Pine Knoll Shores, N.C.

July 22, 2018


In response to the letter titled “PKS – commissioner logic” by Robert Cox in the July 22nd edition, first, I totally respect the freedom of speech of Mr. Cox to say whatever he pleases, however I reserve the right to disagree!

As a bit of background, earlier in my life my brother and I were responsible for managing nearly 300 acres of our parents’ designated “forest” land, and I was solely responsible for managing nearly 50 acres of my immediate families’ designated “forest” land. Also, just to set the facts straight, I have walked the so called “9.3-acre lot” referred to at least seven different times.

I beg to differ with many of the statements Mr. Cox made, but I will only mention the most grievous ones in this brief letter and I will attempt to respond more respectfully than the PKS Board was referred to in Mr. Cox’s “Commissioner logic” as “or just stupid decisions.”

1) When I referred to “Garbage trees” in the 5th paragraph I was referring to relatively “insignificant, first generation” growth that come up first after land disturbance or as a field or pasture is “growing in.” I believe Mr. Cox knew what I was referring to but chose to make a large “issue” of it. The “froo-froo ornamental” [his term] are not more valuable than the natural mature natural indigenous maritime forest. The north end of the referenced lot has very few mature trees of significance on it.

2) In the 6th paragraph the term “environmentally sensitive area” and how I used the term “got raked through the coals” so to speak. Obviously there are various degrees of “environmentally significant,” however there has never been a doubt in the discussion about the referenced lot that the most significant portion that is sensitive is the over acre area that is now designated as protected wetland. The plan that has been submitted does protect this area, which was not protected in earlier renditions. [This is not another C. L.]

Yes, it is true, I did propose putting roughly the southern half of the lot into conservation protection, but because of uncertain grant clarity, the majority of the board of commissioners was not willing to pursue this avenue.

3) In the 9th paragraph, Mr. Cox states: “It is my belief that the folks of PKS want their elected to govern and lead in good faith.”

I speak for myself unequivocally when I say I will never play or speak a terminology shell game Mr. Cox. 

We may not agree on an issue, but deception will not be part of the equation on my part.


Commissioner, Pine Knoll Shores

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I have a solution to this issue!

3 ROUNDS OF BARE KNUCKLE BOXING at 3 minutes a round!

Charge 5 dollars and promote some funds, from the residents, and get in shape for a healthier you!

You 2 could can then settle this the way MEN really settle differences.

Of coarse , you would wear headgear, and kidney protectors, and it would be judged by 3 semi pro judges on points if its a close call.

Instead of 'Rumble in the Jungle', we'll call it a romp in the scrub oaks! [wink]


ps....lets face it, if your actually mad about these issues, this would be the best alternative.

pps..... Politicians ALWAYS HAVE THEIR BEST INTEREST AT HEART, so , at the least where do ya live, i'll drop off another shovel for you to continue with the 'agenda'. [beam]

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