.

“I thought it was someone having a cookout,” Mr. Davis said. “That’s when I looked outside and saw the flames rising out of the back door (from across the street). My roommate said it smelled like burning grease.”

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