Newport, N.C.

June 21, 2018


In regard to Wednesday’s letter from William Britt “Coexisting with raccoons,” in which he also references so called feral cats, I am sure each every one of us realize that we, as humans, encroach on wildlife habitats each and every day so they are forced to move or adapt to what’s left of their surroundings.

As far as “feral cats” are concerned, I know for a fact that most of them are due to humans that do not spay or neuter their pets, and those humans who abandon them when they move, leaving them suddenly homeless and terrified, instead of taking them to a shelter or finding a new home for them.

As nature goes they reproduce when not attended. But all so called feral cats are not mean. They’re terrified. They run — as long as they’re not cornered.

Feral sounds like a bad term. A lot of feral cats make great pets. The term feral truly does not apply to the majority of cats. I have been trapping and spaying or neutering as well as getting each one a rabies shot.

I’ve currently fixed (spaying/neutering) more than 300 cats in 2½ years, as well as trying to teach people about the importance of spaying or neutering their pets to cut down on the over population epidemic of cats, as well as dogs in our county.

Carteret County currently spends millions of dollars on opioid addicts. Why doesn’t the county and each town provide free spay/neuter and a rabies shot to counteract the problem of feral cats and dogs?

I’ve tried talking to different agencies — to no avail. I would like to see a change for the better. The county Human Shelter Board should help provide funds for this since they obviously have feral animals.


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I'd question your figures on what the County spends on addicts????????

ie: i'd actually be hard pressed to get any one group to complete a list of all agency asset's spent on one year concerning this topic. (their not all that competent)

Quite possibly the answer to your question on the actual overall spending of funds on HUMANS vs Animals , no matter the actual figures is because SAVING HUMAN LIVES IS HIGHER ON THE CHAIN , well, in my mind at least.

Besides that they just got bent over , and have been funding the Animal Shelter for a decade or more, which again demonstrates their lack of resources in the accountability corner, because i'll bet my last dollar that there are more 'NON PET OWNERS' in this county then there are pet owners.

So, personally, as a non owner, stealing my taxes to supplement pets does not satisfy me.

However, feel free to continue to do free work, if that's your calling, and i wish you the best.

ps...... no animals were harmed in the posting of this opinion. (possibly liberals were though.)

David Collins

I believe the feral cat and dog population has become a smorgasbord for the rapidly increasing Coyote population. Used to see several hanging out but it has been many months without seeing any at all. Good job Coyotes. Cats and dogs are not considered wildlife. No season or bag limits on either of them. The only problem is the resident do-gooders and their misguided ways.


Wow! The folks who posts on this site are cold and cruel hearted if it doesn't concern something near and dear to their own hearts. Snotty is probably the nicest thing I can make about your remarks. Can you not state what you think without being ugly about it? After years of reading your comments (always the same few) I think you just like to see your words in print and the uglier the better.

About this article, we definitely would not have a dog or cat problem if humans were responsible and did the right thing. For whatever reason, when it comes to animals they don't care. Get them, love them and dump them. ...and Crystal is correct, they are disoriented, frightened and fighting just to survive. We need to strengthen and enforce animal cruelty in this state, for all animals.

Humans will always be top on the funding list but many private people donate to the plight. As for our hard earned tax dollars, well that is the point of . The masses pay for a portion of needs for everyone and that also includes animal needs. Our shelters receive funds as well as other entities. It's okay, it's how of tax dollars works. Agree or disagree but we fund many things and most of us don't appreciate all the funding.. but then again it is how it works. ...but that is a different issue.

Crystal, thank you for what you do but you will probably be best served to try to get our cruelty to animals laws strengthened and enforced. The rest will trickle down. If some of these folks who drop off helpless animals end up in jail with pricey penalties it will help resolve a huge part of the problem. If those laws are enforced and advocates use their phones to photo offenders and their vehicles including car tags... I bet people will think twice if they know they will be arrested and fined heavily.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. Gandi


Wow, it amazes me how gullible some people are on REAL ISSUES.

If your 'JUDGING' your nation by how it treats the 'animals' well, i do not know what to tell you. DeadBolt..

David Collins

The real criminals are the ones that discard the pets to begin with. The do-gooders that feed the little natural born killers are not quite as guilty but surely misguided. Too much time on their hands or a byproduct of empty nest syndrome. A need to feel needed by something, anything.


Furthermore, if you look to the Gov's statistics for Carteret County, between 2005 and 2015, the number of death's by the drugs you mentioned was less then 3% .

And , right here in this forum, the county pledged to spend a whopping 400k , nowhere near any million, dollars towards some funky plan with another county.

ps....... someone's numbers are off by several ZERO'S

This is a fallacy some of these editorials run into.

pps... i did not take into account numbers the Law spends towards the so called 'epidemic' , but if 3% is an 'epidemic' i feel the need to KNOW JUST HOW MUCH CASH ARE WE TALKING, not some fiction of someone's imagination.

Simply put, the Feds went up 2% on social security last year , i imagine that affected more people then this other 'epidemic' as the number of recipients were far greater, so, i suppose SOCIAL SECURITY had an 'epidemic'? [wink]


Oh, yea, almost forgot, wild is wild, simply as this lady on this interview.

(sorry the link is from the Criminal News Network) [beam]


Thank you, Ms. Haller, for your devotion and commitment.

Those of us who open our hearts and homes to animals know the unconditional love. It is senseless to justify if one should or should
not have pets.

We all need to be on the same page about animal cruelty. No reasons. No excuses. Period.

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