First day

Jatara Hunt takes a photo of her son, Morehead City Primary School kindergarten student Bracstun Grimes, Tuesday, which was the first full day of school for county kindergartners. (Cheryl Burke photo)

MOREHEAD CITY — Even as parents dropped off their kindergarten students Tuesday at Morehead City Primary School for their first full day of school, Hurricane Dorian preparations were on their minds.

“We just actually moved back into our house,” PTO president Sarah Lawrence said as she dropped off her twins for their first day of kindergarten. “We’ve been busy prepping our house.”

Despite the added stress, Ms. Lawrence said she was still enjoying her special day with her children, although she had mixed emotions.

“I’m excited, but I’m kind of sad because they are growing up,” she said.

Amber Willis was also dropping off twin kindergarten children for their first day. She, too, had mixed emotions.

“This is a transition for sure,” she said.

Ms. Willis also had Hurricane Dorian on her mind.

“This is kind of like déjà vu of last year,” Ms. Willis said. “We started school then stopped school, then started again. I hope it won’t be as bad as last year.”

To help ease the transition for parents, the PTO held a Boo Hoo breakfast for parents to get some light refreshments and share their feelings after dropping off their students. The organization had a photo area set up for parents who wanted to take photos of their children on their first day.

Schools also held staggered enrollment last week for kindergartners and pre-kindergartners. This allowed small groups of children to come in and spend a half day with teachers, learning their way around the school.

Many teachers also did home visits.

Ms. Willis said she appreciated the extra efforts and took advantage of staggered enrollment and home visits.

While there may be late enrollments, the count on Friday showed 550 kindergartners and 251 pre-kindergarten students enrolled in the county school system.

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