Forces aligned against duly elected President Donald Trump are attempting a political coup. Aside from Fox News and a few other conservative websites, the coup is being hidden from the American people because the DMIC, Democrat Media Industrial Complex, an acronym coined by American Thinker writer Rich Logis, has long ago given up telling the truth.

Besides the DMIC who is betraying America, the other players are commonly known as “Deep State.” Included is the Council on Foreign Relations, roughly 5,000 members in government, media and finance. Then there are the agencies: DOJ, FBI, NSA, CIA, State Department, IRS, and possibly more, all of whom were in the service of Hillary Clinton’s political campaign and elevating her to the presidency.

Absolutely opposed to “draining the swamp” in which they thrive, the Deep State players want to remove Mr. Trump from office. They’ve charged him with Russian collusion in his victorious presidential win. Plan B was declaring him unfit for office using the Constitution’s 25th Amendment. Plan A has now morphed into charging him with obstruction of justice, to put impeachment on the table.

Their plans aren’t working, but America’s economy and her general health, foreign and domestic, are soaring. Which is souring the Deep State and driving it nuts.

In the background, in the muddy weeds, are revelations surfacing that former President Barack Hussein Obama is leading the Deep State charge. Disclosures show he used his office to try and subvert, possibly criminally, the 2016 election and put Mrs. Clinton in the Oval Office.

Colluding with him were a host of his appointees such as former AG Loretta Lynch and former FBI Director James Comey and others.

We know about the Russian dossier on Mr. Trump paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, and Fusion GPS which shopped it, that was used to get FISA court warrants to spy on Mr. Trump’s campaign. We know the FBI was in cahoots with Mrs. Clinton and that Mr. Comey was running a political investigation and using the FBI to cover up her email crimes. We know about the collusion of deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe. We know about the Clinton’s Foundation pay-to-play monkeyshine kickbacks.

We know about Huma Abedin, Mrs. Clinton’s chief assistant, and Cheryl Mills, Mrs. Clinton’s lawyer, and their shenanigans and collusion. We know about FBI agents Peter Strzok, the FBI’s No. 2 counterintelligence official and lead agent in Mrs. Clinton’s email investigation, and FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who were lovers and who were not only trying to influence the election but fix it.

We know about the “secret society,” a cabal of FBI agents dedicated to defeating Mr. Trump and crowning Mrs. Clinton.

We know the massive government corruption continues, just as the cover-up, by the highest echelons in government, does. Because the parties are all Democrats, the Democrat Party is complicit.

The growing scandal has engulfed the Deep State and its agencies, showing them to be corrupt, fraudulent, politicized and diametrically opposed to their stated government missions of equal justice.

The fix, in the works for years, is in. Real, unvarnished obstruction of justice was orchestrated by Mr. Obama and conducted by his administration’s flunkies.

Americans who haven’t been paying attention must wake up.

The DMIC — the alphabet networks and CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post — won’t cover any of this because they’re allied with the Deep State — to America’s detriment.

Hanging in the balance, and it’s neither a cliché or trite to say, is not only America’s government and justice, but her democracy.

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One must ask a simple question that all of our reps should be demanding an answer to: How after all these revelations can certain individuals be employed by the taxpayers?


Click bait. [wink]


Skim the Scum in the White House. Trump topped off the swamp with his billionaire buddy contributors, most unqualified for the positions assigned, and just as arrogant as Trump. More than 30 of his appointees have come and gone in one year, most saying they left because they couldn't tolerate Trump's rage, inconsistency on policy, and rude Twitter mouth. Some were fired for wasting taxpayer money on excessive travel, as surely should happen again with over 18 appointees boondoggling to Davos, Switzerland, this month to the Economic Forum for the world's rich elite. Now it appears that there is massive CORRUPTION, dishonesty, and fraud in the White House being uncovered by Mueller. Only a crook businessman elected into the office of President would hide his tax returns from American voters. Seems Trump and Kushner allowed the U.S. to be compromised by their arrogance in not following State Department rules by speaking ALONE to foreign dignitaries, without staffers present, most likely to secretly talk personal business dealings along with policy. Alas, some folks need to go to jail for allowing Jared Kushner to have access to classified documents without a top-secret clearance. .... The scandals in this White House are unprecedented, and a disgrace to all Americans, yes even his supporters.

(Edited by staff.)


Editor is suffering from the Deep State of Delusion in not seeing obvious unacceptable corruption in the White House.


Funny, Trump and this editor's obsession with Clinton.....even after Trump being in office for over a year. Paranoia at it's finest.

David Collins

Excellent article followed by an excellent question, dc. Proving these things in a court of law is uber time and money consuming and then having a liberal court upend everything. Civil service laws get in the way , most every step of the way for low and mid level offenders. Trying to act on a former sitting president would be shot down do to the “ damage it would do to the country “. The investigators would be thwarted by those in their own ranks trying to cover their own backsides. This much we have learned but not yet proven in a court of law. The Swamp is a deep one indeed.

Mike Hunt

This is irresponsible fear mongering with a heavy garnish of unproven conspiracy. I am amazed that this is printed in a regional newspaper and not on a fanatical, subversive website. People of Carteret County, please let the editors of this newspaper know that this type of rhetoric is detestable.


Talk about fake news. Anything to distract from the real problem of Russian collusion. Hillary is about to dry up and blow away so its grasping at straws to keep blaming her for Trump's shortcomings.


Attn. Liberals: The Clinton/Obama malignancy will never end, in our life time, and they need to pay for their crimes, so we will keep them front and center.

The only paranoia, is that voiced by the left, about President Trump.


Yup, M4W, there was collusion in the WH , with Obambi, and hilly, and the FBI, DOJ , etc,etc.

ps....... Your invitation to the Republican National Convention has been revoked, and your NRA membership!

Hillary for jail for collusion with the Russians!

Obambi in jail for the IRAN SCAM!

The dems are eating their own now, and have in fact started cannibalism.

This is a very dangerous disease, so, please if you notice signs of this new madness, known as TDS , which is easy to spot, please inform a licensed professional psychiatrist for help!

We are actively seeking a cure for these LIBERAL LUNATICS!

I'll forward a gofund me acct soon for a startup looking for financial support to help find a cure! [wink]


The texts and other facts speak for themselves. Did certain persons have the ability to protect your little darling and/or harm her opponent? So, it''s all a joke to the D''s and their supporters but paranoia to any one else? The joke is on you.

Livin in Paradise

Thank God this is just an opinion piece. Because facts are sorely lacking. But that is typical for the Carteret fish wrapper


There are only two camps here: 1. Those who believe in justice, 2. those who believe in the Hillary/Obama axis. Who will win?


Can't imagine why the March date was moved up can you lefties? Think the new boss reviewing that memo nudged them?


Another one bites the dust, what a joke............


No King Donald, you don’t get to fire people investigating you to stop or interfere with the process. Deja Vu “The American people are confronted with a man who has consciously authorized crimes, condoned crimes, committed crimes, covered up crimes, and now has overthrown the legal arrangement which was working to prosecute these crimes fairly and with due process of law. What this and most decisive obstruction of justice by Richard Nixon means is that every citizen in this land must strive to reclaim the rule of law which this tyrant has destroyed month by month, strand by strand. Our founders did not oust King George III in order for us to suffer under King Richard…” [RNader] or King Donald. Keep on truckin…Mr. Mueller.


"Why aren't Democrats Horrified at the Corruption at the FBI and DOJ?" by Patricia McCarthy


Oh, btw, Mike, can you please explain, as a Beaufort town worker how we are being charged 10 bucks a cr@p?

If you are in fact Mike, you work for the town of Beaufort, and i think you need to identify the actual measure of a 'UNIT' , of water, and you formula for charging us for $hit.

Or, are you complacent riding a truck, collecting a reading that compares intake vs outgoing?

Any response would be helpful. [wink]


You forgot King BO came first and DT is having to clean up his lawlessness, ineptness, etc. According to the current director the IG report is the reason HC's puppy is leaving a little earlier than planned. It should be very interesting if coming out the gate is any measure. You may not like the rest of it either.


Obstruction. Yep.

Humorous reality of State of the Union delusion.


That forthcoming IG report might help shed some light on who obstructed what.


Maddow? Really? m4w, ya gotta do better than that.

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