SWANSBORO —Narcotics detectives with the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office and Morehead City Police Department arrested a Haw River couple Tuesday, ending an investigation of marijuana trafficking into Carteret County from Alamance County.

Philip Edward Satterfield, 45, and Megan Elizabeth Shulse, 37, face several drug charges, including trafficking in marijuana, possession with intent to manufacture, sell and deliver marijuana, selling marijuana, delivering marijuana, manufacturing marijuana and maintaining a vehicle and dwelling that was used for keeping and selling a controlled substance.

The investigation concluded when detectives executed a search warrant and raided their vacation home on Saddlehorn Court in Swansboro around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday. The raid resulted in the seizure of more than 10 pounds of marijuana and THC products. Detectives also found more than $21,000 in cash.

Detectives notified the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office about the raid, and their deputies obtained a search warrant for the couple’s primary residence in Haw River, where they seized more than 18 pounds of THC products and more than $14,000.

Mr. Satterfield and Ms. Shulse were placed in the Carteret County jail under secured bonds of $250,000 each. They face several charges in Alamance and Carteret counties.


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If you grow it, don't sell it. Just keep your mouth shut.


Legalize the herb for personal use. Let people grow 5 plants for personal consumption. Let the State license businesses for consumer sales. Let the state tax the sale of MJ. It’s a win/win for the state and those consumers who use it. Works in Alaska. Our courts up here are not clogged anymore with marijuana cases. Marijuana will never go away. It’s here to stay, so why not make some tax money off of it and go build a couple of bike path, or maybe a park somewhere.


North Carolina is always the last to see the light. But, N.C. loves selling alcohol to its citizens, with all the carnage that comes with it.

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