Maintains Newport’s Civil War Memorial Park

Brandon Brooks, owner of Kwik & E-Z Lawn Care of Newport, provides free lawn services Wednesday at Civil War Memorial Park in Newport. (Cheryl Burke photo)

NEWPORT — When Brandon Brooks started his lawn care business in 2015, he hadn’t planned on donating services to nonprofits and those in need.

But four years later, his business, Kwik & E-Z Lawn Care of Newport, is providing free lawn care to about 10 low-income residents, as well as Civil War Memorial Park in Newport.

Mr. Brooks said he plans to continue offering free services to those in need, especially the elderly.

“I’ve always been the type of person who likes to pay it forward,” Mr. Brooks said Wednesday as he cut weeds at Civil War Memorial Park.

Those receiving his free services said it’s greatly appreciated.

“By not having to pay to keep the lawn up, it saves us money,” Jimmy Mann with the Newport Consolidated School Alumni Association, which oversees Civil War Memorial Park, said. “It got to be quite a bit on us trying to keep it up.”

Angelina Edwards of Newport, too, said she appreciated Mr. Brooks’ generosity. He cut the yard of her grandmother, Jane Edwards, who died earlier this month. He continues to cut the late Ms. Edwards’ yard because others with medical conditions still live at the house, according to Angelina Edwards.

“He started cutting my grandmother’s yard last year, and she would try to tip him. She just loved Brandon. What he does means a lot. It helps a lot and is absolutely wonderful. I can’t thank him enough,” Angelina Edwards said.

Mr. Brooks said he got started offering free or discounted services a few years ago when a friend he provided lawn care for needed help.

“They had 4 acres that I mowed that I normally charged $100. They had some problems and needed help, so I started doing it for $20, and that was to cover the gas. I think it kind of started then,” Mr. Brooks said.

Then, in 2017, he saw three elderly men trying to put out mulch at Civil War Memorial Park.

“I pulled over and asked if they needed help and they put me to work,” Mr. Brooks said.

He’s been providing free lawn services for the park since.

Not too long after beginning maintenance at the park, one of his low-income clients couldn’t afford to pay him.

“I decided to do her lawn anyway,” Mr. Brooks said.

Word of his good deeds spread, and he slowly began adding clients who could not afford lawn care and were unable to do it themselves.

“I even had paying customers who started giving me extra money to pay for the ones who couldn’t afford it because they knew what I was doing,” he said.

Mr. Brooks also created signs to place in the yards of those receiving free lawn care that state, “Lawn Care Donated by Kwik & E-Z Lawn Care,” with contact information.

Mr. Brooks said anyone who can’t afford lawn care and are unable to do it themselves can contact him at 252-308-4800, 252-617-3468 or through his business Facebook page.

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