Morehead City, N.C.

June 10, 2018


In response to the interesting News-Times editorial column on June 6th entitled “So the sea is rising,” the following are thoughts over time, causing me to put pen to paper.

The views expressed here should be considered part satire because they are unscientific and some conjecture, but also perhaps containing some grains of truth.

 For years I have observed arguments on all sides of the “sea level rise” controversy. For our coastal areas, this subject is a big deal. After all our county has a town named “Sea Level.”

Sea level rise has been regularly cited as physical evidence that global warming, climate change and pollution are the causes. This, of course, has been the claim of former Vice President Al Gore, who possibly became a billionaire promoting this theory and also claiming to have invented the internet. Since all of this uproar by special interests, the federal government has expanded by the creation of the EPA and its far reaching, intrusive and intimidating regulations. Massive expenses are incurred by corporations and individuals in compliance, construction and engineering costs, legal fees and penalties. Also, vehicle repairs due to the despised “check engine light” (a boon for repair and parts shops). But incidentally, it is interesting that the most polluting is diesel powered vehicles. They belch out raw black smoke, but conversely are not required to comply with pollution standards or inspections. Their only requirement is for a yearly safety inspection.

Taxpayers are funding a current EPA budget of almost $5,655,000,000 ($5.655 billion) with 14,162 employees. Do we all feel safer and more secure now? Yet, it still seems a mystery just how air pollution can cause sea level rise.

 According to professional scientific sources named in the News-Times editorial, the measured “annual increase” in the sea level has not changed in over 80 years that records were available. So what can be the cause of the infinitesimal 1.8 millimeters per year sea level rise globally including the USA?

 A broad view is that sea level rise possibly results mostly from causes other than climate change, global warming or air pollution, including the following:

1. Significant shoreline erosion and gradually sinking adjacent land. Shifting tides, currents and violent storms are slowly sucking the earth into the sea.

2. Rainwater and naturally melting snow flows from mountains and high ground toward the sea, into lakes, also influences and raises the earth’s underground water table.

3. Formation of underwater reefs (natural and man-made).

4. Hundreds of years accumulation on the seabed of debris, sunken ships and crafts of all types. Also, merchant vessels dumping trash, debris, cargo, ballast material on the high seas.

5. Tsunami, volcanic and earthquake eruptions. The planet is ever-changing with its varied seasons and nature’s evolutions and phenomenon. In humor, since planet earth is just rolling around in the universe in orbit, it is a wonder that seawater doesn’t spill out into space. Thankfully however, the Creator of the Universe possesses attributes which include: design engineer, expert scientist and overseer of a divine order of things.

 A combination of the above factors involving “volume” leads to the following over simplified example:

When someone partially fills a bucket with water, and then adds other objects, including soil, the water level will rise to overflowing.  End of story.


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David Collins

I like that Marcus. One thing. Diesel trucks have been fitted with carbon { soot, ie black smoke } capture devices for the last few years. I see them filling their devices with Blue Def { a urea mix } . This is supposed to scrub the exhaust. Now, where the scrubbed stuff goes, I haven’t a clue. Sadly, many folks that own these big diesel pickups, modify them for more power and noise. Black smoke returns.


Marcus, your argument is..... weak.

(Edited by staff.)

morehood city res

The EPA is more than your global climate change police. they try to help protect you from polluted drinking water and polluted air so you can drink and breathe better. those sound like good things don't they?
the water level in the bucket will also rise if you add lots of ice and let it melt. pretty elementary, but difficult for some to comprehend I am sure.
humans are so short sighted. remember when sea level was once way higher and lower than it is now? pretty sure that can happen again, it just takes a while. us humans will probably do ourselves in before it happens though, given our current rate of depreciation and tendency to destroy each other.
Early man walked away as modern man took control.
Their minds weren't all the same, to conquer was his goal,
so he built his great empire and slaughtered his own kind,
then he died a confused man, killed himself with his own mind.
were only going to die from our own arrogance


Dinosaurs would still be here if it was not for an asteroid x number of years ago, but, maybe the EPA can stop that from happening again??????????


Core Sounder

Good article Marcus. One thing you left out though is the fact that many of our wannabe researchers fresh out of the Big school with their save our world degrees must receive government funding in order to survive. Private industry will not hire them since there is little demand for their services. So how does an out of work enviromentalist make a living? They simply come up with some type of problem and if able to convince the world that its real then grant money to study these problems will certainly come their way. I still can not understand why Carteret County finds it necessary to force its citizens to pay several hundred dollars each time an O2 sensor on their vehicle is a little out of whack when most of NC's other counties do not. I did not realize that Carteret County had a dirty air problem in the first place. NC is one of only 17 States that still require this annual inspection since most States have figured out by now that new vehicles right off the show room are normally in drivable and safe condition,


Too many people and boats in the water...

David Collins

Good point Core Sounder . All these enlightened youngsters that chose a degree in environmental science in order to save the world are in a financial bind here. Worth about as much as a Art History degree. Wonder if any of these geniuses ever considered plate tectonics or old fashioned erosion as a contributing factor? Case in point Hawaii. One of the biggest polluters going right now.


When a sea creature of any kind passes gas, it rises , thus adding to the C02 problem !!!!!!!!

This is one theory that simply adds weight to the entire argument..........


David Collins

There is a past episode of the Deadliest Catch that focused on locating schools of crab by the smell of their farts’ bubbling up from below. Really kind of cool. Who knew that one didn’t have to be a degree scientist to know this stuff.


Another interesting footnote are the findings that as the ice melts, the local oceans do as well. No shocker there. But the interesting research is showing these cold ocean currents may almost absorb enough CO2 to mitigate the human element if forestation loss can be slowed.


This is just a theory, but I think it's the hot air caused by readers of the "American Thinker"


No, it's the BS from an atheist.

David Collins

That’s right. The plankton in these cold currents give off oxygen that is necessary to you and me. These planktons also provide a rich smorgasbord for our endangered whale friends. Everyone loves whales, don’t they? So, once again there is a sunny side to ice melt. The trick is to achieve a balance. Oh, by the way. When snow and ice melt necessary nitrogen is released to feed the phytoplankton. The farmers in the cold mid west rely on this nitrogen for their crops as well. Gotta love Mother Earth.

gridlock There are many more projects underway, so feel free to explore. .....

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Kind of like the various ratios of plant fertilizer and varying soils.


It is a short ride on this planet for humans. Enjoy it.

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