NEWPORT — A domestic violence report at a Newport residence led to law enforcement to find a large amount of drugs and cash, the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Deputies responded to a call of aggravated assault at Lot 22 of Seascape Mobile Home Park around 6 p.m. June 17. While interviewing the victims, deputies were informed the suspect had a backpack inside the residence that contained drugs. Deputies obtained consent from the homeowner to search the residence and discovered a backpack that contained a large amount of brown powder, cocaine, marijuana and a bundle of cash.

Deputies dispatched the narcotics division to the location to assist in the processing of evidence. After searching the property, deputies found 25 grams of heroin, 31 grams of marijuana, 1.5 grams of cocaine and more than $22,000 cash in a backpack belonging to the suspect.

Amery Lee Smith Jr., 25, of Havelock, was arrested and charged with three counts of trafficking heroin, two counts each of assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill, assault on a female and one count each of possession with the intent to manufacture, sell and deliver cocaine and possession with the intent to manufacture, sell and deliver marijuana.

Mr. Smith is being held in the Carteret County jail under a $1.18 million dollar secured bond.

During the investigation, CCSO narcotics detectives and deputies were assisted by the Newport Police Department.

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Guess we need to bring in more drugs to help support the tourism industry. OBX has a HUGE drug problem & we do here, but ours will only grow more with the tourism-related growth that this county seems to be h* ll bent on.

Core Sounder

wow, a large ant of drugs? less than 1 oz of hard drugs and about 1 oz of weed. Better than nothing I suppose. Gotta wonder where the large amt of cash will end up though. My money says that not a penny of it will end up helping to pay for patrolling our schools


Beach is exactly on target here. We wanted the tourist (playground) dollar, and we got all that comes with it. High taxes, drugs, violence, corruption. Aren't we proud.




Before I moved here, I seriously looked at OBX and decided against it after talking to many locals who had lived there year round and experienced it. The biggest issues they have related to tourism are: * Taxes * Drugs (the drug dealers make more money b/c it's a more isolated area and the demand is high) * Low paying tourism jobs (they don't want to pay locals more, so they bring in workers on a work visa from other countries, they pack a lot of them into small rental houses or trailers, they get paid to work only during the tourism season, then they leave). This is an issue b/c they cause crime (they can leave anytime and go back to their country), drive down wages and are brought in so that no one gets laid off during the rest of the year (i.e., no companies have to pay unemployment). People might think that this would be a plus. Well imagine 1,000 more workers here who are used to working low paying jobs, don't care at all about this area & then pack into trailers 4 -6 people in a 2 bdrm trailer. This drives up the rents even more for the locals. If you can make $500/mo per person and rent a 2 bdrm to 6 people (3k a month), you can rent your trailer out for just 4 mos & make 12k. You don't have to rent it the rest of the year - making the lack of affordable housing even greater. * crime - caused by those above (workers here from other countries) and locals who are working low paying jobs (and use drugs/alcohol/crime to deal with their feelings of worthlessness/inability to move up). * housing costs - where it's better to rent out your house @ a super high rate for the season & let it sit empty the rest of the year (which we are seeing already) * lack of well paying jobs (tourism related jobs don't traditionally pay well for the workers) * overbuilding (mansions, dollar trees, more low paying wage stores like fast food restaurants, etc.) and crowdedness (i.e., hard to get anywhere in your car during the season and super crowded beaches) I chose this area b/c it wasn't like OBX. I also looked at Wilmington - same issues, but more industry. This area had the chance to be a super port (at least we would have had decent paying jobs for displaced fishermen who were willing to get trained). The powers that be chose tourism instead. You have to ask yourself - do you want this area to be more like OBX with all those issues b/c it sure is on the road to being like that.



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